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  1. Hello Rhys! My name is James and I'm also from Wales Great to have another Welshman around!
  2. That is how we usually do them here too Although it is popular to use Google Docs so that both parties can edit at the same time, or to just make it easier for everyone. Hope this helps!
  3. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Grrrrrrrrr ::smash panel:: (Or in standard: Happy Birthday Parker!)

  4. Maybe all of us with no one left should do one That said, my trainers are still around, its only the Cadets that are gone!
  5. I did actually want to do this as a JP when I graduated training. Unfortunately, the stopping point with me was that after a year I was the only Cadet left from my class! But yea, doing it asa inter-ship JP or as a thread in the StarBase 118 Lounge would probably be your best bet.
  6. Haha yes, please don't! Thanks very much! Ydycg chi'n siarad Cymraeg? Glad to be here! I'm sure i'll love it Rydw i'n siarad ychydig o Gymraeg, but its not my strongest language. Woo!
  7. Tonk'peh. Nam-tor ahm t’nash-veh Lt. James. Welcome to the group Shawn, I also play STO occasionally (I've been a bit busy of late but I'm hoping to start again) as do a few of us! ​I second Commander Reinard's recommendation to check out the Guild of Vulcans if your interested in them, I've had a fair few great discussions there! ​I look forward to seeing you in sims!
  8. Thanks, FltAdml. Wolf and Alora! I won't mind combat if it comes up occasionally as a plot device. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't the primary/dominant plot device around here. Everyone has already been so friendly. I'm looking forward to starting my training! Just to reinforce that, over a year (about 1 year 5/6 months) and my character has only been involved in any combat at all once and even then it was only (rather uselessly) firing at some enemies with a phaser.
  9. Typical! Days after I change my Yahoo over, I get a email telling me I can log in!

  10. Well, looks like I'm going to have to create a new Yahoo! account for messenger... I'm already on my second one as the one I used for simming refused to show me as online... Maybe I'll try that one again first...

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