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June 27: Introduction & General Awards  •  June 28: Length of Service & Special Awards  •  June 29: Staff Awards  •  June 30: Duty Post Awards & Finale

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This year marks the 25th anniversary of our community's founding in 1994.
Join our celebratory thread to tell us what you love about our community, what you've learned as a member, or what keeps you here! 🎉🎊


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  1. Hey, how are you liking the ship so far? Don't forget to update your profile. :)

  2. To whom should I submit the character draft/sketch?
  3. Is playing an exiled romulan permissable with fleet brass approval?
  4. Looking forward to my training class email notificatioon. Question...when may I start hashing out mt character profile?
  5. Why am I here..For me it is my enjoyment of the ST series (all) a well as the fun I have beeen having witth STO (lifetime member).
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