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  1. Having just recently rewatched the entire DS9 series, I felt many times that Avery went way over the top in his acting. After seeing this, I really have to wonder if over the years he poured so much of himself into his various roles that he quite literally lost himself in them and what we saw is what is left. Of course, one has to wonder if what we saw was really him, or just another act. Hmmm, something to contemplate.
  2. I was duly impressed watching this. It really gave you a much different look at Shatner as well. I think he kind of showed why maybe he's had the attitude that really turned a lot of people off. Avery Brooks...umm, yeah.
  3. How are you liking your new ship?

    1. Isaac Hertz

      Isaac Hertz

      I'm really enjoying it. Taking some time to figure out what was going on.

  4. I love StarTrek simming!!

  5. Congrats on finishing the academy! Did you enjoy it?

    1. Isaac Hertz

      Isaac Hertz

      Thanks, Academy was awesome! Sorry I missed seeing this post.

  6. Hello, welcome to the fleet! How are you getting on?

  7. Thanks! Looking forward to getting started and hopefully removing the rust from my skills

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