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  1. Welcome one and all. To all of you newer than me (not many) I assure you yjay this is a friendly space. Crative too.
  2. From the FAQ Page... Q. Where can I find out more about the ships in your fleet? A. An "active fleet" page is maintained. From there you can find stats on each ship, and links to their websites, crewlists, and sim archives. Active fleet page will take you to a comprehensive list of all the vessels in the SB118 family. Hisotries of crew, missions, etc are all easily found.
  3. I joined to learn to write with greater economy, because I love Start trek and because I believe that to be part of a living ongoing adventure...its kind the best RPG there is. Without getting naked of course.
  4. Hello and Welcome to all! My name is Rob Severson. I am a 43 year old fella (divorced father of two) from Madison Wisconsin (a north central province in the USA). I am and always shall be a public servant, be it for the State of Wisconsin, or as a volunteer in my community. There is no higher a calling that serving the public...to create systems and scenarios where folks less fortunate than I am can thrive or at least exist without basic want. I like rock and roll music (Petty, Springsteen, Steve Earle, The Civil Wars, Van Morrison, the Avet Brothers, FRANK TURNER), the NFL (go Pack!), I write
  5. I "applied" today, got accepted, created all the passwords and such, was advsied to startthinking about constructing the character (I have started), and I have moved him onto the Startbase 118....all in ONE DAY!! I have been amazed at the spped at which the admins move you into the queue, but would like to find out where and how to interact with absolute new SB118 folks and how to chat. That is developing a background with others is a lot of fun. Where does a handsomne Betazed boy go for such derring-do?
  6. I am no longer a mere guest. Apperently, my files have made it through security and Jalen Vesole is offcically accepted on Starbase 118. First things first: 1) Find that one place where not EVERYONE goes to relax. That place where the music is like the people.. Smoky and ecclectic. A place where Cadet Vesole wont be regret sharing (read confirming or denying) the nickname he earned 20 solar days hence on a cliche pre-assignment gift from his elder Brother Lexxor... that's right... a trip to Riza! THE place for artists, debators, and people of good humor. WHERE SHOULD a young cadet from Betaze
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