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  1. This was the first place I came too . . . soooo . . . yeah
  2. Hey guys. I'm Anna, and I'm from England. I'm the oldest of three, my house is like a petting zoo and I'm the only one out of all my friends who likes Star Trek and my mum says I'm obsessed which I say is cool
  3. Jack leaned on the railings and looked over into the dockyard below him, watching the pretty young cadet with long, waist-long black hair as she walked away from him and towards his best friend. He knew her name, had known it for the last three years: Annabella Deanna Riker, daughter of John and Maria-Seirra Riker. His heart ached for her; he was in love with her, he knew that, but he knew that she didn't love him. She loved his best friend, and he couldn't hate either of them for that. In truth, he was happy for them. He smiled as Bella took Jim's hand and reached up to kiss him before they t
  4. Hey guys i'm Anna i'm a weird englishman from Buckinghamshire and i live in hampshire (the english one) i found out about this place on star trek.com forums and i'm a teenager that's got two years of school left before college
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