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  1. Don't Know if this is the right place for this but here goes. STATS: Full name: Michael Horatio Hunt Date of birth (Age):236712.30 (21) Species: Terran Gender: Male Hair color: Red Eye color: Blue Height: 6’1 (185.42 cm) Weight: 215 lbs (97.5 Kg.) [*]FAMILY: Parents: George Lee Hunt (Occupation: Farmer) DOB:233212.05 (56) Janet T. Hunt, nee Tallant (Occupation: History Teacher) DOB: 233704.27 (51) Siblings: Douglas F. Hunt (Occupation: Farmer) DOB: 235705.01 (31) Sybil A. Hunt (Occupation: Professional Soccer Player FC Dallas) DOB: 235901.14 (29) Niles Hunt (Occupation: Doctor) DOB: 236101.11 (27) Judy C. Hunt (Occupation: Aide Bajoran Embassy) DOB:236112.19 (27) Clair G. Hunt (Occupation: Shop Keeper) DOB: 236303.22 (25) Nelson Hunt. (Occupation: Student Engineering University of Oklahoma) DOB: 237001.15 (19) Spouse: N/A Children: N/A [*]CHRONOLOGICAL HISTORY: 236712.30-M.H Hunt is born in Rusk Texas 238505.16-Graduates High School 21st out of 100 students 238507.04 -Converts to the Bajoran Religion from Mormonism citing a wish to follow an unbroken line of prophets 238708.15-Enrolls in University of Texas (Major Bajoran Studies Minor Physical Therapy) 238901.10-Transfers to Starfleet Academy Virginia (Major: Security)
  2. Hello again. Sorry to be a slight annoyance (maybe its just me, but I seem to think my questions have been rather vague.) I would like to know what the current date is (standard Terran date so that I can put my age in the bio.) I also was wondering since I want to play a Marine is there anyone that could help me flesh out a Virginia Academy story?
  3. Thank yall for all your help I look forward to rping with all of you!
  4. I am sure that I can wing it. I also wanted to know if you used the same ranks for marines or y'all had marine specific ranks as is used elsewhere?
  5. I will be uploading my bio soon as I am a new cadet, but I was wondering what the prerequisites for becoming a starfleet marine might be?
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