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  1. I could go, but if I'm on my own it won't be as fun ^^
  2. ((Private Bathrooms, Executive Tower, Starbase 118)) :: A kitchen staff was no different from a senior staff, assignments and departments broken down into who was in charge of and overlooked a key critical element of what was going on the plate for both enjoyment, aroma and consumption. A chef coordinated the people who brought it all together, from those responsible for fresh ingredients (something David would have done under normal circumstances), to the Lieutenant who developed the stock, and the Ensign who chopped ingredients to a precise measurement by eye, because his experience and his
  3. I hope you guys know how lucky you are... We don't get anyone in France
  4. Oh wow I really felt Bale's pain there, horrible!!
  5. (( USS Discovery-C, The Eagle's Roost)) :: The Raskorian entered the bar, the delicious one. He was dressed well in attire which matched his fine feathers. The bird-like gait seemed to indicate confidence, although this well could have been anthropomorphizing the avian a bit. :: :: For a while longer, Cruella gazed hungrily at Doctor Aven. The lights in the bar were now several lumens brighter than she liked. Against this modest brilliance she was now armed with sunglasses. These were, unfortunately, enabling her new habit. It was a bad one - tasting people with her eye
  6. ((Ready Room, USS Discovery)) ::His arm still hurt from being mauled, even though Dr. Morning-Song had assured him it was fully healed. There were wounds that ran deeper, and to distract himself on the way back to DS-285, the Ba’ku Captain had ensconced himself in his ready-room, burying himself in reports and catching up on the new crew that had arrived during the mission. The ending was, to say the least, unexpected-to find Zero as an ally and Starfleet personnel as the enemy. He tapped away on the console, filling out the forms he could have easily left to Blueheart. Instead he’d left his
  7. Hi guys! Just like Jalana I finished my training today and I wanted to say how much I appreciated all the help I got and how much fun it was. I can't wait to get assigned!
  8. Hi everyone! My name is Camille, I live in France and I study international business in Strasbourg, Alsace (on the border with Germany). I found this group via google search, quite simply I discovered Star Trek with the 2009 movie, and I started watching the original series a few months ago... and I couldn't stop! I'm sure it was the same for you I'm very excited I found this community and hopefully I'll be a worthy 'player'. My character is Telice Shagan.
  9. Human Telice Shagan looked over her shoulder as yet another shuttle landed in an excited symphony of clicks and gratings before releasing a new outpour of recently graduated cadets, their boots thudding on metal. They quickly joined the mainstream towards the mandatory check up rooms. Telice herself was waiting in the queue for her identity and health to be checked for the second time today by one of the doctors assigned to what she privately referred to as 'the rookie check up'. She bit back a smile and took a step forward when the cadet at the front of her line was released to the ensign gui
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