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    Did that mean she got to have other ships under the Constitution -like little sibling ships to send on missions?
    For a moment he imagined the Conny sailing out into space with a couple of Nova-class ships following behind it like ducklings.  And this one is the USS Amendment, and this one is the Delegate and this one is the Declaration…

    Yep that is totally what it means 😂

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  2. Congratulations to all of you, you all are very deserving of these beautiful shinies! I am totally copying @Sal Taybrim since I already wrote pages for the Conny, I'll say a few words about those of you who are on different ships!

    @Solaris It's been some time since we simmed together and I'm proud of seeing how you have grown. Keep rocking it :)

    @Randal Shayne Mate, I'm bloody proud of you! Having spent so much time with you behind the scenes showed me a lot about your dedication and I'm excited to see where things take you on the Arrow :)

    @Jo Marshall You are a pillar for me in the Image team and as a friend. I am thrilled seeing your growth and your path in the game. Can't wait to see more!

    @Sal Taybrim Man, you have no idea how much I love writing with you, I am even breaking my "not on the conny" rule just to tell you - I love writing with you too and thanks for being a great friend! :)

    @Quinn Reynolds You've been amazing behind the scenes, super patient with all my questions and being a friend to me over the last years. One day I will be writing with you! :D

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  3. Quote

    Possibly the strangest family.  A human grandfather, a half Andorian-half Aenar father, a Betazoid medical cadet ward, A hologram kid with a hologram dog, five tribbles and a tribble-feline hybrid.  The Fosters were good people, but certainly outside the average.

    Mark Two explaining his family is the most adorable thing ever, also this is a wicked awesome family :D

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  4. Jalana wouldn't want to. She became a Doctor because she did not want to follow her Diplomats (now Ambassador) father's footsteps. It is just not for her. Now that she has become a Commanding Officer is the closest to Diplomacy she ever wants to become and even now she'd love to push these parts on someone else but goes through because she has to and it's part of her job.

    BUT if she was pushed into it she would live up to the challenge. (Aka Designated Survivor Setting) :D

  5. Congratulations everyone, you are all well deserving of the award you received! I've met everyone of you at some point and you work very hard to make sure everyone has fun!

    I am especially proud of @Alex Blair though, him being my First Officer. It's a pleasure to work with you!

    And of course a huge thank you for my own award, I have not expected it. I am very happy to be able to provide a place to have fun for my crew and help by providing a creative and fun environment. :)

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  6. 4 hours ago, Blaidd Vescori said:

    Greetings everyone! Currently on my training run with the Centris-A, but I wanted to say hello to all of you. Looking forwards to writing (and reading) lots of adventures.


    • What's your real first name?

    Outside of the roleplay I respond to the name Michael. And a couple of nicknames I invented for myself, mostly based on some other hobbies, like the LAN parties I used to frequent in those days before the net became a popular thing in my part of the world.


    • Where do you live? (General area! City or state, even!)

    Greetings from Germany! You can find me in the western part of the country, in the state North Rhine-Westphalia if you manage to find Bielefeld, the town that supposedly doesn't exist (Bielefeld conspiracy). ;)


    • How did you find our group?

    Google makes it pretty easy to find you if your search patterns are 'Star Trek' and 'PbEM'.


    • What kind of work do you do?

    I work as an Elderly Care Nurse.

    Hello Michael! Greetings from another part of Germany! I am originally from NRW as well (Oberhausen) but have been living in Berlin for the last 17 years. :) Also, are you one of 'Them'? Do you really want to make us believe that you exist? Or are we talking with a construct you planted into our brains via 'them'? ;)


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