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  1. Had an idea last night... see if I can whip something up
  2. ((In a warm, tranquil place)) ::Vojana opened her eyes. Sky was clean blue, with only few puffy white clouds…:: ::She was laying in a green short grass, as puffy and gentle as clouds in a sky. Smell was strong but savory sweet. Gentle breeze brought warmth. Vojana got up into a sitting position…:: oO Home, what am I doing at home? How I got here? This is wrong, but why I feel so good here if it’s wrong? Oo ::Vojana got up and decided to go to the house. Everything was strange, there was always lot of people in the fields and around the house, and now there was no one there… or no, there was on
  3. Technically a series of sims, a case where the whole situation is far greater than any one part of it. Was great fun to sim my side of this exchange (only Greekle's descriptions appear here), I can testify that much! Greekle made a fantastic start; these were his first sims on Tiger, and his humour and character come through well. Certainly a writer to keep an eye on Brilliant
  4. If in doubt about canon facts and figures, I'd recommend Memory Alpha: http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Portal:Main The current UFOP year is 2386. The Dominion War ended in the finale of DS9, at the end of season 7; the entire season being set in 2375. Voyager ended in 2377, but we don't tend to use the tech it acquired in Endgame. As for the events since then; the relevent bits depend on which ship you end up on really. About a third of the fleet is in the Ithassa Region, which is a relatively unexplored area near the Gorn, Tholians and Tzenkethi. Starbase 118 Ops & Eagle I think are near
  5. I know, I just don't see why people would want to nominate themselves really, and know quite a few people (the majority?) wouldn't feel comfortable doing so anyway... Though I tend to not even read the name of the nominator now.
  6. I think Ursa tried that early on... it got a bit messy if memory serves. I still feel that nomination should be to praise those around you for their good writing, which self nomination flies completely against...
  7. Personally, I'd like to see self-nomination banned, but still...
  8. *grumble grumble* Award nominations, SOFTA pieces, OOC stuff, RL problems (hence LOA)... Nothing from me this time. And no, not even trying to put an entry together.
  9. It was good, to a degree... if it had ended half way then maybe, but it got too long, took the joke too far and killed it in my eyes.
  10. How easy would it have been to write only the final paragraph? How many times have you seen people write just that in order to fulfil the purpose of getting a character to a briefing? An enjoyable sim, injected with a bit of humour, that shows a somewhat unusual turn of events at the start of a day. A good dose of background where in so many cases, we get little, if any. A sim that not only sets up the character for the briefing well, with an idea of how their morning has gone so far already, but with the addition of a new character also sets up for potential future exchanges to occur after th
  11. (( Intelligence Liaison Offices, Starbase 118 )) ::A bleary-eyed Quinn wandered into her office later than she had intended, yawning and rubbing her face. Her first port of call was the replicator to the left of her desk, and a ridiculously strong coffee along with it, before settling in to do some work.:: TSAO: Good morning, sir. ::Having utterly failed to notice the other person in the room, Quinn stopped dead in her tracks and performed a classic double-take.:: REYNOLDS: Who the hell are you? ::The sharp comment was followed up with a wince at her own bluntness and a thought that perhaps sh
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you just listed off writers & poets Ethan (I had to translate Homer & Virgil from Latin to English as part of my GCSEs!), while Llewelyn listed philosophers... Why are we talking Classics?
  13. Have added this to the Members Area community news... Interesting topic, I must say. What era would the civil war be in; what starts it, who's on what side... Dare I ask; which Federation?
  14. Ahem... GMT-7 cos you're still observing Daylight Savings, surely?
  15. The clocks on this side of the pond went back last night; does that mean we get an extra hour before the deadline?
  16. Hey, I've not heard the song in a while, not owning a copy of it
  17. I'd rather not need to pay a dollar to see all the trees in a tree museum...
  18. Deadline's Sunday, right? Not tonight, but if anyone sees me online from tomorrow afternoon (UK time), do feel free to prod me to make sure I'm at least thinking about it. I've got a seminar tomorrow lunchtime so some time after that. Today's just hectic.
  19. Awfully defeatist, eh, Salak? Not exactly filled with optimism in recent times... Long story. Needless to say, even if I can motivate myself to get an entry in, I personally would have very little if any confidence in its ability to stand up to scrutiny... ...it's this lack of selfmotivation that's meant my last... must be at least 5 entries by now, have gone unfinished.
  20. There are one or two from other Spanish-speaking nations too... I think both Cmdr Moranta and Lt Cmdr Dickens are in Spain, although Dickens is on leave at the moment. Lt Cmdr Vannini is in one of the Central American countries, and also has Spanish as a first language. Oh, and I think Lt Cmdr Maria speaks Spanish too, though English is her first language...
  21. *sigh* Entry from a triple winner... I won't stand a chance.
  22. Depends what sort of references... If it's saying that "this happened on Romulus a few years ago" then I'd have thought it should be fine. If it's "I was on Cpt Rikers security detail that fought Remans on the Enterprise"... then it's questionable.
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