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  1. Joe Clark has travelled around quite a bit before joining starfleet. After leaving earth at the age of 18 he's been to many planets all over the quadrent. There are still many planets he has yet to visit, however, which is why he went to the acadamy. After being told that he was going to be assigned to starbase 118 he was ecstatic. There should be quite a bit of action there, he thought. Although he has never been to a starbase he was looking forward to the change of scenery. He's not used to staying in one place very long and it seems, to him, that he's been at that acadamy forever. Now 30 years old he will be one of the oldest ensigns in starfleet, but he is (by far) the most energetic. Joe Clark's plan is to meet new races of people and encounter new life forms, he would also like to explore more of the planets that he hasn't been to before. He will adhere to starfleet policies and rules, and he will stick with his fellow teammates till the end for his loyalty is strong. His loyalty has gotten him into trouble before, though, once on Risa he refused to step out of the way of a phaser that was trained on who was his best friend at the time. The perp chose to shoot them both, but before he could Risa authorities showed up and arrested him. Joe Clark and that friend have since gone seperate ways but that memory still lingers in Joe's head. What if he had pulled the triger? He keeps thinking. What if.........? Joe Clark is a loyal friend to have by your side always and he is also real kind and gentle once you get to know him.
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