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    Literature, both high-brow and tasty popkins for the masses. Yes I speak of the likes of Fitzgerald as well as King; of Camus as well as Donaldson... you get it. TV: Fringe, Twin Peaks, Star Trek (all), NFL Football. JJ Abrams. Exercise. Travel. Intellectual and Spiritual stimulation.
  1. Welcome one and all. To all of you newer than me (not many) I assure you yjay this is a friendly space. Crative too.
  2. From the FAQ Page... Q. Where can I find out more about the ships in your fleet? A. An "active fleet" page is maintained. From there you can find stats on each ship, and links to their websites, crewlists, and sim archives. Active fleet page will take you to a comprehensive list of all the vessels in the SB118 family. Hisotries of crew, missions, etc are all easily found.
  3. I have noticed in looking at the rosters for all the active fleet associated with SB118, that if there are a new crop of Ensigns say even once a month or so (or MORE)... there just don't seem to be enough openings for new SIM characters on ships, in Embassies or Star bases. Do NPCs get replaced or established PNPC's with the new SIM Ensigns? Also, how ARE we freshly harvested cadets-now-ensigns assigned? Do the Commanding officers see our SIMS and character bios and fight over us (picturing the classic playground selection process *rolls eyes*). We are supposed to say what or majors/minors were and interests, but there are no STATs..no hard quantifiable rankings of skills. How do you decide between two Engineers, both human, aged early 20's? See what I mean? Is it all about the SIM?
  4. I joined to learn to write with greater economy, because I love Start trek and because I believe that to be part of a living ongoing adventure...its kind the best RPG there is. Without getting naked of course.
  5. (OOC): A communique in each Cadet's Inbox Fellow Cadets, After what has been undoubtedly an exciting learning experience as well as an event more stressful than shopping for wigs with The Borg Queen, we the Cadets of Class 2 this cycle are going to need some serious down time. I know we all have early commitments, so I speak not of quantity in terms of a gathering, but of quality. Today we have naturally discovered strenghs and weaknesses about ourselves and have likely made (for good, ill or indifferent) observations about one another. My experience with Star Fleet is limited. I have a cousin stationed on Earth, but am no "Fleet Rat". BUT I do know what helps to make a good team; which, despite some natural and to-be-expected competitive streaks amongnst us...is what we ARE. The better our teamwork, the better WE perform and the more likely we are to procure assignments we desire. Nothing but nothing promotes getting to know one another and comaradarie after having our minds and bodies beaten while having a drink together and watching others beat each other. Believe me on this. Exactly 2 hours after our mission and other coursework is done, please meet me and your fellow cadets at the Bat'leth. It is a "quaint" little club just beneath the Promenade (deck 1068) in a area called, "The Dungeon". The first round is on me. Literally if I pay, figuratively if I get too close to the battling and battered bodies! Set tricorders for sensing lame Betazoid humor. I know what you are thinking, isnt this place dangerous? Wont I sully my reputation by going to the Dungeon? My answer to both is this: The most dangerous thing we as Cadets face is being timid. We will NEVER get another chance to experience the "newness" of any experiences we can have AS Cadets. Most of us will soon be Ensigns, closing the Ca det chapter of our lives with the certainty of a commandment issued by the Prophets of Bajor (who I greatly respect). Plus, as I said, I want to meet and know you all, and wish that you meet and know me. Chances are we will cross paths throughout our careers....why lose the opportunity?! Finally to engender confidence let me tell you some things right off the deflector dish. One, I am a Betazoid, and am a reader with some prowess. Two, I will TRY my very best never to read you without permission. Especially during training. It appalls me greatly. Three, I believe in 100% honesty in matters both personal and professional. Unless given a direct order to the contrary, I will NEVER lie to you. Your belief in me and mine in you will be the single most factor that predicts our success over the next two weeks and as actors in Star Fleet. Who is joining me? Cadet Jalen Vesole.
  6. I am a Cadet jalen Vesole, conducting my very first training SIM here or anywhere else. The method described above is pretty much how I am operating. Remember too that your character will not see or experience all the actions going on. At first I felt I had to have a spoon in every bowl but quickly realized that Jalens sphere of influence..unless he turned on his betazoid reading skills ...was limited to what the SIM was dictating. Not jalen forcing his way into a larger sphere. It's been hard waiting for replies cuz I want to move the SIM forward, but Vesole has done what he can until questions or interactions are otherwise resolved. Point is... Let the SIM come to you.
  7. Hello and Welcome to all! My name is Rob Severson. I am a 43 year old fella (divorced father of two) from Madison Wisconsin (a north central province in the USA). I am and always shall be a public servant, be it for the State of Wisconsin, or as a volunteer in my community. There is no higher a calling that serving the public...to create systems and scenarios where folks less fortunate than I am can thrive or at least exist without basic want. I like rock and roll music (Petty, Springsteen, Steve Earle, The Civil Wars, Van Morrison, the Avet Brothers, FRANK TURNER), the NFL (go Pack!), I write, draw (pen and ink as I am red-green color blind...and should you wish to have a pen and ink rendering done of your character, I am very reasonably priced...ahem!), love indian food, italian, and will not set foot in a fast food "restaurant" to save my life (or yours). I play the lottery when the amount gets over 100M or more. But ONLY then. I would like to be married again one day to a woman who agrees with me on most of this stuff. Oh...must love dogs. Finally, I am a firm believer in admitting to and accepting what you ARE. There are plenty of pictures of my on FB if you are interested. I'm no Brad Pitt, but I am ME, and I ain't too shabby-dabby. None of us are. We are all beautiful things. Well, except Rick Santorum and maybe Snookie. (heh!..a wee joke!). Seriously...dont be afraid to be who you are on the net people. Confidence is attractive. End of editorial. I believe in ideas, art, love, that coincidences are situations where you need a dollar for bus fare NOW and lo and behold there is a buck in that jacket that you put on for the first time in months...anything more compelling than that is suggestive of a complex and elegant universe that speaks to us as we do to it. I believe in equality. For these among other reasons..I love Star Trek and always will. I abhor closed minded bigotry, but will always respect well articulated and considered points of view, so long as such views are not fabricated to advance a dogma of hate or of greed. No matter how well phrased or seemingly benign, hate and selfishness will reveal itself...often with the help of teamwork and laughter. As to why I chose UFOP: SB118, I would submit that it has chosen me. I had tried the Star Trek OS/TNG role playing games offered in the late 80's and early 90's and found them to be too constricting...too fettered by the temptation to copy the gaming systems of the day. This is not to judge the creators of either game sets. It's just that star trek...no matter its iteration/series was and still is DIFFERENT, and should always be more about adhering to ideals, discovery and telling important stories about the human condition, rather than simply rolling dice and blowing [...] up, though that has a place too! To sum, I have long sought a place on the net where creative, like-minded/spirited peoples could create a living universe of interactive story and life; whose only seeming goal was to CREATE rather than profit. Am I ready to train? Am I ready to help expand a universe that we all love? YES! Regards, Rob Severson or if oyu prefer: Cadet Jalen Vesole
  8. I "applied" today, got accepted, created all the passwords and such, was advsied to startthinking about constructing the character (I have started), and I have moved him onto the Startbase 118....all in ONE DAY!! I have been amazed at the spped at which the admins move you into the queue, but would like to find out where and how to interact with absolute new SB118 folks and how to chat. That is developing a background with others is a lot of fun. Where does a handsomne Betazed boy go for such derring-do?
  9. I am no longer a mere guest. Apperently, my files have made it through security and Jalen Vesole is offcically accepted on Starbase 118. First things first: 1) Find that one place where not EVERYONE goes to relax. That place where the music is like the people.. Smoky and ecclectic. A place where Cadet Vesole wont be regret sharing (read confirming or denying) the nickname he earned 20 solar days hence on a cliche pre-assignment gift from his elder Brother Lexxor... that's right... a trip to Riza! THE place for artists, debators, and people of good humor. WHERE SHOULD a young cadet from Betazed go? 2) Enjoy some music. Hopefully find some new cadets like himself. 3) Find his quarters. 4) Mediatate 5) Create personal Log for the days activities 6) Sleep Hopefully!!!!
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