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  1. Journal Entry My name is Dr. James E. Clay, I just graduated from Starfleet Medical University. My major is in Pharmacy Management. I am going trough Processing and will be assigned to a ship or station soon. I really hope to get assigned to Starbase 118, so I can use the Large Medical Labs to find new medicines to help people overcome illness, also I hear they have a huge pharmacy. I always wished to help others since I was a young boy growing up in Louisiana, Hence my country accent. I also liked mixing different things together and seeing what happened, So I decided that working to save others by giving them the correct amount and type of medicine, and by stocking ships with the needed medicine to make sure they have enough to carry out their missions.
  2. Hello, my name is Patrick. I am 15 but my writing surpasses the normal age level. I love RP and I love Star Trek, so you can imagine how I felt when I found this place during a Google search. My place of current residence is Kingsland, Georgia(I have been asked already and yes you can find my town on OWN). I currently attend the Ninth Grade and my High School Major is Government and Public Service. I am available via Yahoo, at JamesEClay1@yahoo.com <- for character purposes I made that.
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