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  1. Danced the night away at the Prefect's Ball on Paldor II. Thank you Priestess! Off for a walk planetside now... 


  2. Thrown right into the thick of it on the USS Atlantis. Loving it so far, and simming with some folks from times of old. Glad to be back.

  3. Re-training complete. Waiting for an assignment!

  4. Application accepted... Retraining starts monday. Good to be back, and looking forward to see where I'll end up!


  5. Trying to get back into the community. My Forum account is still operational it seems... Gonna make a longer go of it this time, and start anew. I've missed this place immensely...

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    2. Deven Nehir

      Deven Nehir

      You are correct. And I've gone for a post I've not attempted before. Counselor...

    3. Jarred Thoran

      Jarred Thoran

      Oh boy I feel sorry for which ever ship you end up - especially if the counselor is anything like Mandak :)

      Seriously though, glad to have you back with us and hope to see you around soon :D

    4. Deven Nehir

      Deven Nehir

      Aye aye. I see you've been busy yourself...

  7. Back to work, only this time as part of the Andaris Task Force!

  8. Trying to Squash some Nanites...

  9. Just made it aboard the Conny... Ready to go!

  10. (( The Dungeon, Starbase 118)) :: Doven had been through months of gruel and grime in order to get to this point. The point of commissioned no return. His fellows from Marine training laughed at him when he made the decision to go from grunt to glamour, but he somehow found himself not caring that much. At least while he was drinking his Romulan ale. He sat in one of the corner tables in a little whole in the wall bar located in the Starbase's Dungeon, a place that seemed to be a concentrated realm of eccentrics and locals. A place where people could just be, themselves, or at least their suppressed selves that are usually hidden away. He sipped slowly, thinking of all that he had accomplished in just two years. Here was this farm boy, born and raised to heard cattle and Ma'rhan's around the farm, to sell them in order to keep his home; he would now be spending his days in space, the polar opposite of home. But nonetheless, he hoped to find a home out here as well. :: Marine training was harder than he expected, but then again, he didn't really have much to go on. The constant PT, the yelling and screaming of CO's. It broke him in. Made him focus. Made him, more aware of things around him. The weapons training by far was the most intense thing he'd ever done. But one thing was for sure, he could break down, reassemble, and waste a clip from any Mark III product out there, in short order too. He thought that was going to be the end of his training, till he was approached about intelligence. Apparently throughout his training, his marks had earned him the attention of some of the brightest minds to cultivate the vast web of what is now Starfleet Intelligence, and they wanted to give him a shot. He relished the opportunity; in a haste to satisfy this newfound hunger for adventure and non-farm activity. It would be a crapps shoot though as to where he would be stationed, and what he would be doing. The camaraderie from Boot seemed to push him more towards leading guys out into the thick of it in a combat zone, but then again, the cool calm aspect of intel gathering seemed just as appealing. For now, he sat quietly, waiting and drinking... :: Overhead: All Cadets bound for Cruise 131, please report to Dock 2... :: He let out a short sigh, finished his mug, and set it on the counter... He put the knife back in is boot, the one he'd been carving his name into the table with. He left his mark on the Starbase, and subconsciously hoped his legacy would turn out to be more than a few crude words carved into a Dungeon table. His life was starting... Right this second. :: ------ Cadet Doven Childyrn Intel/Marine Hopeful Unassigned
  11. Coming back to this. Lots of life changes, but things are finally slow enough to come back. Hope to see ya'll soon.

    1. Renos


      Welcome back!

  12. The First Training flight of the 69th Tactical Air Wing was a bittersweet success. It's only onward and upward from here...

  13. AAAAANNNNDDD... We're being held hostage in the Vittian Hotel on Izar... Awesome...

  14. Getting past the Quatal mission... time for some routine shipside stuff...

  15. Vik is quite unconscious at the moment... Desilinide will do that to you...

  16. Heading out to Quatal Minor. Time to reside in the Dark Room once more...

  17. Just finished up a nice soiree with some old friends from the Starbase. Looking forward to getting back out there...

  18. Working through an assassination plot... and going on a dinner date with Jalana in the meantime! What a world...

  19. I was wondering if there are any artists here that wouldn't mind taking my picture and placing a uniform into it somehow, you know, to make it a bit more Trek like lol. The characters name is Viktor Lanius. If someone could let me know, that would be AWESOME!
  20. Perhaps it was the way that the shuttle jolted into the docking bay, or the way that his classmates cheered as they arrived at Starbase 118, but Brian awoke with a sudden rush of adrenaline. He stood up from his seat and began to gather his duffel. Well, this is it. This is what he would have wanted... He stood in front of the hatch and awaited what lie beyond: his future. The doors slid open and a new realm of wonderment was laid before him. the vastness of the Starbase was something he couldn't have imagined. Certainly a change from back home.. he thought. Slowly he stepped out onto the tarmac and gazed about. Crew members of all types wandered about, appearing to all be on some sort of personal mission. He stepped forward and moved towards what appeared to be a lounge area of sorts. Briefing wasn't until 0730, and he certainly had some time to gather himself in his new surroundings. Brian wasn't necessarily hard to spot in a crowd. Standing at nearly 6'3 with a fairly large and muscular build, he towered over most. His face appeared hard and weathered even only being at the age of 25. His Acamarian cleft upon his forehead was easily distinguished. He had his father to thank for that. The darkness of his eyes and facial features were typically misread, as well as the vertical scar over his left eye, which only led to others giving him an uneasy approach. He was used to it. Cautiously moving about the floor, he found a place to sit. He seemed to zone out for a moment, but was focused at the same time on something outside the space station. He was transfixed upon the one thing that he had longed for: The USS Discovery. The "C" model bird was floating gracefully near a docking wharf appearing to be refitted for its next voyage. He stood for a moment and placed his hand upon the glass. He had always dreamed of not just being on that very ship, but even commanding it. His trance was broken by a voice... "Beautiful, isn't it?" He turned to see a young woman, most likely of his age, standing beside him gazing upon the same space craft. "Indeed. I've always dreamed of being on that ship." The young woman appeared to have no insignia of any kind, and was dressed in plain civilian clothing. "I never once thought I would be aboard it, that is until yesterday." "I see, were you lucky enough to be assigned to that craft?" He could see a her expression turn from wonderment, to that of trepidation. She turned to him and looked him in his cold dark eyes, "My world was obliterated yesterday. The Federation had dispatched a few vessels to assist. As the other vessels were leaving, under fire, the Discovery stayed until every last man, woman and child was aboard. To them, I owe my very life. To be on that ship, is to be everything the Federation is." He turned back towards the window, "And that is precisely what I'm here for..." Cadet Brian OcQue _________ Summary Name: Brian OcQue Race: Acamarian / Terran Age: 25 years Height: 6'3 Weight: 225 Pounds Identifying Marks: Acamarian Cleft in center of the forehead, long vertical scar over the left eye. Build: Muscular, athletic. Appearance: Brian is a large individual, whose appearance commands the opposite of what he stands for. As a mostly benevolent being, he appears quite the opposite. His face is worn and dark with deepset dark eyes that appear to be cold. His skin is not quite pale, but is lighter than normal. Brian was a standalone for most of his life. Favoring negotiation and diplomacy over violence, he had plenty of experience in avoiding potentially life threatening situations. Cadet life was an experience that changed him. It added a sort of vigor, a sort of purpose to his being. It brought out a side of him that he hadn't known existed. he knew that this future was going to be a bright one. But only time will tell.
  21. Hello to all. My name is Brian OcQue. I've been a long time Trek fan for many of my short 23 years on this planet. For me, this is all a way to experience the things that I may not get to in my lifetime (space travel lol). I live and work as a career firefighter/emt in Wayne County New York. On the side, I enjoy PC gaming, I play in a band and also do my own photography. Coincidentally I kept my character name the same as my own so that I can really get into whatever the storyline may be. I have good feelings about this place! Hope to hear from you all soon. For all intensive purposes, I'll call my real self B.O.K. That's what most people call me anyway. Thanks for the opportunity to create with all of you! B.O.K
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