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  1. Wonder that conduit goes???

  2. Greetings and Salutations, My name is Francois (yes, I speak French and English). Live in Montreal, Quebec (yes, I eat poutine). I work in a high school as the head technician (yes, I spend way too much time in front of a computer and should be doing something else during my breaks and free time). Elan, my character, has gone through several reincarnations, and I am looking forward to seeing himin action as a Caitian. Looking forward to writing with all of you and I hope that I can prove myself worthy of the honour of being part of this group.
  3. CAIT - Four year ago The spires of the Temple of Felinas, one of CAIT’s most prestigious religious structures, stretched with grace and majesty towards the heavens. Since the first time Elan had laid eyes upon them, his heart and soul had long to follow their led and venture into the vast unknown that could be found out there amongst the stars. Having had an affinity for engineering and problem solving, the Caitian took every course available in this field of expertise with the hopes that one day he would earn enough recognition to be accepted into Starfleet. The endless dedication and undyi
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