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  1. Have you seen someone's bio on the wiki that you think deserves to be featured on the main page and through our publicity and news teams?




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  2. ((USS Apollo-A, Holodeck))

    ::On a low, white couch in a large, brightly-lit room, all clean lines and sophisticated sparseness, no windows, no doors to be seen, Ren Rennyn sat, one leg crossed ankle to knee over the other, his right arm draped casually on the back of the couch, his left holding a glass of scotch, good, decent scotch, by the standards of replicated synthehol, anyway.::

    ::He tried not to giggle and failed.::

    ::Ren was in a holo-program called "Max Alpha," currently set for Chapter Three. Introduced to the game by his brother-in-law Maren, he'd finished the first two chapters already, and, after nearly a year of anticipation, had at last returned to it. In character, ready and primed, he waited until the chapter's opening narration, his favorite part of the program, began. The computerized narrator's brassy-toned, nasally voice boomed out somewhere above him.::

    Narrator: Deep space. Region of mystery, of duplicity and danger, and, known only to a handful of the very best sort of people, home to Max Alpha: The Galaxy's Greatest Secret Agent!

    ::Ren s[...]ed, trying to keep a serious face as Max Alpha.::

    Narrator: Having defeated the duplicitous denizens of Dnarko, and crushed the criminal capers of the cruel Comet King, Max Alpha sits serenely, soaking silently in serious speculation.

    ::He couldn't take it -- Ren laughed out loud, but quickly tried to stifle his impulse.::

    Rennyn: Sorry. Serious speculation.

    Narrator: Soon the universe will face another incredible danger. Its only hope -- Max Alpha: The Galaxy's Greatest Secret Agent!

    ::Just then, a door, which had been invisible when closed, opened in the wall behind him. In came a being about a meter in height. It had three stubby legs on a long torso, two very large yellow eyes in a bulbous head, and skin a color that resembled old pea soup. ::

    Narrator: ...and his assistant, 86.

    Rennyn: Good afternoon, 86.

    86: Yoik!

    ::It was a strange interjection the meaning of which Ren hadn't deciphered in the first two chapters. 86 scrambled around the couch, his breath ragged from running.::

    86: We've got ...incoming, sir! Control wants you... straight away!

    Rennyn: Well, put her on the screen.

    86: Yes, sir... hold on, and I'll just... I'll just get my breath back... Maybe have a bit of a rest...

    Rennyn: 86! Control is waiting.

    86: Oh, yes, sir!

    ::86 scrambled about again, and the viewscreen, invisible when inactive, was projected in front of them, seeming to float in the air. On it was a very old woman, a Terran, white hair elaborately piled high. She was tiny, shriveled and age-spotted, yet looked as though she might instantly snap the neck of any person who crossed her.::

    Control: Good afternoon, Alpha.

    Rennyn: Hello, Control. How's the weather where you are?

    ::She was his only contact at i3, the interplanetary agency Max Alpha worked for, but they had never met in person, and though he had his guesses, he had never learned Control's whereabouts.::

    Control: You'll never know. As a deep space agent, Alpha, you'll never meet me or any of your superiors face to face. You are assigned missions by me and expected to carry them out without question.

    Rennyn: I've never failed you.

    ::In two chapters, he hadn't.::

    Control: You are our top agent. That's why I'm contacting you now - your next mission is of vital importance, and we couldn't assign it to anyone else. Have you heard of the Hammer of Bajor?

    ::Ren was surprised. As a matter of fact, he had.::

    Rennyn: As a matter of fact, I have. A supposed archaeological relic that was rumored to be lost some ages ago. It was said to have great power--

    Control: Enough to destroy a small planet, perhaps. Before its disappearance, it was closely guarded by the Vedek Assembly, who believed that in the wrong hands, it could cause widespread panic and destruction. And now it has been recovered.

    86: Oh, well that's alright then, isn't it. Good job it was recovered, before it fell in the wrong hands.

    ::Ren's bemused look at 86's mistake was withered by Control's typical annoyance at the interruption.::

    Control: No, 86. It was recovered BY the wrong hands.

    86: No! You don't mean...?

    Control: Yes...

    ::All three said it together.::

    "Commandant X!"

    Rennyn: But if Commandant X has the Hammer of Bajor...

    Control: He controls a vast power. He can ransom entire planets, one after another, and there's nothing we can do to stop him.

    Rennyn: Oh, yes there is! We're going to get the Hammer back before the Commandant can use it.

    ::86 blinked.::

    86: Uhm... "We"?

    Control: Good luck to you, Alpha. i3 are counting on you.

    Rennyn: We'll do our best, Control.

    86: "WE"??

    Control: Control out.

    ::The screen blinked off, again fading to blend in with the wall. Ren jumped to his feet, opening the invisible door, ready to dash out of the room. Max Alpha was ready for action.::

    Rennyn: Come on, 86. We've got work to do!

    86: Uhm, yes, coming, sir. Only, we're going to have to talk about your use of pronouns, I feel...


    ::Despite his less desirable qualities - cowardice, cowering, codependence - 86 was more than extremely useful. He hailed from Tlbx, a world where technological know-how is taught from birth; on a planet full of outrageously brilliant technologists, 86 was considered one of the best and brightest.::

    ::At age 15, 86 -- a code name, as his own name was too technical to be pronounced -- invented a new transporter so advanced, the Federation's highest ranking personages deemed its existence too dangerous to be known to the universe at large. He'd sold the patent to i3 in exchange for a permanent job for life. On a planet full of outrageously brilliant technologists, job security was next to godliness.::

    ::The transporter pad in Max Alpha and 86's Secret Deep Space Headquarters was one of a kind, the only model ever built from 86's original schematic, drawn on the back of his algebra notebook during 7th grade study hall. The pad was outwardly indistinguishable from any standard Federation equipment, but its inner workings had a key difference. It allowed instant transportation to any location in the universe, no matter the distance.::

    Rennyn: oO Too bad real transporters can't be like this. Would sure save on travel time. Maybe they'd let me commute to work from Arnmere. Oo

    ::The souped up transporter in the Max Alpha game was an important plot device, but of course could never exist in the real world. You'd never know what Borg or something would suddenly appear standing behind you. Horrifying thought.::

    ::86 interrupted his thoughts from the control panel.::

    86: Uhm, the coordinates are set, sir. We'll beam directly into Commandant X's top secret headquarters!

    Rennyn: But how do you know where it is?

    86: Luckily I invented a Secret Headquarters Of Villainous Evildoers Locator.

    Rennyn: That ought to dig something up.

    86: It has! Commandant X is hiding out on the dark side of a moon of Raidok, called Dishpan by the locals.

    Rennyn: I've been to Dishpan City. Turns out their main industry is laundry.

    86: That's funny.

    Rennyn: Well, it was the lighter side of the moon.

    86: Uhm, sir, you do realize that every side is the light side at some point?

    Rennyn: Yes, well, I don't think the Raidokians realized that. They mix their darks and their lights.

    ::Ren stepped onto the transporter pad and 86 scrambled on next to him.::

    Rennyn: Ready, 86?

    86: Ready, sir!

    Rennyn: Then beam us out.

    ::At a tap of one of 86's singularly long digits, the amazing transporter hummed into action, whisking their molecules away with uncommon magic.::


    86: I've beamed us in it!

    ::They were in a sort of warehouse, all full of packing crates, and a row of nine Tellarites in ninja costume stood menacingly before them. Ren smiled.::

    Rennyn: Looks like we've come to the right place. Who but Commandant X would think of something as dastardly as ninja Tellarites?

    86: I'll tell ya right!

    ::86 was always trying to quip with the big leagues.::

    Rennyn: That will be quite enough, 86.

    86: Sorry, sir.

    Rennyn: Okay, boys! Come and get it!

    ::The nine ninja Tellarites reacted to Ren's call, and, slowly at first, began to close in threateningly.::

    ::This was the physical workout portion of the game, and Ren had programmed his settings on the lower side for strength and fighting skill. Not that he didn't want the physical challenge, necessarily, but he'd tried a harder setting on the first chapter to ill effect. Max Alpha was supposed to be a master of martial arts, and Ren learned quickly he would have to build up his skills. He was already out of practice on his kaigut. This time through was more of a fun run.::

    ::Two Tellarites advanced on him at once, and he sidestepped, cracking their heads together. A third came at him and gracefully obliged as Ren flipped him on his back.::

    Rennyn: Maybe I set it too easy, these guys are pushovers. Whoa--!

    ::He ducked as two metal stars went whizzing past his head.::

    Rennyn: 86! They're armed!

    86: Got that memo!! Yoik!

    ::The little guy went clattering past, chased by a ninja with two swords. The way his three stubby legs worked furiously under his long torso, his tiny arms flailing helplessly toward the sky, 86 resembled a large, frightened celery stalk.

    Rennyn: Keep running, 86! I have an idea!

    86: No problem, sir! Not stopping!!

    ::The fleeing genius shrieked, scrambling around a stack of crates, three ninjas now in pursuit.::

    ::Ren came about as another ninja tried to attack, only to find itself slammed headfirst into a wall in a signature Max Alpha move. A whirling kick knocked another to the floor.::

    ::Quickly, Ren scaled the nearest crates, his goal in sight. Above him was a catwalk that ran around the entire room. If only he could reach it, the plan would come together. He jumped from one stack to the next. Below him, 86 continued to outrun his pursuers.::

    86: Doing fine, sir!

    ::While 86 continued to panic, only one more stack of crates needed climbing, and Ren was near the railing. It was just close enough to grip the edge at a jump. He did and, dangling from the side, swung himself up to the platform.::

    ::In the back of his mind, Ren did a quick ninja count. He'd put five on the floor, and could see three chasing 86. But wasn't there a ninth ninj--::

    Rennyn: --Aaaa!

    ::A flying kick caught him square in the back. He fell forward to the catwalk deck then instantly flipped himself over, catching his attacker's second pass with his feet, launching him aside before leaping to the ready.::

    ::The ninja, recovered, faced him off squarely, the two gauging each other before their next attack. This ninja was different to the others, taller, with a hood that covered all but his hard eyes, ice blue. Then Ren noticed - this one's hands had five fingers each, and under that hood, there was no room for a snout.

    Rennyn: You're not a Tellarite!

    ::A deep and resonant laugh answered him, sending a chill through Ren's body.::

    Ninja: You are correct, Max Alpha, I am not one of the porcine brood. Behold, it is I... Commandant X!

    ::The Commandant threw back his hood dramatically, revealing a face so horrifyingly horrible, so terrifically terrifying, so blindingly blood-curdling...

    Rennyn: oO Oh, actually. He's sort of handsome. Oo

    ::Ren was caught off-guard. Commandant X had pulled all the evil strings in the first two chapters, but Ren hadn't seen his face until now, Terran-looking, dark hair, nice features, about Ren's age.::

    Rennyn: You know you're really sort of dreamy.

    ::Just a little crazy in those crisp, cold eyes.::

    Commandant X: You are dreaming to think you can stop me, Max Alpha! Ninjas -- to me!

    ::At the Commandant's call, two of the Tellarites, appearing suddenly behind Ren, pulled the hero into their grip. Ren struggled, but couldn't break free.::

    Commandant X: What now, Max Alpha?

    ::The Commandant's voice was deep, highly cultured, and accented with a certain lack of sanity.::

    Commandant X: How do you like the taste of defeat?

    Rennyn: I prefer the rinds, thanks.

    Commandant X: Shut him up!

    ::The ninjas obediently grabbed Ren's head and held his jaw closed. The Commandant's hand emerged from a pocket in his black ninja garb to reveal a round slice of metal that reminded Ren of an ugly paperweight. But even from a short two meters away, Ren could hear the object humming with energy.::

    Commandant X: You will never escape me, Max Alpha. I wield the Hammer of Bajor, a power mightier than planets. With this device in my control, I will become the supreme ruler of this galaxy. All worlds will bow to ME!!

    Rennyn: Mourm mnmrambl.

    Commandant X: What?

    ::At a flick of Commandant X's hand, the ninjas released Ren's mouth.::

    Rennyn: You're unstable.

    Commandant X: How dare you...

    ::The Commandant glowered. He took several steps toward Ren, coming very close, until his face was only inches from Ren's own. Each syllable crackled with contempt.::

    Commandant X: Max Alpha. What are you to so insult the great Commandant X!?

    ::Ren spoke softly, cajolingly, smiling a gentle smile.::

    Rennyn: Oh, now, don't take offense, handsome. I didn't mean you, exactly. I meant your catwalk. You see, when I climbed up here, I rigged the platform we're standing on to break apart at my assistant's command. Marvelous inventor, he is, and it's a wonder what can be done with magnetic nanotechnology. If you don't release me, or if you try to move from this section of the deck, you'll have an awfully long fall to the ground.

    Commandant X: As will you, Galaxy's Greatest Gobhead.

    Rennyn: Ah. But you see, I happen to have antigravity shoes in my favor. Isn't that right, 86?

    ::Commandant X, Ren, and the two Tellarites who held him looked down to the ground, where 86 perched proudly on a pile of passed-out porkers. He waved his control mechanism above his head.::

    86: Ready when you are, sir!

    Rennyn: What will it be, Commandant? Will you keep the Hammer and drive your head into the floor below? Or will you tap out?

    ::The Commandant fumed.::

    Commandant X: I will never give in. I will never--!!

    Rennyn: 86! Now!

    ::At the press of a button on 86's control mechanism, the deck beneath Ren and the Commandant began to tremble. The Tellarite ninjas released Ren, jumping away to safety with unnecessary backflips. Commandant X yelled after them in a fury.::

    Commandant X: You fools! Attend me!

    Rennyn: Sorry to hog all the attention, but I really must fly.

    ::At the last word, Ren rose into the air on his antigrav shoes as the floor caved underneath Commandant X, sections of deck crashing toward the ground below. The Commandant clung desperately to a bit of railing that remained attached to the wall. Ren came alongside him, hovering in midair.::

    Rennyn: Be a good Commandant and give me the Hammer.

    Commandant X: Never!

    Rennyn: Pretty please? I promise to rescue you if you do.

    Commandant X: I should rather plummet to my death!

    Rennyn: And waste that pretty face? I don't think so.

    ::Floating lower, he grabbed the Commandant by the ankles, tore him from the wall, and took him toward the floor, where 86 stood waiting. He dangled the Commandant above his little pal, shaking the evildoer a little.::

    Rennyn: Take it from him!

    ::86 jumped, trying for the Hammer, which Commandant X clutched to his chest.::

    Commandant X: No! Get away, you meddling mechanic!

    Rennyn: Hurry it up, 86! He's kind of heavy.

    86: He IS the heavy, sir.

    Rennyn: Keep trying on the puns, buddy. Okay, now who's had enough?

    ::Ren dropped Commandant X to the floor as 86 skittered out of the way. The Commandant got to his feet, but before he could run, Ren threw a right hook that sent him to the ground faster than a Tellarite ninja fleeing an evil hideout. The Commandant was out cold.::

    86: Well done, sir!

    ::Ren knelt over the villain, prying the Hammer of Bajor carefully from the fallen fiend's hand.::

    Rennyn: Cheer up, handsome. Better luck next time.

    ::He turned from the comatose criminal to 86, tossing the powerful Hammer casually in the air, then coolly catching it again.::

    Rennyn: Let's go home.


    ::Control loomed over them on the viewscreen, her lips curled ever so slightly in the beginnings of a smile.::

    Control: Congratulations, Alpha, you've done it again. With Commandant X and his ninjas in the custody of Dishpan's authorities, we're all safe again.

    Rennyn: Yes, I thought he'd be secure in Dishpan hands.

    Control: Let's hope he doesn't slip away.

    ::86 looked confused.::

    86: My only question is... Why Tellarite ninjas? I mean of all the henchmen the Commandant could have hired.

    ::Ren thought about it carefully.::

    Rennyn: I suppose he wanted to find a way to really put the ham in Hammer.

    ::86 laughed a sound like a squeaking balloon.::

    86: Oh yes, I see. That hits it rather on the head.

    Rennyn: Yes, well, I thought I'd take my best swing at it.

    86: You've really driven it home, sir.

    ::Control interrupted with an uncharacteristic smirk.::

    Control: Now, gentlemen, no need to keep pounding away at it.

    ::86 leaped up exuberantly.::

    86: Nailed it, ma'am!

    ::Ren smiled proudly. 86 was finally improving on his puns.::

    ::Control's face turned serious again. Time for her signature sendoff, Ren knew, which officially ended each chapter.::

    Control: You've saved the universe again, Max Alpha. Rest well -- your next adventure is coming soon. Control out!

    ::The screen blinked away and Ren turned to 86.

    Rennyn: Well done today, 86. You're making progress.

    86: Thank you, sir. Shall I fix us a drink, sir?

    Rennyn: Please.

    ::Ren watched 86 go out the invisible door, and supposed it was time to call up an invisible door of his own. He'd had fun, but it was almost time to get back to work.::

    Rennyn: Computer, arch.

    ::That familiar sound of the door to reality greeted him. With one last glance at Max Alpha's hideaway, Ren walked out to rejoin the Apollo, an enormous grin on his face as he looked forward to his next exciting adventure.::

    LtCmdr Ren Rennyn
    Ops Officer
    USS Apollo-A, NCC-71669

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    • Nominated articles must be of a player character played by a CURRENT and ACTIVE member.
    • Nominated articles must be either a PRIMARY or SECONDARY player character. PNPCs are ineligible.

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  4. Have you seen someone's bio on the wiki that you think deserves to be featured on the main page and through our publicity and news teams?

    Then simply reply below with a link to the article!

    Before you nominate an article, please ensure that your nominated article meets the following rules:

    • Nominated articles must be of a player character played by a CURRENT and ACTIVE member.
    • Nominated articles must be either a PRIMARY or SECONDARY player character. PNPCs are ineligible.

    • All information in the article must be CURRENT as of the submission date.

    Bios are judged using the contest's judging criteria as a guide.

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  5. Have you seen someone's bio on the wiki that you think deserves to be featured on the main page and through our publicity and news teams?

    Then simply reply below with a link to the article!

    Before you nominate an article, please ensure that your nominated article meets the following rules:

    • Nominated articles must be of a player character played by a CURRENT and ACTIVE member.
    • Nominated articles must be either a PRIMARY or SECONDARY player character. PNPCs are ineligible.

    • All information in the article must be CURRENT as of the submission date.

    Bios are judged using the contest's judging criteria as a guide.

    Thanks and good luck!

    • The collection for this round's nominations ends Thursday December 1, 2015.
    • The Featured Bio of this round will be announced on January 1, 2016.

  6. (( USS Apollo-A, Deck 11, Ensign Saalik's quarters))

    :: Fortunately, the tree had survived the trip with very little damage, and Saalik was able to install it in an appropriately respectful location in his new room. With the tree attended to, Saalik had the opportunity to survey his new home. He walked to the other side of the room.

    He kept walking.

    It was a very long walk.::

    Saalik: ::muttered:: I think this was the size of my entire dorm floor at the academy.

    :: Saalik wandered over to his viewport, which looked out onto a streaked field of stars. ::

    Saalik: oO I won't get tired of this. Never. Oo

    ::The computer trilled suddenly, startling him out of his reverie. Saalik walked to the bare desk and accepted the personal hail. A middle-aged Valakian appeared on the screen. His hair was tastefully streaked with grey, and his expression was the practiced face of one whose every public appearance was scrutinized::

    Saalik: Prime Minister Rielo! This is a surprise! I'm honored.

    Rielo: No Derovan, you honor me and our people in your service. I thank you and the Valakian people thank you.

    :: Rielo's eyes twinkled, and then the politician's mask dropped a degree. ::

    Rielo: And so on and so forth. But really, Derovan, I wanted to see how you were settling in. The Apollo is an impressive ship, is she not?

    Saalik: Incredibly so. I think she's larger than the L-5 station. One warp pylon alone is as big as one of our planetary defense skiffs.

    Rielo: Of course, she's the best in the fleet. The best of Valakis with the best of Starfleet. Just like it should be.

    Saalik: You flatter me.

    Rielo: Old politician's habit. And here's another one. This isn't strictly a social call. Now that you're aboard the Apollo, you're mingling with the cream of the crop. Some of your fellow officers will be admirals one day. Some may even become something more. You need to make sure they remember you favorably. Valakis has invested a lot in you, and it's not just for reasons of pride. You may be representing the Federation out there, but don't let yourself forget that you're representing Valakis as well. And we're far more in need of your attention.

    :: Saalik sighed. ::

    Saalik: I can only do what I'm able to do, Minister.

    :: Saalik was brought to a halt with a short, sharp realization. ::

    Saalik: Minister, how did you know I was on the Apollo? The new duty posting won't be public until tomorrow.

    :: Rielo grinned conspiratorially. ::

    Rielo: We're not complete rubes on Valakis. I have connections inside Starfleet.

    Saalik: Oh no. Oh no, it was you that did this. I thought Captain Varak had pulled some strings for his own reasons, but it was you, wasn't it? This post was far too generous for an ensign of my experience and standing. But not if I had the leader of a species running interference behind the scenes! This was a [...]ed political appointment!

    Rielo: Calm down, boy. Everything is a political appointment. You can either make that work for you or spend the rest of your career on a glorified tugboat like the Achilles. Valakis can't afford that.

    Saalik: Oh for—you don't know what you've done, do you? Starfleet does not respond well to this kind of manipulation. You may have won me a plum assignment, but it's one I may not ever exceed. I have to earn my station. I have to earn my respect. Otherwise, they'll never let me be anything more than a junior comms officer. Since you seem to think so much of me, do you think Valakis can afford that?

    Rielo: Don't you dare throw this back at me. I did you a favor. This cost me a great deal.

    :: Saalik put his head in his hands, then pulled them back through his hair with a long exhalation.::

    Saalik: I—I appreciate your intent, but please, don't do me any more favors. Your political instincts won't serve you as well out here as they do in Parliament. You're not in the middle of the situation. You can't judge what will work and what won't.

    Rielo: If you say so. I have confidence in your ability to correct course on this.

    ::Prime Minister Rielo grimaced one last time, then resettled his face into the initial neutral expression.::

    Rielo: Your father says hello.

    Saalik: Thank you for telling me. Please tell him I'm well. And tell him that he's supposed to be keeping you reined in!

    ::Rielo grinned::

    Rielo: I'll tell him you're settling in.

    Saalik: Good day, Prime Minister. I have to go try and fix this. And please, no more of these schemes.

    Rielo: I make no promises. Rielo out.

    :: The comscreen went blank and Saalik's stomach churned ominously. It had gone from dream to disaster in just a few short moments. Thinking back, had the captain seemed a bit cold, somewhat overly formal? Had the interest in Valakis been polite or political? Had he misjudged the motives of everyone he had met to date? ::

    :: Saalik groaned ::

    Saalik: I'm going to have to talk to the captain.


    Ensign Derovan Saalik

    Com/Ops Officer
    USS Apollo-A
    Serial: A239209DS0

  7. ((Garridon V))

    ::The flashes of the lightning broke the relative darkness spread by the storm. For a moment it blinded her, making her blink, but the collective gasps around her forced her to focus. In the sky, the shuttle that had just launched seemed to be falling. Everyone seemed to watch in horror as their friends and fellow crewmates fell to the ground, the shuttle crumpling on impact.::

    Blair: We have to help them. Do whatever you can! Doctor what’s the chance that they survived impact?

    ::She wanted to run to them, but she was cautious. With those creatures around, was it safe for the rest of them? She offered hope to the First Officer as she assessed the situation.::

    Nicholotti: It's more than possible that they've survived, if we can get to them.

    ::The answer she waited for came quickly as the others began to run for the crash, but the scene quickly faded in a flash of blue shimmers. She fought to come to a realization of the newly changed situation, which coalesced in her head as the scene in front of her did. The dim nature of the planet faded, along with the rain and ice, to be replaced by the familiarity of a starship flight deck. Immediately she found Jonesy nearly on top of her, on guard until he, too, figured out that they were safe.::

    ((Flight Deck - USS Daedalus))

    Cody: Ladies and gentlemen. First, let us apologize. We determined there wasn't enough time to inform you, and rather than establish communications, decided the best course of action was to descend and beam all of you directly onto the ship. You are aboard the USS Daedlaus, a Prometheus-Class Starfleet vessel. We are currently ascending off planet, which based on what little I saw, I'm sure we're all glad to get off. ::indicating Scythe:: This is Lt.Cmdr. Elizabeth Scythe, the first officer of this vessel. I am Commander David Cody, temporarily commanding this vessel, although it is not my permanent command.

    ::Somewhere in the middle of the crowd, shadowed by her 'security' detail, Kali found herself drawn to the voice. There was something familiar to it, something almost comforting. She searched her mind, looking for the name, seeking the reasons behind her instinctual reactions as she listened to the exchange between the familiar voice and her own First Officer.::

    ::Drawing many blanks, she wished she had been on the Gemini where she could look it up in her logs. Thankfully, the conversation at the front of the room turned towards that very eventuality and the raven-haired doctor stored the feelings and thoughts away until she was back in her quarters. In silence she waited, instinctively looking around her for injuries that needed treatment. For a moment, she allowed those in charge to do what they did best while she fell back on her own strengths.::

    ::But there wasn't much there. Weston had been right, they had missing, but not really many injuries. Once again she found her gaze drawn to the front of the room and those in charge. The sound of a padd dropping and cracking hit her and she found herself looking at the eyes of the man whose voice had sent tracers through her mind.::

    ::And all she could think of was how hard it was to look away from those eyes.::

    ::Finding herself unable to tear her gaze from his, Kali watched as he approached. The crowd seemed to part easily, leading him straight to where she stood, frozen in that moment. And then, as if the universe had conspired against death itself, she found herself staring at him as he stared back at her. For a long moment it felt as the entire galaxy was holding its breath. Even she felt like she stood on the edge of something so much greater than herself, but for the life of her, she couldn't figure out just what it all was.::

    Cody: ::almost disbelieving:: Kali?

    ::The sound of her name spoken from those lips felt sweeter than anything she'd known or could remember. A wave washed over her, though she could not tell what drove it. Deep inside Kali wondered why something so simple, like the sound of another officer saying her name, touched her to the core. She blinked, questioningly, searching for answers that didn't readily surface.::

    Nicholotti: ::Barely audible.:: Yes?

    ::The feelings felt like they were undermining her ability to control the situation, and that scared her. He looked as if he were going to speak again, but then he reached out and took her hands. Another wave washed over her as the universe seemed to fade into nothing. With nothing to link the strange familiar feelings to, she felt detached and unsure.::

    Cody: It's me. It's David.

    ::David. The name rolled around in her mind as if it belonged there. She clasped his hands a bit tighter, as if she held on to something, though she was far from sure of what that something was. It was the lack of connection to a memory that forced her to look away. Finding a place on the floor to stare at, she searched once more among her thoughts to figure out what and who and where...and then with a profound sadness she looked back at him, her crystalline blue eyes shining with tears she didn't allow to fall.::

    Nicholotti: ::Shaking her head slightly.:: I'm sorry. ::Her voice wavered. She wanted to, but she couldn't remember. And it felt like she was missing a large part of herself in the process.:: I don't remember.

    ::Again, he stared at her, a searching look in his eyes. Her lack of memories didn't seem to bother him then as he leaned forward and kissed her cheek before drawing her into a tight hug. She didn't fight it, but found herself, for a brief moment, caught in an embrace that felt more real and natural than most of her experiences since her return. His voice whispered directly to her as she relaxed slightly in his arms.::

    Cody: ::whispering, just to Kali:: It's okay. I'll remember for both of us.

    Nicholotti: I'm sorry.

    ::Hidden from the others, the raven-haired Fleet Captain allowed a tear to fall for the past that she didn't remember, but found herself desperately seeking...Soon she would return to the Gemini, but in this moment right now, she felt safe and complete. What that meant she wasn't sure of yet, but like so much since her return, it would take time to figure it out.::

    Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti

    Chief Medical Officer
    USS Gemini

  8. ((Runabout Lancelot, Enroute to the USS Gemini))

    ::With eyes closed now, and time drawing short, Kali had to struggle to hear any talking from the others. They had grown quiet, leaving behind a silence that deafened her. That was when she turned to the logs, which was her only link to her former life. Knowing that she was about to be thrown into so much of that former life that she didn't remember, she figured it was time to see who it was that she would be reporting to shortly.::

    ::Frost, Liam, Commander. Commanding officer of the USS Gemini, where she was now to serve. After a silent break she listened with a kind of renewed focus as the voices returned. Across the [...]pit speakers she could hear the hushed tones of a sorrowful gathering. She'd played all of the logs involving her new commanding officer, and had now stumbled upon the recording of her own funeral.::

    Recorded Livingston: We gather here to pay final respects to the woman who gave all she had in the line of duty. She was the best of us, inspiring each of us by her own actions and strengths. She shared the selfless courage of her Tactical officer and the heart of her Security team. She had the ingenuity of her engineers and the curiosity of her science officers. She had the critical eye of her Intelligence team, but she always had the tact of her Chief Diplomat. She pushed the envelope in a way that would make her Marines proud, but when the job was done, the medical officer inside of her made sure everyone was healed.

    ::Then there was a pause. Kali opened her eyes and stared out into the stars.::

    Recorded Livingston: Her sacrifice protected us. Out that window, I do not see the remains of a break in subspace. I see Kali’s scar, and when I see it, I shall not mourn; I shall have hope. Fleet Captain Nicholotti gave us strength in life, and the courage to use that strength. Let us honor her by our actions and our deeds.

    :: A longer pause now. Kali imagined the face of the man she couldn't remember, but knew from her logs. He'd gone on to become a Captain of his own, and one she was proud of regardless of her memories.::

    Recorded Livingston: If anyone else has words to share, speak now.

    :: The shuffling sounds on the recording led her to believe that people were moving. Soon enough, the sound of another voice returned.::

    Recorded Frost: Commander Livingston is right. Kali was all of those things. But she was more than that. She was a person who gave all of herself to everything she did. She was the most dedicated people that I have ever met. And the fact of the matter is that I would not have made it as far as I have if it wasn't for her leadership and guidance. I owe her a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid. I was fortunate enough to have the honour of calling her friend. And the fact is that every one of us is better for having known her.

    ::More shuffling.::

    Recorded Skyfire: Fleet Captain Nicholotti was not the type to choose her crew lightly. She chose us because she saw the potential for each of us to become something more than ensigns. She wanted to help us reach our potential. As the commanders have stated, we are all honored to have known her.

    ::That was all he seemed to have to say. More subtle noises indicated that someone else was stepping up to speak.::

    Recorded Orman: Hi everybody. ::she waved:: We've heard some very stirring, lovely things about Kali, and I'd wager we're going to hear quite a bit more before this is done. ::she swallowed:: But I've known her longer than... well, than just about anybody here, I guess, and from knowing her I can say that she wouldn't want to be remembered just like that. So I'm going to be arrogant and kind of rebellious--because that's kind of my specialty--and talk about her flaws.

    ::Kali raised her eyebrow at that. She didn't remember the woman called Orman, though she'd been in plenty of her logs before this. It would seem that they were friends.::

    Recorded Orman: Kali was a sentient person, a human being, just like most of us here, and with all the failings that implies. I've seen her be impatient, self loathing, completely overwhelmed. She made mistakes, made bad decisions, sometimes for bad reasons. She committed genocide...she made bad calls that sometimes harmed her crew. Her friends.

    ::Blinking, Kali wondered now about that friendship, at least until the woman continued.::

    Recorded Orman: She was terribly unlucky in love. It might have been circumstance, it might have been the job, it might have just been her. I really don't know. I do know that she *believed* it was her, and that every loss, every failure, broke her heart in ways she never quite repaired. ::she turned towards the flag-draped torpedo casing:: By the end, I think she felt as empty as this crukking thing. To be honest with you all, I half believe that she got in that fighter because she was looking for an end... ::she shrugged:: but I hope I'm wrong.

    ::It was now that a tear started to streak down her face. These words were powerful and a fitting end to thoughts of her. Kali, despite not remembering the woman, was proud that she had been her friend.::

    Recorded Orman: But she was my friend. She took me in when I needed it, always supported me, gave me the trust and respect that allowed me to become better than I was. I will never forget her. I love her all the more for remembering her in whole, and so I hope you will all forgive me for my harshness. Know that it is done out of love. Kali, you're in my heart for good. ::her voice broke a little:: If you were here, I would kick you right in the [...] and yell at you for at least twenty minutes straight, but I will *miss* you!

    ::The shock and awe seemed to hit the crowd as murmurs moved through it as the shuffling returned. No one else spoke and a long pause ensued. Finally, the man who had started it all spoke again.::

    Recorded Livingston: Lieutenant Kesaan, if you will.

    Recorded Kesaan: ::Standing:: Sir.

    ::The tears were falling faster now, blurring the vision of the stars from her crystalline blues.::

    Recorded Kesaan: Present, arms!

    ::She heard the unifying shift as the seven members of the team brought their weapons to a salute.::

    Recorded Kesaan: Stand ready!

    ::A pause followed full of complete silence. And then...::

    Recorded Kesaan: Fire!


    ::Kali knew it was coming, but she jumped anyways. A shiver ran down her spine as the recording continued.::

    Recorded Kesaan: Ready. Fire!


    ::The second shot pierced the silence, echoing through the [...]pit. Again, involuntarily she jumped.::

    Recorded Kesaan: Ready. Fire!


    Recorded Kesaan: Order, arms!

    ::A quietude dense enough to suffocate anyone descended and all Kali could hear now was the sound of the empty torpedo casing moving along the track and firing away from the Excalibur. The sound of a whistle pierced the silence finally; the Chief of the Boat blew his whistle, signaling that the Captain was leaving the ship one last time. And then that was it. The recording ended.::

    ::Awash in tears and unable to see clearly out of the window, Kali pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them burying her face and finally just crying. It had been a long time coming, and now she'd finally broken. The past was never totally in the past or totally gone. It was here, and now, even if it was in the form of an old friend and a ship she'd never set foot on.::

    ::Hopefully by the time she arrived, she'd be composed, but for now she simply allowed the tears to fall. For all the pain she'd listened to in her own logs, it was high time that the tears were allowed to flow free.::

    ::And flow free is what they did.::


    Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti

    Medical Officer
    USS Gemini

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  10. ((Bridge - USS Spartan))

    :: Under different circumstances, Jeremy might have actually been impressed by the audacity and the bravado that frost was showing. But these were not those circumstances. Right now he was filled with nothing but righteous indignation at the fact that this whelp that looked liked he should barely be out of the Academy was standing on the bridge of a ship that he had no business being in charge of and dared to lecture him about what was right and wrong. He had no idea what it was like to be out here, and he very much doubted that he ha dbeen through the kind of loss that Jeremy had, or had to make the kind of decisions he had had to make. Frost talked a good game, but he doubted he had the stones to actually fire on another Federation ship.::

    Hammond: Captain….Jeremy….he's right. We have to stop. This is just wrong.

    :: He turned slowly towards the man at the tactical station. There was a tone in Richard's voice that he was not sure that he had ever heard him use before. There was anger. There was disappointment. And more disturbing than anything, there was defiance. He had never heard Richard speak to him with an attitude of defiance before. As mush as he and the hamster tended to give each other the business, he had always been loyal to him. And now he was standing at his station, openly refusing to suppot him in the most important thing he had ever done. To say that he was incredulous was to severely understate the situation.::

    Clarkson: I want you to consider your next words very, very carefully.

    Hammond: There are other ways to bring some meaning to her death.

    Clarkson: Who. The bloody hell. Do you think you are?

    :: Jeremy stood slowly as we walked towards Hammond, his eyes locked on the man. There was a look in his eyes that was hard to describe. It was a mix of more feelings that Jeremy had the wherewithal to identify; fear, anger, sadness, conviction, all of it. Whatever he was doing, he believed it was right. But then again, traitors always believed that what they were doing was right.::

    Hammond: You don't see what you…we've done do you?

    Clarkson: We've avenged seventy-six cold blooded murders and exacted the justice that Starfleet Command refuses to demand. But I suppose you have some other idea about what we've done.

    Hammond: Jeremy, we've broken the peace! We've essentially started a war!

    Clarkson: No! We didn't start this war! They started this war the moment they let Koval invade our space, capture the Hermes and murder her crew in cold blood! I will not stand by and let this stand like a coward. I will not allow the murder of someone that I loved to be brushed under the rug in the name of protecting an alliance with savages who would tear out our hearts if they thought they could get away with it. The line must be drawn here, no further. I will not...

    :: His righteous indignation was interrupted by the violent shaking of his bridge. His ship was small, and any impact was felt much more intensely than it would be on a larger ship. For a moment, he was very nearly thrown off balance, but he was able to steady himself on a console before he was sent to the floor. He managed to write himself and regain what composure he had not already spewed onto Hammond. He had no idea which ship had fired first, and he didn't care. all he knew was that his ship was under attack and he was going to defend it to the last.::

    Clarkson: Mr. Hammond, return fire.

    Hammond: I will not. I've been blindly following orders for too long. We need to stop this!

    :: Jeremy had neither time not the patience to deal with Richard's insolence. He could deal with that later once he was no longer being shot at.::

    Clarkson: Mr. Stig, assume tactical control and return fire.

    :: Without a word, the helmsman reconfigured his control panel to act as both the conn and the tactical console. It would make their response a bit slower than he would have hoped for, But he had no time to lament his situation. And if there was anyone that could do it, it was Stig. HE held onto the side of his chair as the ship pitched sharply.::

    Hammond: Captain don't make me do this. We've served together for too long.

    Clarkson: You haven't got the stones.

    Hammond: So you've left me no choice. Captain Jeremy Clarkson, by the order of Starfleet regulation 619, I am declaring you emotionally compromised and unfit to command this vessel. You are relieved sir.

    :: A long moment passed as the two men stared at each other. He wondered which of them would be the first to flinch, or whether their contest would be nterupted by the complete annihilation of the bridge that they both occupied. There was some other form of trickery afoot, but it wasn't what he expected. Before he could express the full measure of his fury and indignity, Hammond was surrounded by the blue glow of a transporter. He turned around to see the rest of the bridge crew dissolve the same way, leaving him alone on the bridge of his ship.::

    :: He was alone now. The dull hum of electronic equipment and the sound of his own thoughts. And it was in that moment, that he was left to contemplate,. How far he had come, how much he had done. And for what? What had he really done? He had ventured into Klingon space, destroyed two ships that caused the deaths of a few hundred faceless Klingons. And what had he accomplished. He was just as alone now as he had been before he set out, as alone as the moment when Admiral Raymond had told him that Emma was gone. There was another terrifying possibility that he had to contend with.::

    :: The possibility that Hammond was right.::

    ::No. He would not accept this. He could not accept this. He was going to make someone listen to him if he had to shout from the pulpit of every church, or from the prisoner's dock of a court martial. He would not be silenced by anyone, no matter how righteous they thought they were. He could feel the rage spilling over, and now there was no one left to keep him in check, no one to restrain himself for. A bellow emerged from a place deep inside of him that he had not allowed himself to show since he had been told what had happened to his daughter. He raised a fist above his head, bringing it crashing down on the conn, cracking the plastic covering in several places, and doing some damage to his hand, the severity of which he could not care less about.::

    :: HE had yet to figure out why he had not yet been transported as well. Perhaps he was going to be left here to die on his own. It would be fitting, considering how Starfleet had abandoned Emma. They had swpet her death under the rug, pretending like it was just one of those things that happened in Starfleet. And now that they had the rest of his crew in custody, they could leave him here to the Klingons, brushing him off as nothing more than an embarrassment or an inconvenience. And if they simply let him die on some godforsaken Klingon penal rock, then they could pretend he had never existed. Just as they had done with the rest of the crew of the Hermes.::

    :: A strange manner of thing began to happen as he contemplated his fate. He was surrounded by the blue glow of the transporter, as the rest of his crew had as well. He could feel the telltale tingle of being transported to another ship. He counted down the seconds until he would be somewhere on another ship, likely surrounded by several men carrying guns pointed at him. But it was taking too long. And as he looked out, there appeared to be another glow, this one a deep crimson. He began to feel a remarkably unpleasant sensation, though he had no idea how to adequately describe it. It persisted for an unfathomably long time, as he wondered if he was going to make it to his destination with all of his atoms intact, or if that this was some sort of elaborate torture method designed to make it so that they could say he was lost in some sort of tragic accident, absolving that petulant worm Frost of any guilt over his fate.::

    :: After what seemed like quite some time, a room began to form around him. It was, mercifully, the look of a Starfleet ship's transporter room, this one noticeably larger than the one on the Spartan. He had a sneaking suspicion of where he was, particularly when he spotted the man in the green marine uniform pointing a rather nasty looking rifle at him. He had expected as much of a reception, though he was at least mildly surprised that he was not immediately shot by the man in the uniform.::

    Wallace: Captain Jeremy Clarkson I presume?

    Clarkson: Clarkson, Jeremy Charles Robert. Captain. USS Spartan. Serial number Foxtrot-Kilo-Two-Five-One-Nine-Eight-Two. Should I presume that I am where I think I am?

    Wallace: You are aboard the USS Gemini. By order of our commanding officer you will remain in this room until further instructions come through.

    Clarkson: Of course I am. And will your esteemed captain be gracing us with his presence?

    :: As if on cue, there was a hissing from the side of the room indicated the opening of a door, and in walked a man that Jeremy had not expected to see in person.::

    Frost: Captain Clarkson...


    Captain Jeremy Clarkson
    Commanding Officer
    USS Spartan

    as simmed by

    Captain Liam Frost
    Commanding Officer
    USS Gemini

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  11. ((Deck 1- Bridge, U.S.S. Gemini))
    ::Shayne sat back hard into his chair. The brazen, self-assured confidence that had flowed through him like a drug was causing him to crash. Hard. He felt a little sick. His eyes were wide, as if they were saying, "Holy cow, what was that?" The chirp of a commbadge disrupted his musings.::
    Konstava: =/\= Chief Konstava to Ensign Shayne. Could I borrow a word for a moment sir? =/\=

    Shayne: =/\= Ah, yes, Chief. What, um-What can I do for you? =/\=

    Konstava: =/\= I have just been informed that the Transporter system has just blown out. Something that should not have been possible under normal circumstances given the modifications I helped implement. If it is not too much trouble sir, would you mind explaining what just transpired? =/\=

    ::Shayne was suddenly feeling constricted, almost mortified, by the chief's innocent question. He knew he needed to respond, but he felt as if he spoke, he would spew his last meal all over the deck. He'd experienced this phenomenon many times before, and over the years he'd learned a few tricks for getting past it. So he took several deep breaths and, in an almost comical maneuver, licked his wrist, which had a small amount of salt on it. His speech returned, but he knew it wouldn't be long before a relapse, so he rushed through.::

    Shayne: =/\= Ah, uh, I, um, I modulated the deflector to emit an anti-proton pulse which briefly allowed both our transporter and that of the, um, Klingons to-to, um, to integrate, in a sense. Then I modulated our beam to use the Klingon's beam as a sort of carrier, which allowed me to lock onto their transporter room, deep inside the ship, and actually beam most of it straight out of there, along with Captain Clarkson. The transporter was never meant to handle such an uncooperative load all at once, and that's probably what did it.=/\= ::Almost nonsensically, he began to apologize:: =/\= I'm sorry, I just had a flash of inspiration, and, oh, you think I'm mad--=/\=
    ::Thankfully the Chief put an end to his blubbering rather quickly::

    Konstava: =/\= Mad sir? Quite the opposite in fact, I should imagine they’ll be naming that little piece of trickery the Shayne manoeuvre. I shall have to remember it for future reference so I can plan equipment modifications appropriately. You should be very proud of what you managed to achieve. =/\=

    ::Shayne almost let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. Now that the chief had given him some reassurance, his controlled demeanor began to return.::
    Shayne: =/\= Oh, um, thank you, Chief. (Ahem). I'm sorry about the mess down there. =/\=

    Konstava: =/\= Not a problem sir, thank you for speaking with me. If you ever want to just talk shop, my ear is always open and you’ll normally find me in the Twin star lounge, Chief Konstava out. =/\=

    ::Shayne leaned back into his chair, as a smile began to creep across his face. If he was correct, he'd just made the first impression he was hoping for::
    oO Well, that went well Oo
    Ensign Randal Shayne
    U.S.S. Gemini
  12. ((Sometime. Someplace.))
    ::The glowing from the lab was painfully bright and all encompassing. The static energy around them had subtly shifted, and instead of repelling them from the epicenter, it was now subtly pulling them in. There was no going back now. He had wanted to push Tarch away, free her from this hell of sacrifice, but the time for that was long past. He should have freed her years ago, if not before this whole horrible episode began. It was too late for that now. All he could do was stand by her. Stand by her and hope that somehow time would make things right.::

    TARCH: It's coming. Right now. Atlantis has detonated their device.

    DELAVIGNE: I can’t see it. How can you see it? You need to guide me!

    TARCH: We have to be everywhere, Frank. In every time. We have to take the anti-polaric energy back with us, to all the moments that came before, back to the very one where you set this disaster loose. We are the conduits.

    ::She took his hand, something solid in this great wash of light and chaos and he held on back, like a drowning man hold into a life buoy.::

    DELAVIGNE: ::Whispering:: Be strong. You can do this. For her. ::Though it was not clear whether he was talking to himself of Tarch. Maybe it didn’t matter. Both of them had someone they cared about, something they hoped they could see again, if only in spirit.::

    ::Pain ripped through him and the polaric energy tore through his body, suffusing every cell. Both of them were lifted off the ground, their very physical reality breaking apart as time split into a kaleidoscope of possibilities.
    Frank saw the lab scene replay, saw his every decision on the Pike, how he had inadvertently engineered destruction into that ship by his own self-centered actions. He saw his descent into madness, his longing for a child, he saw Tarch and Saltas, Arravan and Good, all of them trapped in the rifts of time.::

    TARCH: We need more power! We have to be strong, Frank!

    DELAVIGNE: Strong… ::his word trailed off and he squinted, looking farther and farther away.::

    ::He could see the USS Yorkshire, the ship that brought him to the Pike. He could see himself on the USS Hanlon, serving against the Romulans. And if he really looked he could see the New Dakota colony. He could see his little house, the vibrant blue lawn trimmed so neatly with its garish pink flowers along the walkway. He could see Angela waving at him, holding Elizabeth in her arms. His heart swelled. He knew where to find his strength.
    Power welled around them as he focused on the sight. Whether it was memory of a point in time that he couldn’t remember, but he could somehow see within the stream, it didn’t matter. Angela and Elizabeth were all that ever mattered to him, and they were what fueled him in these final moments.::

    TARCH: Thank you, Frank! Thank you!

    DELAVIGNE: Thank you, Barbara! ::he called back, the words nearly lost in the din:: Thank you for reminding me who I was!
    ::Her hand slipped out of his and she disappeared, sucked by the eddies of time, away from him. Frank closed his eyes and fixated on that one memory, that one sight. Angela. Elizabeth.
    He had to see them one last time.::
    ((New Dakota Colony, 112 years prior))
    ::Elizabeth Delavigne stood on her tippy toes, trying to place her father’s favorite Christmas ornament high enough up on the fuzzy fronds of the palm shrub that he could easily see it::
    ELIZABETH: Mommy! Mommy! I need a boost!
    ANGELA: ::Her mother chuckled and walked over:: You know you can hang them on the bottom, I did the top ornaments.
    ELIZABETH: ::With the steadfast conviction that only a small child could have over a trivial matter, she looked up at her mother, big eyes welling with tears:: Daddy said this one was his favorite! He needs to see it!
    ANGELA: Well ok, then! ::She laughed and picked the little girl up, lifting her up to chest high and patiently waiting as she wiggled her chubby fingers around a frond, slipping the hanging wire into place.::
    ELIZABETH: There! This will be the first one Daddy sees!
    ::Setting the girl down, both mother and daughter took a step back to admire their ingenuity. On a planet where evergreens simply didn’t exist, Angela Delavigne had to improvise a Christmas tree. She had promised Frank a tree, with presents under it and home baked cookies. They talked about it over subspace, late at nights when Elizabeth had gone to bed. He was due back in a week, and there was a palpable air of excitement in the small home.::
    ELIZABETH: Daddy will see it soon, right?!
    ANGELA: Next week, sweetie. He’ll be coming home next week. ::She leaned down, petting her daughter’s hair::
    ELIZABETH: Can’t he get home sooner? Won’t the ships fly faster?
    ANGELA: ::She chuckled:: I’m sure if he can make it home sooner, he will.
    ::Angela sat down, drawing Elizabeth with her onto the couch as the tree sprang into a brilliant swirl of color from the tiny lights nestled within glittering golden garland. The little girl gasped, looking up in unbridled wonder::
    ELIZABETH: It’s beautiful!
    ::It was beautiful. It was a beautiful beacon that shone past time and space. It was the one thing Frank Delavigne was focused on as his hazy ghost-like form started to flicker into view. He felt tears stinging at the corners of his eyes, watching his little girl clapping with delight in the warm glow of the Christmas tree. It was everything he had ever dreamt of, everything he wanted to see. Frank took in a deep breath and reached out to her::

    FRANK: Elizabeth. I love you…
    ELIZABETH: ::She turned slowly, as if she caught a whisper on the wind:: Daddy?
    FRANK: I’m here, Elizabeth. Daddy’s here for you.
    ANGELA: Daddy’s not home yet, Elizabeth. He’ll be home soon. ::She leaned forward to draw her daughter back to the couch::
    FRANK: ::Looking towards his wife, he felt his breath catch in his throat.:: Angela… I’m here, Angela.
    ELIZABETH: I heard Daddy! I hear him!
    ANGELA: ::She looked around:: Not yet, honey. Soon, I promise!
    ELIZABETH: But I heard him!
    ::Angela Delavigne sighed, standing up to check the front door, just to make sure. Frank was usually so organized, but he was not above being a joker. Maybe he did get home early and was trying to surprise them? She grabbed a cardigan to fend of the chill in the winter air and started for the door to the hallway.
    But she never got there.
    A sickly green flash spread out over the colony, smashing the windows of the home, vaporizing the oxygen in the air and incinerating Angela and Elizabeth Delavigne in a second. There wasn’t even time to scream.
    Frank Delavigne gasped, unable to make a sound as he watched the most horrific moment in his entire life, play out in front of his eyes. As the flash intensified, he threw his arm up to shield his eyes, screwing them shut.
    And when he opened them, there she was.::
    FRANK: ::Jaw hanging open:: Angela?!
    ANGELA: ::She stopped, confused:: Frank? Frank, is that you?
    ELIZABETH: ::Overjoyed, she ran to him:: Daddy!
    ::Frank Delavigne dropped to one knee and scooped her up in his arms. She was light as a feather, just like a ghost.
    That’s all any of them were anymore. Ghosts.
    Still, her hug was full of all the warmth and love that he had been longing for over the past 112 years. He dipped his head down and nestled into his little girl’s hair::
    FRANK: Oh, Elizabeth, I missed you so much. I love you so much!
    ELIZABETH: I love you too, Daddy!
    ANGELA: ::Angela, meanwhile, had noticed the hazy world around her and figured out that something was terribly wrong.:: Frank… where are we, Frank?
    FRANK: ::Slowly he set Elizabeth down and looked to his wife:: We’re… ::he choked up:: We’re not there anymore, Baby. We’re gone.
    ANGELA: ::She gasped, tears welling in his eyes as she rushed over to him:: We’re… we’re dead? ::She whispered:: how can that be? Why are we all here?
    FRANK: I don’t know. I looked for you for so long… ::he murmured, his voice throaty with emotion:: I was lost for so long, and I finally found you. And now, now I can finally be at rest.
    ANGELA: ::She looked up at him, seeing the age in his face, the grey hair, the well worn lines, and she rushed to him, throwing herself into his arms:: Oh, Frank! Don’t go. We’re here now. No matter what, we’re together.
    FRANK: I know. ::he whispered:: It’s all I ever wanted.
    ANGELA: ::She felt tears forming in her eyes, but none came forth. She wasn’t even sure if she had a body anymore, but she could somehow feel that Frank and Elizabeth were still there.:: Where do we go now, Frank? Where do we go now?
    FRANK: Let’s go home, Baby. ::He leaned into her, smelling the scent of her lilac perfume one last time before he stooped down, gathered up his little girl and they all walked into the light.:: Let’s go home.
    ::And they faded away, together at last.::
    MSNPC Lt. Commander Franklin Delavigne
    Science Specialist
    USS Christopher Pike
    Simmed by: Wyn Foster
  13. ((Rathos Prime, idyllic site by the lake))

    ::Tosz and Vanessa sat there and just watched the sky showing thousands upon thousands of little, sparkling lights… each of those representing the vastness and sheer magnitude of the universe.::

    Driscoll: This star… over there…

    ::Her voice was now nothing more than a whisper almost drowned now by the light and gentle breeze that could be felt coming from the lake. Tosz followed the direction of her finger before her hand almost fell back. Vanessa’s strength had gone. It had vanished rapidly in these last few hours. Now she even seemed to have difficulties keeping her eyes open, but she was trying. Still fighting the deadly illness till the last minute.::

    Driscoll: D’you see it?... The small one next to those three… They almost form a …perfect square.

    Tosz: ::nodding as he now knew which star she was talking about:: Yes, I can see it.

    Driscoll: That’s my home…. where my brother lives.

    Tosz: ::looking at the small light:: Yes. This is just amazing. There are so many.

    Driscoll: Indeed… and that’s why I always wanted to… travel to them. See what is out there.

    ::They both kept looking in silence for a moment.::

    Driscoll: Do you… believe in a life… after death, Tosz?

    ::He kept his eyes on the stars, but felt the questioning look of Vanessa.::

    Tosz: Our people believe in a life after death, yes.

    Driscoll: What about you? Do … you believe in it?

    ::That was indeed a good quation. He had never been that religious, but this whole Armageddon that his pople and his world was facing had somehow changed something inside him. It would have been enough for many people to lose their faith, buit for Tosz it somehow caused the opposite to happen.::

    Tosz: Yes, I do… This is such a vast and… wondrous universe. And I tend to believe that there must be something awaiting us.

    ::Tosz looked at Vanessa giving her a reassuring look. He didn’t just say it to comfort a person who was dying. Tosz really believed in what he was saying.::

    Driscoll: I… hope that… you

    ::Another heave cough attack followed. When it was over there was again blood so Tosz wiped it off and gave her another dose of the painkiller. It still worked and he could see that Vanessa felt slightly better again. The pain she had to go through was unimaginable, but she was still brave. She was looking at Tosz and her eyes clearly reflected the thankfulness she felt for the man she hadn’t even known a few hours ago. Now he stayed with her as he had promised. He kept his promise and Vanessa didn’t have to be here alone, dying alone on a planet without her friends near.::

    Driscoll: Thank … you…

    Tosz: Don’t mention it. ::pause:: You know, you somehow remind me of my wife. She… she died a few weeks ago, but I didn’t have the chance to be with her when… when it happened.

    ::Tosz looked at the calm and serene lake lying before him::

    Tosz: I was trying to get help, find a doctor who would come to us and help her, but no one would come. Some didn’t even care or open their doors for me. They were afraid of getting infected as well. Can you imagine this? Doctors!

    ::One could still hear the anger and deep sadness that had almost broken this man.::

    Tosz: When I came home, she was already dead and because they had been afraid of getting infected as well, they had burned their body… I wasn’t even able to say goodbye to her ::beat:: Then my daughter became ill. And she was shot by the police force when I tried to reach that hpsital. Again I was not able to say good bye.

    ::Tosz looked at Vanessa who was still looking directly at him. ::

    Tosz: When I saw you in the lab, I knew you were infected. And all that because you were here to help us. Our own doctors didn’t come, our own police shot us dead, but you – an outworlder – came here to our planet to try to help us. And then you had to pay the price.

    ::Tosz took a deep breath as he felt his anger coming up again – an anger which he didn’t want to feel now that he was here to stay with a young woman who was about to die.::

    Tosz: It is the least I can do for you. The least I can do to honour you and what you tried to do to help us.

    ::Vanessa smiled at him, but she was not saying anything. She tried to keep her eyes open, but eventually failed. Tosz saw that she tried to reach him with her hand, but she was too weak, so he took her hand and held it. He looked at her and watched her chest as it slowly went up and down again… One more breath… and one more… He still watched her as she did her last breath. It was almost like falling asleep. But he still kept sitting there, holding her hand looking up towards the stars and to the one sparkling light she had shown to him earlier.

    ::As the sun slowly started to light up the scene, Tosz was standing there in silence. He was speaking an old traditional prayer to the Gods he had almost forgotten. Tosz had never been a religious man, but now it felt right to say at least one of those old prayers that his grandmother had taught him.

    In front of him there was a pile of rocks he had gathered the whole night to cover the grave of Vanessa Driscoll. She wasn’t able to go home again – not even her remains. And Tosz was not able to leave her body lying here due to the wild animals. So he had buried her. This would be the place where she would rest and as long as he was here and alive, he would be coming here and visit her every now and then. As he had finished saying his prayers, he put a little flower on the pile of stones.

    Then he grabbed the only thing that was still here – Vanessa’s communicator. He had used it to contact the authorities of Rathos Prime. They had been surprised to be hailed via a Strafleet signal and then being greeted by a Rathosian. Tosz had asked them to send a message to the Gemini and they had agreed. The message was simple and plain: --Your crewmate Vanessa Driscoll died this night – peacefully and quiet she just fell asleep. Tosz –

    ::Then Tosz put the communicator on the top stone and turned round to leave. He had kept his promise.::



    Lieutenant JG Vanessa Driscoll

    Science officer

    USS Gemini

  14. ((First Minister's Office - The Citadel))

    Zim: What.

    :: A moment ago, Arvin had watched one of his oldest friends destroy a the glass he had been holding, seemingly by sheer force of will. It was something he had only seen once in his life before, and it had scared the hell out of him just as much. Zim's tone didn't help the matter any either. It wasn't a question. It was a simple statement of disbelief, an declaration that he refused to believe what he was being told without something else to back it up with. It wasn't entirely surprising. Arvin had nearly refused to believe it himself. If he hadn't seen the numbers of dead, he would have denied it to his own grave.::

    Zagan: Someone at the Board of Science authorize this pathogen as a weapon. Laybrim was a part of that project.

    Zim: No. No I heard you brother. I...

    :: His voice trailed off as he became lost in the implications of what he had just been told. It was something that he had struggled with himself. To think that there was somone who was willing to defy not only the law, but basic decency, and create a weapon of such indiscriminate lethality, and then release it intentionally on an ostensibly civilian population was beyond his ability to process. They would claim it had only minitary targets, but there was no way that Arvin could conceive of that would allow them that kind of control. Perhaps that was why they had abandoned it. Maybe there was somone with enough moral fiber left to point that out and put a stop to the project. Perhaps that had even been Jorgen himself. But he didn't have the time to ask about it.::

    Zim: I just can't believe it. This? All of this, because of him?

    Zagan: Among others. He's just the only one we can link to it with any certainty.

    Zim: I'll kill him Arvin.

    :: Arvin didn't have the slightest doubt that Tyrek was serious. they had both been soldiers, they had taken lives on the battlefield. But that didn't make them monsters. Taking a life was not something that was done lightly, on a whim. And it was never done when not absolutely necessary. And most importantly, one did everything possible to prevent the deaths of civilians and non-combatants. They were the rules that made the difference between soldiers and murderers. And a biological weapon with no cure and a 100% mortality rate flew in the face of every one of those rules. And Arvin new just about as well as anyone that there was one thing the Tyrek Zim would not abide; those who broke the rules. As far as he was concerned, Jorgen had just admitted to being a war criminal. And the law afforded him only one fate.::

    Zagan: The law affords only one punishment for what he's done. But we need him alive...

    Zim: I'm going to- oh... you're right.

    :: Arvin reached for the decanter on the table, pouring himself another glass of drisa as he watched his friend clean himself up, pulling what he assumed were a few shards of what had been the glass from his hand with barely a wince. He took a long pull from the glass, suppressing a slight cough as it hit his throat.::

    Zagan: I don't like it, Tyrek, but we need his knowledge to have any hope of solving this. Any knowledge he has dies with him.

    Zim: You're right, of course. You always are, old friend. But when this is over...

    Zagan: We'll do what we've always done, my friend. We'll let the people decide his fate.

    :: He knew already what they would likely decide. And he had a suspicion that Jorgen knew what was coming as well. The law was very clear on what would happen to him. But it was important to Arvin that he let the justice system do it's work. No matter how heinous the crime, Jorgen was entitled to the process. It was how they would prove how far they had come since the Great War. No matter what either of them felt, he was entitled to the process.::

    Zim: Deal.

    Zagan: Starfleet has sent down a team of researchers. They've set up a temporary lab in Talisa Park.

    Zim: Yes I just received a progress report from their surface team. I have my men patrolling the park and keeping the riots clear. But we're spread rather thinly.

    Zagan: I understand they have their own security as well, hopefully that should be enough to keep them safe.

    :: There was a troubling truth to the situation around the lab that Starfleet had set up. The park was a difficult place to guard properly, especially under the circumstances. It was a huge space, and easy to get lost in. If the rioters managed to find the lab, they would tear the place apart. But most frighteningly of all was the fact that it wasn't a matter of if they would get there, but when. If the people knew the lab was there, they would do the same thing that they had done to every other unprotected facility conducting research. the best hope for the moment was to try to make sure they didn't find out about it.::

    Zagan: I would have liked for them to be working a little closer.

    Zim: We can't risk the Citadel being breached though, Arvin. You and the few thousand people left inside might be the only uninfected Rathosians left in existence.

    Zagan: I know. And that thought frightens me more than any other that we've faced so far.

    Zim: I'll keep the park teams on high alert, but I'm not pulling soldiers from elsewhere yet. Give me five city blocks from the south end of the park. Is that fair? The riots reach, :: He looked down at a detailed road map of the city. :: Brindala Avenue and I'll relocate more men to the Federation quarantine from the Citadel.

    :: It made him a little uncomfortable that they were going to potentially allow a large group of angry and frightened people to get that close to the best chance they had at developing a cure for the pathogen, but Tyrek was right. If the Federation couldn't find a cure for the pathogen, there was still the chance that the people still in the Citadel might be able to ride it out. It would be thir entire civilization in the hands of only a few, but it was better than no civilization at all. This of course, all assumed that they could keep the Citadel quarantined.::

    Zagan: That sounds about as reasonable as we're going to get. The federation researchers have reqeusted access to a few of our samples as well as a few... cadavers.

    :: It felt so impersonal to refer them to cadavers. They were the bodies of his people. The people he had been elected to lead, the people that he had failed. He would have time to mourn them later. As impersonal and undignified as it may have been to them, they were the best hope of a cure.::

    Zim: What? :: This time it was a question. :: They haven't received them yet? Of course! :: He furiously tapped at his control window and called up the necessary orders. :: Fates Wheel I can't believe they haven't been sent yet. I'm giving my formal permission now. Send them whatever they want from the labs and morgue. Give them everything!

    Zagan: What have we got for them?

    Zim: I'll authorize a transport for half a dozen cadavers and as many samples as we've got. Do we still have a primal sample?

    :: Arvin had authorized the board of science to put a lot of effort into finding one of the original samples. Something that had survived without mutation, or at least minimally so. But it had taken dangerously long for them to figure out what was happening. by then, most of the bodies had been disposed of in a number of ways, and even those not dealt with by families had been burned in the early mass disposals.::

    Zagan: I'm afraid not. The originals were set loose, and the bodies all disposed of.

    Zim: [...]. My people tell me that would have helped.

    Zagan: So have the researchers.

    :: He lifted the glass again, draining the last of it's contents. He felt a slight burning as it hit the back of his throat. It was a sign that he was hitting the wall that came when he was exhausted; a state that he seemed to be perpetually in of late. He debated the merits of another in the hopes that it might help him get to sleep. But he knew it was only likely to make things worse.::

    Zim: Do you think they can fix this, Arvin?

    Zagan: I honestly don't know, Tyrek. But it's the only hope we have.

    First Minister Arvin Zagan
    First Minister of Rathos
    Rathos Prime

    as simmed by Cpt Liam Frost


    Lord Commander Tyrek Zim

    Rathosian Admiral
    RSS Longbow
    as simmed by Oliver Weston

  15. ((Commonwealth Holodeck))

    Blair: =/\= Blair to Warwick and Braddock, will you gentlemen please join us in the Captain’s Dining room?=/\=

    Warwick: =/\= Acknowledged. I'll be with you shortly =/\=

    ::He arrived at the room at the same time as Braddock and gestured for the man to enter first..::

    Braddock: You wanted to see us captain?


    West: And so have I. There strong. I can taste, and smell and feel things.

    Braddock: Yeah I have two conflicting thoughts. One says Leah and Michael died on the Tiger and somewhere in the back of my mind I know their still alive.


    Warwick: I'm got two thoughts too, SIr. On the one had I remeber everything you do - the Tiger being destroyed I mean but, it almost sounds too stupid to vocalise.


    West: I can remember the Tiger being destroyed as well, but its a different type of memory.

    Braddock: RESPONSES

    Warwick: I don't remember even stepping foot on her. It's all just hazy, glimpses of hulls and pictures. I couldn't even tell you who this Leah and Michael were...or are as it may be.


    West: It is just odd feelings.

    Braddock: RESPONSES

    Warwick: So, why the difference?

    Blair/Braddock: RESPONSES

    Warwick: That's not really my area of medical expertise.

    Blair/Braddock: RESPONSES

    ::Ian got an Idea, not wanting to share it with the others. He got up and walked out the Captains Dinning room and made his way to main engineering. Walking into the room. He looked around and saw the crew hard at work.::

    West: Clear the room, I need a moment to my self please.

    ::Ian watched as the Engineering detail walked out the room. Once they were gone, He sealed off Main Engineering and locked out the main controls. Walking over to the Security Locker he Opened it and pulled out the newest in Star Fleet Phaser Rifles.

    Knowing that as soon as he pulled it Lt. Commander Braddock would be notified. Pulling back the charge plate and holding it for three seconds and letting it go to [...] the weapon for firing. Pressing a few keys and powered it up to full.

    Walking over to the warp core and taking aim, Ian lined up the main chamber and Fired. Holding the beam on the warp core for four seconds and the chamber blew!!! The Ship was engulfed in the explosion.

    Ian looked up from his paper. He was sitting in his office on the 5th floor of City hall. Taking a moment to look around. Ian stood up and walked over the windows and opened the them wide. Stepping up on the ledge He crossed him self with his right hand and jumped.

    ((Deep Space 17))

    ::The Alt West, Held his chest with one hand and his head with the other. He feel against the wall. Picking him self up he moved quickly to the Bridge of the Tiger A.

    He found his self there before anyone got there. He pulled open the computer wall bulk head and started removing hardware.

    ((Commonwealth Holodeck))

    Pick up and Drill, Ian pressed the screw into the spin on the female laying on his table and stated placing the pins in place to finish up his last TLIFT of the day. Pulling over the Xray he had the tech shoot a few images and as he looked, Memory's started flowing in.

    Picking up and 10 blade Ian held it to his neck and pulled it across quickly. He gasped and feel back to floor of the OR, looking up at the bright White Light, he new it was not heaven it was the OR light. it grew dark and became faint.

    Look back up from his station he armed the phasers and fired on the ship behind the Avenger. The Phaser just bounced off its hull. She came around with full powered up weapons. He heard Captain Braddock yelling in the background. As the Romulans began to fire. Ian dropped the shields and the Bridge was blown to bits.

    ((USS Tiger Bridge))

    :: The Alt West feel to the floor holding his chest, his mind was spinning. Get his balance he stood up and and pulled his phaser out as he did the turbo lift doors opened and he watched as Riley and Clack and a few other officers walked on to the Bridge. He held up the phaser at them. He was having a hard time breathing and covered in sweat.::

    Alt-West: Don't move. Stay right there.


    ((Commonwealth HoloDeck))

    Looking into his scoop at the German army.::

    West: Looks like Death Sweepers.

    :: Ian stood up and yelled and waved his arms. It was not long and he hit the floor. The holodeck started flickering and the room started shifting from life to life so quickly that you could barley make anything out.

    The real West in the Holodeck Control Lab woke up laying on the table. He could not breath. He pulled his self up from the bed and the probe that was placed in back of his scull pulled lose. As this happened Ian feel to the floor convulsing and going into cardiac failure. He saw Blair, Braddock and Warwick start to wake up. He had done it. But was he going to die?::

    ((Bridge USS Tiger A))

    ::The Link to the real west was lost. The Alt West feel to his knees panting. He kept the phaser pointing at the Tigers Crew. As the connection was fully lost. The Alt West shifted and turned a light blue and a white glowing hair with cat like eyes. He stood up standing a almost 7 foot tall.::

    Alt West: The Commonwealth will not give up captain.


    Alt West: You have been warned. We are here!!! Among you!

    ::He raised the phaser and fired it at the wall of computer hard ware and turned his head and actived his death trigger.

    A second later the Alt-Weat turned to Pink and Blue Mist as he exploded on the bridge. Chunks of the Commonwealth Officer landed all over the bridge and walls.::


    Wishing you Fair Winds and following Seas...

    Lt. Commander Ian Lane West, D.A.S.
    Mission Specialist & Strategic Operations
    Star Fleet 118th Fleet, Ithassa Region
    USS Tiger NCC-52199-A

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