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  1. I know what you mean Brek I don't speak another language fluently ond, rydw i'n siarad yn ddigon cymraeg for it to happen occasionally Particularly when I'm surrounded by people do do speak it fluently... I went for Klingon as it's a language you can actually learn! I still think that's kinda awesome.
  2. I think this kinda sums up Borg diplomatic policy
  3. Original Enterprise for me Sure, I'd probably be a Redshirt and sure even if I got my actual prefered position (Ship Historian) Kirk still dosn't have a great track record with them either (Although I do think I'd be able to avoid running off with Khan)... I'd be on the Enterprise. I'd be boldly splitting infinitives and all that, with the crew Plus I'd be guaranteed an interesting Death
  4. Hmm... I'll admit I'm kinda torn too. On one hand, it would be nice to see something dedicated to one of the bigger quandaries of the universe how do people actually handle exchanges!! I can't quite tell from the introduction that's available though how effectively it can answer the question, or even if it can be at all. Do we consider Roddenberry's vision cannon? One of the other writers? I'm also slightly dubious of the idea of evaluating it from the ideas of economics today, too much has changed by the time of Picard's announcement that “People are no longer obsessed with the accumulation
  5. ((Deck 5, Sickbay, USS Doyle-A)) ::The Andorian First Officer grumbled and folded his arms across his chest, looking over at the attractive, albeit angry, medical officer.:: Sundassa: Commander, you are the First Officer of this ship, how would it look if one of your officers died from blood loss... Someone from your own species. It's more likely that someone will find out about your lack of involvement than your involvement. ::His antennae angled forward and pointed at the woman standing opposite of him. He was standing along one side and Tel-ar and Sundassa on the other. It was though they
  6. (( Hallway to the Airlock of USS Apollo-A )) :: Jalana walked right towards the airlock that would bring her onto DS285, where the Apollo had just docked after a considerably short flight for the distance they had crossed. The joys of the Slipstream drive. She was not sure why she had been told to meet with Captain Shelther Faranster, but as the brother of her best friend, he did not have to have a reason. She was curious though. Nobody had attempted to clear her confusion, she only had gotten the order. It was a surprise to her that they were even here, but since she worked in Sick Bay, she k
  7. I do agree that a show showing some other aspect of life in the Star Trek universe would be fun. Perhaps we could even have a show showing off one of the many other species around? ... Oh brain, why do you keep coming back to 'Keeping up with the Cardassians'?
  8. Hello Rhys! My name is James and I'm also from Wales Great to have another Welshman around!
  9. Well... Usually, James just kinda passes out on his desk so... Full Uniform.
  10. ((USS Excalibur-A, Bridge - Mindscape- )) :: Lieutenant Commander Luna Walker looked on in shock at the downed Captain. Everything around her seemed frozen, locked in the moment. It had happened again... which was impossible. She'd followed the rules.. to the letter. She'd ignored her instincts and did everything right... so why was the Captain hurt because of her? :: Pink Walker: Nice job. I mean this is totally better than doing things my way. :: Luna looked up to see herself... well the "old" her.. perched on the console. Her uniform was stained and spotted, and was obviously r
  11. ((Sickbay - Corbin’s office - USS Darwin)) ::Corbin sighed heavily as he swung his large feet onto his desk and leaned back into his chair. He took his PADD and had it start playing the latest football game he got downloaded from earth recently and then pulled up Dr. Manius’s file. He was still tired from this last mission and ran his free hand through his hair as he looked down at the PADD. :: ::Dr. Manius’s file was full of contradictions. Half was full of praise at his work ethics and his doctor knowledge and skills. The other half was full of complaints both from patients and staff
  12. ((Manius’s Shared Quarters)) ::Todd had been in a place of peace and hadn’t wanted to be disturbed. For some time now he’d been vaguely aware of a piercing sound droning on in the background. As time went on and it didn’t stop the sound seemed to grow more insistent. A throbbing sensation in his temples started to accompany it, dragging him from his half-asleep state. He rolled onto his back, scrunching up his face as the pain in his head intensified. :: Manius: Alarm Off! ::There was sweet silence in the room once again, broken for a moment by a relieved sigh. Waking up more fully and blin
  13. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Grrrrrrrrr ::smash panel:: (Or in standard: Happy Birthday Parker!)

  14. Maybe all of us with no one left should do one That said, my trainers are still around, its only the Cadets that are gone!
  15. I did actually want to do this as a JP when I graduated training. Unfortunately, the stopping point with me was that after a year I was the only Cadet left from my class! But yea, doing it asa inter-ship JP or as a thread in the StarBase 118 Lounge would probably be your best bet.
  16. I managed, somehow, to select the wrong round (I'm sure I clicked on 6) as I made this. Could some kind person correct it for me, I can't work out how to from my side
  17. ((USS Darwin, Deck 6: VIP Quarters)) Hheinia: The sun beams like a warm oven, but we love it. We're a simple people Lieutenant and Talvath is a simple planet. We engage in our own business and the concerns of the empire or those around us are of no interest. Eickleberger: It seems like a lovely place that... ::Nessa continued to pace the VIP quarters, noting her plush and comfortable surroundings for the first time. It just added fuel to her animosity pyre, which was in no danger of extinguishing as it was. She couldn't be less interested in the weather on Talvath at this current moment. To
  18. As do I. The best way to learn is through what other people have done!
  19. Haha yes, please don't! Thanks very much! Ydycg chi'n siarad Cymraeg? Glad to be here! I'm sure i'll love it Rydw i'n siarad ychydig o Gymraeg, but its not my strongest language. Woo!
  20. Tonk'peh. Nam-tor ahm t’nash-veh Lt. James. Welcome to the group Shawn, I also play STO occasionally (I've been a bit busy of late but I'm hoping to start again) as do a few of us! ​I second Commander Reinard's recommendation to check out the Guild of Vulcans if your interested in them, I've had a fair few great discussions there! ​I look forward to seeing you in sims!
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