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  1. I think Frankenstein's Monster would be really interesting. A species that builds their own bodies out of parts from other species... "We are the scavengers, we are looking for parts, parts that make us strong."
  2. Jalana's go to is Jestral Tea, she even has a plant in her quarters which were a gift so she can have fresh tea anytime. - Each of my PNPCs also has a go-to beverage depending on their cultural heritate or life experience
  3. Congratulations everyone, you are all well deserving of the award you received! I've met everyone of you at some point and you work very hard to make sure everyone has fun! I am especially proud of @Alex Blair though, him being my First Officer. It's a pleasure to work with you! And of course a huge thank you for my own award, I have not expected it. I am very happy to be able to provide a place to have fun for my crew and help by providing a creative and fun environment.
  4. Hello Michael! Greetings from another part of Germany! I am originally from NRW as well (Oberhausen) but have been living in Berlin for the last 17 years. Also, are you one of 'Them'? Do you really want to make us believe that you exist? Or are we talking with a construct you planted into our brains via 'them'?
  5. While during the last years I have often seen TBC and TAG I have rarely used them. In the beginning, I did because I thought it's like a must, but over the time I practically dropped it. On my ship people sometimes use it, others don't. I see it as a personal preference. As @Felderburg said you obviously saw that there are tags in the sim once you reach the end and to me, every sim is an open invitation to continue unless a comment is left that the plot is ended like for example ((OOC: Looks like a good spot to end it.)) The only time I actually use a TBC is if I write a JP (joint post) with someone and I know that someone posts another part after me, that indicates that the scene is not done but more is coming.
  6. Hey Marc, welcome to SB 118! I am Jess and I'm from Germany as well! I started a bit more than 5 years ago, nervous if my language skills are good enough and I worried for naught. Writing here also helped me to improve further. So, I'm sure you will do great and have a lot of fun
  7. For me it depends on my character. My PC Jalana (a Trill) does not believe in a higher power. There was no trauma or anything, she just doesn't and never has. Some of my PNPCs are religious. Chandni an Indian Human believes in Hindu gods, Akeelah a Rodulan believes in the Great Artist and Rules/laws, Ozameen a Betazoid believes in the Betazoid Deities and so on. They are all following their religion or faith in different intensities. I like to explore different cultures and settings, so that gives me a chance to do that.
  8. Congratulations everyone. You are all so very deserving and make this group the fantastic place it is!
  9. Congratulations everyone. I'm so proud and happy and excited for everyone!
  10. Jalana Rajel isn't too proud of her former hosts work once more. She wears an airy light Zindara Rajel to the Crimson Carpet.
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