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  1. I have never been a great fan of Red Carpets. I will just sit and watch
  2. Rand, Chapel, Troi, Yar, Kira, Dax, Torres, Seven, T'Pol, Sato and the new Uhura. And that's just to limit them...
  3. To Kieran's point ... our Chief Tactical Officer has yet to fire a weapon! That doesn't mean he doesn't stay busy, though. All true. I admit I was surprised since I got to full Lieutenant and Chief without ever being in a fight. Although there has been some fighting I have yet to be directly involved. For one reason or another I never fired, fought, hit or even threw a bad word... No, wait, that last one I did... But all the rest I am still waiting for a chance to do.
  4. My PC still manages OK. I have one Federation, one Klingon, one Romulan allied with the Federation and the other Romulan I am going to join with the Empire. They have made some new missions that grabbed my interest, and I play every time I get a chance, but it isn't the best Trek game in my opinion. And I mostly only play it alone, I am not into the MMO scene. And four CD's? Starfleet Academy had five, Klingon Academy six and they were all worth it. Much better the Star Trek Online.
  5. The afternoon sun was starting to dim... The grounds on the tournament were now ruffled and damp in some places. Since mid day when it started it had been stepped on by more man and horses then it should. Most of the crowed were gathered around the fence, and only those of high position had seated places on the bench. But the smelly and harsh air from the place did not bide itself with social distinction and was sensed by both nobles and serfs, knights and stable boys, princesses and... ladies with the oldest profession in the world. The sixth joust was about to begin. The final contenders were praised by their Ceremony Butlers, who started their own joust of mockery and deeds as they rose their voices to the crowd, but always giving more attention to those seated. The first contender mounted his horse. A dark stallion that made a high contrast with the dirty white colors of its rider. His spear was painted in white and red, the shield had a red eagle with opened wings, but it was like a child painted it. The beak had teeth and one of the wings was bigger then the other. The armor plate was dented and worn out, and in some places lost the white color. The helmet only had half the plumes. Vitor was tired. Although the holodeck safeties were on, and even if he did cheated by assuring he would win against all opponents, fighting with the previous five knights was not easy. Only one conceded defeat after the joust itself. He had to finish fighting with the others on the ground. His muscles were soar, his legs hurt, and that hit he got on the ribs in the third fight was starting to bother him and he was having trouble raising his shield higher. Still as he had done before he waved to the crowed all around and mounted his horse. His dented unpainted armor, simple helmet and spears were in sharp contrast with his shield. Although it was damaged and dented it had started perfectly painted. It had the Starfleet command insignia in silver over a gold background. As they rode to their starting positions, passing by the seated nobles each turned their spears to their chosen Ladies. Behind his helmet Vitor couldn't suppress a laugh as he turned again the tip of his spear to Violet. She was the most out of place person. Her clothes were the cleanest of those around her, and she had her hand in front of her face most of the tournament. Her expression was something between disgusted and sick. But as before she tied another one of her cloth ribbons onto Vitor's spear. The knights passed by one another and nodded in respect. They got to their positions and were given their shields. As the trumpets started and the signaler went to the middle of the ground Vitor readied himself and in a few seconds rode, with the spear aimed at his rivals shield. The pain on his ribs was making it harder to lift the shield, so he just leaned forward to try and make himself smaller. The clash of the spears against shield and armor echoed in Vitor's helmet. He felt the impact on the upper corner of the shield and lowered his head the opposite way fighting to stay on top of the horse. In what felt like minutes the seconds when he dropped the spear and lowered his shield he tried to maintain the grip, but the pain and the balance of the hit and the motion of the horse was turning him to the left side. Getting his foots from the stirrup, he let himself fall, and heard the scream of Violet. "Computer end program... NOW..." The fall ended up being smaller the he thought, but the weight of the armor still payed its due. Vitor let himself stay down for a moment, but Violet had other ideas. "YOU BLOODY FOOL, ARE YOU CRAZY?" She was shouting and screaming at his side. Vitor took his helmet off still on the holodeck floor. with a tiresome look he shouted back. "I AM FINE, THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONCERN." Violet was blushing from anger, she tossed her hair piece to Vitor. "You are completly out of your mind... I should have left hours ago..." Vitor rose himself from the floor and faced Violet. "OK... What's wrong? I told you I had the perfect program. You were treated like a princess..." "Princess... In this filthy place? With everyone sweating and the horses... doing there things on the ground... And people being cut open and... What the..." Vitor opened his arms. "Are you kidding me? I got you into the most realistic simulation of a medieval tournament, just for you. I am hurt all over and finding muscles I did not knew I had... And you complain about the smell? No... You must be kidding me..." He turned his back to her and went after his shield. "Oh no... Don't use your blame games with me Vitor" Violet went after him and turned him around. "You told me we would be enjoying a nice romantic date..." With a smile Vitor interrupted her "Yes. But it looks like you don't like my idea of romance. Lets just finish this, your not worth the trouble." Violet slapped Vitor. "You..." She turned and left the holodeck. Vitor dropped the shield and sat down. "Too bad... She looked good with that cleavage..." - Ens. Vitor S. Silveira Tactical Officer Starbase 118 Ops
  6. I was actually thinking on a holodeck program... Having the male character lead the female to a medieval tournement, to fight with her scarff, but having it so real she would ditch him... Isn't that romantic...
  7. Well... No, never mind... Interesting subject, but I am not sure my writing is yet up to the challenge. But I might enter just for the laughs...
  8. Sorry but I believe this is more Vincent Price material.
  9. Good choice. When I first seen it I only read the title and seeing it was an NPC from the Captain I thought "Now who the hell is this one?" Then I read it and it really was good. Between us I have to say she writes very well, although there are few posts she exaggerates and makes then "heavier" then they should. But this one... Brilliant...
  10. Hello all, since my application was approved it looks like it's introduction time. My name is Bruno Abreu, I am on the other side of the sea from most you, on the lower left corner of Europe, in Portugal. This will be my first time playing and after some search I found your site. Like with MMOs if I ever was starting on something similar to an RPG it would have to be based on Star Trek. After checking your site got my attention because of the help you give to someone new. I work on graphic production for a company that builds museum exhibitions, so I sometimes have spare time while there are stuff in the printers. To finish I will just say that my oldest TV memory, dating back to 1978, is from Star Trek. It might be considered "the worse fight scene ever" but for a four year old that fight between Kirk and the Gorn captain was memorable. Edit: Yes, my spelling is as good as my Klingon, I think I have correct all the typos now.
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