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  1. That sounds like a fun idea. Sadly I am the only one left from my Academy training, including trainers. I might come and crash one of the other folks party then hehe
  2. Like T'Mihn said you take out descriptions and thoughts from other people as your character does not know what they think or remember or similar things, so that in the end the sim is 100% from the view of your character. If other people describe how they do something, and your character sees it, describe it how your character sees it. For example: :: She thought about that for a moment. She could really need a few minutes of breathing before heading back into the lion's den. She would have to check on bridge sooner or later and their time would be running out. .oO I wish this could be over already Oo. :: That would be nothing your character knows happening in her mind. Instead she would see someone sitting there for a moment doing nothing. You could write something like: :: Dial noticed that the woman fell silent and wondered where she was with her thoughts.:: Or something in that general direction, plus your own description etc. It is not a pure script style, more a character point of view (not all knowing like in many novels) written in third person. Hope that was not too confusing.
  3. Secrecy. No joy in that, but duty is duty, sometimes we have to do things we do not like.

  4. In the 1 1/2 years I am in the group I have *seen* combat, but I never had to write any. It is not only ship and position, but also if you choose to participate. When a scene begins where combat happens you can still choose to just lie down on your belly waiting that the phaser fire stops or just retreat because i.e. it's not your job.
  5. To be seen as a god is a rather odd feeling. To be called one, even stranger.

  6. Excited for finishing my first book, but it takes a lot of time from Simming. I'll sim for a bit before going to write the second book lol

  7. Trying to find a way to wake up the Captain, though welcoming date night with Viktor to relax a bit before my head explodes of too much work.

  8. Boarded the Apollo, looking foward to a lot of great Roleplay :D

  9. Thanks again for the welcomes. I just finished my Academy training today (the last Sim of the CO was sent) so I am curious now where i'll land I have a lot of fun so far and hope everyone new who just joined will have that as well
  10. I have to agree. I am used to writing every character, from many point of views, even from the 'enemy's viewpoint and in fiction format. Not only from other RPs but also from writing short stories etc. But I did not find it that hard to adjust during the training I am in right now. The descriptions are still the same just that i put :: before and after. I have to admit that not writing for others takes more to get used to, but it's fine since I do not know the characters yet and would hate to put something into their mouths they would never say. So while I still prefer the fiction format it is not hard to get used to script style and tagging.
  11. Pleasure to be in training with you :)

  12. Yay Monday *checks her emails every 2 minutes all day long*

  13. Can it be monday already? Pretty please? lol

  14. Short question. I have made this account last night but still did not get this Email Validation email for the forum. Is there a way to request a new one? I have no junk folder or spam filter on this email adress so it could not have landed in there.
  15. Hello, I just applied and reading this handy 'Where to start' page I found this link. So let me introduce myself. My name is Jessica, and I am going to be 33 soon. I was born, raised and am still living in Germany. I have been a Roleplayer for about uhm.. 20 years I think. Starting with classics like D&D, going over GURPS, different Pbems (one of them I am still part of - 12 years Star Trek RP in German and still having fun), IRC RPGs and Roleplay in a virtual world named Second life. Some of them were in German others in English, which I actually prefer a lot. I do not work right now, apart from keeping the household a mess and taking care of a 40 year old child, also called boyfriend I'm a child of Star Trek, remembering the very first airing of TNG in Germany from the start to the end right after school. (Who needs to do homework when you learn important lessons from Picard and co.?) And have been a fan ever since.
  16. Nervous. That was the one word Jalana could be described with right now. Since she had set foot into the transport she was a wreck and everything had started so good. The morning at the Academy had been sunny and her mood splendid. But now being on the way made her aware of what was to come. And four years of training had not been able to prepare her for that, she still wanted to turn around, head into the next shuttle and fly back to rather do those four years again. In those moments she wished that she already had this Symbiont but she was still in the program, waiting and hoping. Maybe it would never come true, that dream of her's. Maybe she would have to wait years. Who knew what would happen? The Trill took a deep breath as she finally realized that she was here, on StarBase 118. Her green eyes wandered over the people around her. So many different species, even more than at the Academy, which did not surprise her since they were far out and of course she had read the specs to know what she might have to expect. About twohundredthousand inhabitants. Of course the number was huge, but just now, seeing all the buzzing, the different people, the masses passing she really understood what it meant. Shouldering her bag she took a deep breath. 'Get yourself together Jal'. She thought to herself. She was trained to be a Doctor, to become - if she was lucky - a Chief Medical Officer at some point in her career. She still had a lot to learn of course, but she was not 18 anymore. She had to get through this and calm down. With a nervous flick of her hand she pushed a strand of black hair behind her ear. It had an advantage that she was only 1,65m tall. Not that she could see much from above, but she could slip through the masses more easily. And that was what she wanted to do right now, the only problem with that was her bag. It got stuck, punched people, pushed them around followed by a lot of "Sorry", "Ooops", "Ou, I'm so sorry", "Really I did not want to challenge you with that, Sir" and other excuses coming over the Trill's lips. After a seemingly endless series of those 'conversations' she finally had reached a lift and made her way to the commercial sector. When the door opened she blinked. She certainly did not expect it that quiet. Carefully she bent forward through the opened doors and peeked left and right. The section was unusual dark, she saw a few people, mostly they looked as if they had to hide something. Wearing hoods or capes, some looked around for a moment before entering a room, others did not seem to care too much. Raising an eyebrow Jalana straightend up again and stepped back. She certainly did not want to go here. "Promenade." she mumbled and the door closed. The next halt was more what she had been expecting. So many people. Again she noticed that with a shake of her head and dragged her bag behind her, trying to not hit anyone again. She certainly did not intend to start a war though 'bag attack'. The establishments where crowded, but still she found one that had an empty table. As quickly as her bag allowed she snaked through the crowd and dropped on the chair, closing her eyes for a moment to take a deep breath. After she successfully ordered a nice hot cup of tea she allowed herself to relax. Only a few hours left. Working herself up would be the last thing she should do, so the tea would help her to calm down her nerves. Hopefully.
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