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  1. To my fellow fathers her at Starbase 118, have a great day tomorrow.

  2. "Joseph what did you get yourself into?" He whispered to himself as he looked at the interstellar city get bigger and bigger in the port window. The transport craft was making it's approach towards the station and as it did the academy was moving further away as the real world was coming closer. He stared out the port window until the ship was well inside the station and docked. "All heading ashore to Starbase 118 report to the docking bay" The voice said as the thud of the locking clamps was felt through the ship. 'Hope to see you again boys.' He thought to himself as he moved through the corridors to the docking bay. He was thinking about friends he left behind on Earth, home. He had left the games, the parties, the fun. Even during his days at the Academy he still managed to sneak away back to Canada. Then he thought about his uncle, the Starfleet Admiral, he wanted to be like him. That's all he wanted ever since he put on his uncle's tunic and looked at himself in the mirror. He wasn't the most academic student the Academy had seen, nor the most athletic. Being a heavy set individual, not exactly over weight but not exactly muscular, he was definitely built for strength not speed. "Ensign Dubeau." The boarding officer said. "Sir." He said replied as he came to attention. "This isn't the academy Ensign, just show me your orders." He handed the officer the pad and held his breath. 'This is it.' He thought to himself. 'This is where my childhood ends and my adult hood begins.' He continued as he rubbed his balding head. "Go ahead Ensign." He took back the pad and walked through the porthole into the long shaft to the station. He began to think about his mentor at the academy. One of the hand to hand instructors, he was an ex security officer who began teaching. Because Joseph wanted to get into security or tactical he gravitated to this person. The instructor was a martial arts expert who instructed Joseph on his off hours, which brought Joseph great pleasure. He loved being on the mats, he liked it better then the classroom, but even that was over with. 'Time for reality.' he thought. He held his breath as the otherside got closer. He could hear the sounds of activity coming closer. This was it, pack on back, ruck sack in hand, the last step towards the beginning.
  3. Hello my name is Mike Doucette, my character name is Joseph Dubeau, and I live near Oshawa, Ontario. I was told about this group by a friend and co worker who speaks very highly about this group. I work in law enforcement field. I'm looking forward to getting started. Talk to you guys soon. Thank you Mike
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