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  1. Tasha Yar, for me. Worf, as noted, always got his butt handed to him in most episodes despite being a Klingon. Odo would be cool, but you'd never know where or what he was which would be disconcerting. Haven't watched much Enterprise to know the pros and cons of Tucker. Tuvok would be my second choice, and Chekov... Chekov couldn't guard a fire. So that leaves dependable, reliable, slightly psychotic Tasha Yar. She'd also be the coolest to hang out with, in those brief downtime periods when you aren't possibly being killed.
  2. ((Morgue, Deck 576, Starbase 118)) ::Solok approached the Tellarite deliberately but with caution, as one ought always to approach Tellarites.:: Solok: Doctor. ::Fargit was standing atop a short stool, immersed -- quite literally -- in his work. He was poring over the innards of what seemed to be roughly 43% of a person, charred beyond visual recognition. His short snout occasionally pressed into what seemed like it must once have been a pelvis of some sort, but the coroner did not seem to mind. Death was his work, and he took his work seriously. Solok was not offended by that.:: Solok: Doctor
  3. I'm in love with all of Solok's NPCs already, but I completely lost it at this.
  4. Note, the forum ate the paragraphing so I had to re-space this myself, any errors in spacing are therefore most likely mine and not that of the original authors. (( Starbase 118 Promenade )) (Time index: just before the mission starts) :: It had been nearly three years since Chythar had roamed these halls. In fact, he hadn’t seen much of the base since it was attacked by metal-munching dragons, and pulling the then-Commander Livingston from an explosion’s aftermath and into sickbay. He didn’t recall the names of any stores or restaurants from his first tour of duty here as a medical officer, b
  5. Oh, come onnn.. It might not have been *intentional*, but it was bloody hilarious.
  6. :D Page's quote having no context makes it even better.
  7. My parents were never really into sci-fi/fantasy stuff, so I never watched Dr. Who or any of the old Trek or the original BSG. Quite how I ended up such a rampant nerd is puzzling... My first introduction to actually watching Star Trek, rather than just being dimly aware that it was a thing that existed and basically what happened in it, was Voyager during a re-run when we got satellite television in the early 00s. I remember thinking "oh, this is that Star Trek thing" and being confused as to why Kirk and Spock etc weren't in it - I'd heard so much about them, I hadn't realised that there wer
  8. Especially coming a scant three lines after a comment about Velana being 'the one that got away'. ¬_¬
  9. It might be worth having a separate "SB118 Canon" bio for each faction, that can be linked to from each species page involved with the faction (and other relevant places), but kept separate from all the actual canon information. So on the Romulan faction, for instance, you'd have the sidebar with History, ILI: Romulans, ILI, Remans and then at the bottom a 'SB118 Timeline' page. Then each ship could appoint an officer to be in charge of keeping those SB118 Timeline pages of the wiki updated with the events of each mission as pertains to that faction, and what important facts were 'learned' abo
  10. Congrats all, well deserved from what I've managed to catch up on!
  11. ::Whispers:: I think our Science chief may have a problem... Just like that, in the conference room, *during a briefing*? You have *staff* for that now too?! If you guys start driving around in an old RV and Velana starts ending every sentence with "B***!", I'm callin' the cops.
  12. (( Docking Port 7 – Deep Space 6 )) ::He thanked every star in the quadrant that he was good at forcing his mind to stay focused. For such a large transport ship, it seemed that every single common area was a proverbial madhouse. Then again, he hadn’t spent much time outside of the interior of Federation space, so the more... lively races were still somewhat new to him. He didn’t spend a great deal of time interacting, however. He was now a Starfleet officer, and he had a job to do – namely, that of familiarizing himself as much as possible with the tactical systems and security posture of hi
  13. ((T’Mar’s Quarters, USS Apollo)) ::As the Betazoid man moved into her quarters, he smiled slightly. He took his seat on the floor and looked toward her as she lit the candles. He could almost sense the emotions in her raging like a summer storm. There was something much different about her than standard issue Vulcans. It was almost as if there was a [...] holding back everything, but it was leaking. He was not sure about how she was able to suppress her emotions as well as those from others around her. Being a Vulcan with empathic abilities, no matter how small, was a difficult thing to
  14. Are we still to use the conventional simming format? Just, with the action in first person?
  15. ((Starbase 118/Outside MacLaren's door) ::Joseph stood outside Johanna's door wondering if he should just go to medical and get fixed up there. He knew she was a sensitive person and he didn't want her see him bruised and bleeding.:: oO She'll see the report anyways, she's a doctor here. She might be upset you didn't come to see her.Oo ::Joseph took stock of what damage he took during the altercation. He had a cut cheek, a bruised forearm and severely swollen, possibly broken hand. He felt a mixture of pain and excitement. He couldn't help but want more, which was a part of him that always sca
  16. ((Holodeck 2, USS Victory)) ::As if on cue, the arch that would permit entrance to the holodeck appeared no sooner than the tug had pulled away leaving the jet alone on the tarmac a distance from the hangar. Kali had already been up into the [...]pit and verified things that might have mattered in the real world, but had little coincidence in the holographic world. Still, old habits had a way of sticking around, especially in an environment as real as this.:: ::Seconds after the arch appeared, the doors opened to reveal a tall man in a flight suit that he didn’t seem all that out of place in.
  17. ((Captain's Quarters Aboard the USS Victory)) ::There were no stars outside her window that afternoon. Instead, Kali watched the few ships that were arriving come in to dock, a few others leaving, and smaller workerbees moving about the empty space between. Everything was gliding in the total weightlessness of space, lost in the silence of the vacuum, and all that was left to be heard in that moment was her own breathing.:: ::Somewhat lost in thoughts of the distant past, the woman who was the Captain of the ship on which she stood, as well as the massive Starbase that contained it, slowly and
  18. The first time I applied for the academy, I applied late on Monday night. That kind of luck rather defines my life. Mind you, IIRC the group that I just missed out on was uncommonly full anyway, so it's probably just as well.
  19. ((Chief Nursing Officer's Office - Deck 500)) ::Kaedyn sat behind his desk, catching up with paperwork and all the other trivia that appeared on his desk when Eliaan left the station. He found this work no longer held his full attention and he had drifted to reading he intel reports that his low-level clearance permitted. The difference in clearance between a nursing officer and a marine intel captain was startling but at least what he could get his hands on was interesting. As he read a report on the infant Thracian Alliance, the door chimed.:: Zehn: Come in ::The doors opened and the small,
  20. James Marsters was in Torchwood? If ever there was an incentive to struggle through the so-far awful first few episodes...
  21. ((Edited because the board screwed up the formatting. )) ((Turbolift, Enroute to Docking Ring Bay 7, Starbase 118)) ::Rumors. From the beginnings of written history, it seemed that they alone could be responsible for a rise to power, or a tragic fall from grace. In the words that spread as wildfire through the social vine, were the power to build up, and the power to tear asunder. Entire civilizations were created and maintained on rumors of strength and power, or terror. Those same civilizations fell easily under the weight of the words, and for eons, good men fell victim to the sword that wa
  22. ((Personal Quarters – Starbase 118)) OOC: Earlier in the day, before arriving on Victory ::Laying in bed Jacob contemplated the upcoming events for the day. Knowing full well it was going to be a busy day, just like the day before it, he savoured the relaxing in moments in bed for a few more minutes before getting up.:: ::Jacob from a young age has always kept a Personal Log that he uses to document his days and as a powerful tool for self reflection. Not being overly religious about it, he's only done a few since coming aboard the Starbase. Given the events of the last few days, he figured it
  23. ((Civillian Sector - Keros Gardens - Starbase 118)) ::Sahmson felt the alien hand in his, its fingers twitching slightly as it adjusted its grip. In front of them was the darkness of a path they'd not seen yet, leading someplace down toward the fluid treatment absorption matrix. There was a kind of hum, indistinct from the rest of the surrounding sounds, merging into the winds and the chirping birds.:: Cair: So I take it everything's under control? ::It was now. He was here for her for the rest of her life. He'd turned his back on Reikara, on Romulus, on home. He turned to face Aodhnait now.::
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