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  1. Hi guys! Just like Jalana I finished my training today and I wanted to say how much I appreciated all the help I got and how much fun it was. I can't wait to get assigned!
  2. Hi everyone! My name is Camille, I live in France and I study international business in Strasbourg, Alsace (on the border with Germany). I found this group via google search, quite simply I discovered Star Trek with the 2009 movie, and I started watching the original series a few months ago... and I couldn't stop! I'm sure it was the same for you I'm very excited I found this community and hopefully I'll be a worthy 'player'. My character is Telice Shagan.
  3. Human Telice Shagan looked over her shoulder as yet another shuttle landed in an excited symphony of clicks and gratings before releasing a new outpour of recently graduated cadets, their boots thudding on metal. They quickly joined the mainstream towards the mandatory check up rooms. Telice herself was waiting in the queue for her identity and health to be checked for the second time today by one of the doctors assigned to what she privately referred to as 'the rookie check up'. She bit back a smile and took a step forward when the cadet at the front of her line was released to the ensign guiding groups of up to ten people to StarBase 118 main building so they could be assigned rooms. Letting her gaze wander, she wondered idly if the medical officer would make a remark on her hair. They usually did. It was blazing red, almost like flames runing down her shoulders, admitedly an unusual colour for humans, while her eyes were a regular uninteresting brown and her complexion neither tanned like a southerner nor pale like Helen, her Norwegian friend. All in all, she was happy for the unusual hair, it was a real conversation starter, not to mention a great opening for boys... This time Telice couldn't help her smile. She had had her fair share of offers, but she had rarely taken her fellow cadets up on them. There had been too much to do at the academy to really enjoy the parties and the numerous bars and cafes surrounding the students area. Besides, she sort of had a reputation, possibly because of this one time she met with Scott Hale - every inch the popular guy because of his mixed inheritance, Orian and human - and ended up describing in painful details how the components of a phaser made it possible for the handheld weapon to have a stuning mode. She remembered that evening fondly, but she understood how Scott may or may not have thought of a few ways of disposing of her body if he decided to kill her before the end of their date. There was nothing exceptional about her features, but she was an easy enough kind of pearson. It wasn't her fault almost every single cadet at the academy put their social life before their carrier. She did have a few friends though, mostly people she had met via her roommate Helen, a blue eyed blond with a very busy social calendar who had done her best to drag Telice to parties the entire first year through, then stopped shortly after Telice explained to her - loudly - that she wouldn't go even if the party was taking place on the moon Although she would totally have gone if it had been on the moon. She bent to the right and counted four cadets left before her. Probably half an hour at best. With a sigh, she settled back and tapped her foot to the rhythm of the shuttles coming and going, the transmissions and calls shouted through the speakers above their heads. She was tired, and the excitement that had carried her through so far was starting to wan. All she could see from her position were large grey doors and red uniforms. Behind the white curtains she had a sudden glimpse of flesh, a muscular arm and shoulder. She observed her own arms critically. She was fit, but not as much as she should be. She had barely passed her last physical. It was definitely something she would have to work on now she was hoping to get assigned to a ship. Any ship would do, as long it would get her off the ground. - Cadet Telice Shagan
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