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  1. If in doubt about canon facts and figures, I'd recommend Memory Alpha: http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Portal:Main The current UFOP year is 2386. The Dominion War ended in the finale of DS9, at the end of season 7; the entire season being set in 2375. Voyager ended in 2377, but we don't tend to use the tech it acquired in Endgame. As for the events since then; the relevent bits depend on which ship you end up on really. About a third of the fleet is in the Ithassa Region, which is a relatively unexplored area near the Gorn, Tholians and Tzenkethi. Starbase 118 Ops & Eagle I think are near the Romulan/Klingon borders. The others move about a bit I think. Hope that helps
  2. ROFL! Not heard of that before A recent class did manage to get its FO killed though.
  3. There are one or two from other Spanish-speaking nations too... I think both Cmdr Moranta and Lt Cmdr Dickens are in Spain, although Dickens is on leave at the moment. Lt Cmdr Vannini is in one of the Central American countries, and also has Spanish as a first language. Oh, and I think Lt Cmdr Maria speaks Spanish too, though English is her first language...
  4. April Fools jokes have to be before midday.... or else you're the fool. Dunno where you are but you'd have to be in timezone GMT -13 for you not to be the fool at that time...
  5. I was doubtful about my applicion and I wrote in first person for the first 3 months but I got through first time... In fact, the last month or two has probably been the hardest for me... There have been times I've thought about giving it up, but I have so far talked myself out of it.
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