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  1. Journal Entry My name is Dr. James E. Clay, I just graduated from Starfleet Medical University. My major is in Pharmacy Management. I am going trough Processing and will be assigned to a ship or station soon. I really hope to get assigned to Starbase 118, so I can use the Large Medical Labs to find new medicines to help people overcome illness, also I hear they have a huge pharmacy. I always wished to help others since I was a young boy growing up in Louisiana, Hence my country accent. I also liked mixing different things together and seeing what happened, So I decided that working to save ot
  2. Hello, my name is Patrick. I am 15 but my writing surpasses the normal age level. I love RP and I love Star Trek, so you can imagine how I felt when I found this place during a Google search. My place of current residence is Kingsland, Georgia(I have been asked already and yes you can find my town on OWN). I currently attend the Ninth Grade and my High School Major is Government and Public Service. I am available via Yahoo, at JamesEClay1@yahoo.com <- for character purposes I made that.
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