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  1. “Some of the most beautiful things in the galaxy are also the most dangerous.” “What was that, Captain?” “Nothing.” The Captain and First Officer of the USS Dionysus were looking at the viewscreen. In front of their ship, a deadly but gorgeous plasma storm raged in the depths of deep space. The helmsman, Lieutenant Brax, sat in awe of the wondrous display of nature’s fury. They had picked up a distress call from a Bolian freighter while they were on a routine survey mission only a few light years away. It appeared to be caught in the storm, but they weren’t answering any hails. The sensors cou
  2. I'm Josh, I'm 25. I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I'm kind of a student, although I've taken a couple semesters off (again). I've had a lot of trouble picking a major, and I can't work at the moment, either... I found Starbase 118 through Google. I'm kind of a computer wizard, I'm studying programming (on my own at the moment). I'm pretty good at Java and C#, as well as php, html, and css. I'm still just learning, though. Haven't made anything of much use yet, heh. I'm a cat person. I own one, and my dad owns one (I currently live with my parents). Basically, I'm a walking cliche. I'm a compute
  3. Damian was talking with a very handsome waitress on the transport carrying himself and several other cadets and personnel to Starbase 118, when the captain announced that they had docked. Damian allowed many of his fellow passengers to pass while he continued chatting. Just as he was getting ready to ask the waitress to meet him for drinks at a local establishment she had mentioned being fond of, a Vulcan cadet he had grown well acquainted with at the Academy interjected himself into the conversation. Unfortunately for Damian, the waitress seemed to take this as an opportunity to excuse hersel
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