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  1. cold so cold and hungry split off from the antecedent self awareness has come antecedent knows where heat and food lie follow big spinning rock leaking energy warmth and food new thing tiny thing energy pulsating more food? om nom nom nom energy drained from thing different flavor like a sucker another thing just barely out of sight more energy than tiny thing too far to fly antecedent returning displeased about tiny thing unknown source could have been poison drop tiny thing that pulsates with light and spins closer to rock probing the night follow antecedent still curious about thing but bat
  2. ( Corridor, USS Avandar )) :: sh'Shar wiggled herself out of the Jefferies tube, stretching. Ahh... what a day, huh? :: :: It was common knowledge that T'Lea fancied her a bit. Common knowledge and common sense. She was the beautiful big blue... who wouldn't want her? :: :: It was okay. sh'Shar knew how to handle this. :: (( Later )) :: Standing outside sh’Shar’s quarters, two security officers waited on either side of the door, while T’Lea took front and center. She’d hit the door chimes twice already and was just about to order the doors overridden when they swished open to reveal a light bl
  3. Waitwaitwaitwaitwait... I have TWO full pips now? Holy moly... I guess I should start doing some work now....

  4. Flames churned along the deck of the shuttlecraft, sparks leaping from the consoles only to help feed the inferno, as if hell itself was reaching a hand through the deck-plates to snatch at the frail and scorched form trying desperately to bring the engines back online. The interior of the shuttlecraft appeared to be fairly standard, except for a few minor... oddities. The transporter padd that would normally be in the middle of the craft and lead back to the rear compartment was missing - instead, the entirety of the deck plating was littered with tiny circles, though they were only able to
  5. ((Mountain Top – Signal Booster)) :: He entered the clearing and stopped looking around until his eyes settled on the all too familiar face. A look of contempt crossed his face.:: Mancuso: Umas. :: That voice. That irritating voice. Umas knew it well. Mancuso, the traitor. Mancuso, the spineless, wretched worm that had double-crossed him. This day would truly be filled with multiple victories. It was exciting.:: Umas: Hello, Jackie. Quite a trip. Still climbing mountains, I see. Still trying to earn the Captain’s trust. Mancuso: And you’re still stealing your best ideas from everyone else. ::
  6. ((Camp Avandar)) ::DeBarres really wanted to see Beornan after the attack of the natives and knew that he would probably be shipping out soon after the capture of Commander T’Lea. :: ::DeBarres walked out near to the perimeter and looked around. She knew that he should be back soon or at least that was the plan. The sun was starting to set, making the sky a funky blue. There was a pair of marines walking the tree line and she decided to hang back a bit from their position.:: :: DeBarres was wearing her best clothes, ones that were rescued from Avandar, and she’d spent some time making herself
  7. ^ I fully agree with Evanna. I think this is still a good discussion to have, but I also think she's right - the system as it is really does work. We just need to make sure more people are involved in the Top Sims process. I imagine there are a percentage of members in the fleet who don't regularly use the forums, and who have no idea about Top Sim aside from the announcements during Awards Ceremonies. I'm not sure how to get more people involved besides simply making them more aware, but maybe that would be enough.
  8. The Doc does bring up a valid point. It seems like a combination of the two ideas might be necessary - a rotating panel of judges, perhaps at least one person from each ship? And if we're not sure how to choose that person, maybe it could be someone voted by the crew of that ship? . . . I don't know
  9. I think that could work very well - or something similar, like a revolving panel of judges? It could fall on certain people at different times of the year, or something.
  10. JP LT Jen Malcolm, (PNPC) Regg and (PNPC) Audie: Bless the Beasts and the Children ((Dott’s Family Quarters-USS Avandar-Crash site)) ::Regg awakened inside of the closet of his quarters. Before the crash of the Avandar he was not feeling well so the day care teacher took him to his quarters.Crying, he crawled out of the rubble, into the darkness, scared and alone. He wondered where his father was, his friend Ashley.:: oOI’m alone and scared. It’s dark. I don’t like the dark.Oo ::He wandered out into the corridor, looking for anybody that could help him, cowering into the corners of the destroy
  11. ^^ I agree with Captain Jaxx. We have such a huge number of writers, and only a small percentage vote for Top Sim.
  12. I can't speak for anyone else, but I know that I picked that sim because it hit a chord with me in a way the other two did not. Obviously, the other two were also very good sims, otherwise they would not have made it all the way to the very very end. I personally think its very hard to know why everyone voted the way they did - I would hope it was for the same reasons I did, because they enjoyed that particular sim the most. I did not join the crew of the Aurora/Avandar until October, and I hadn't really become an active member of the forum until November or so - so I didn't vote on much as fa
  13. "History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again." -- Maya Angelou (( Collapsed Daycare, USS Avandar )) :: Dust swirled around him as Alleran wiggled further into the void which was the daycare room, the laser cutter between his teeth. He had taken the blonde girl back to the others... now his search continued. :: :: The dust was a product of the metal used to make the bulkheads, compressed it would powderize. This area had suffered more than most and it was almost completely rubble... Tan had to stop every now and then to move a hunk
  14. Well, STO is barely two years old, so it hasn't had much chance to have such things happen - but they're doing a big push to try to get new players by going f2p in January. I personally am a lifer, because when I originally played the game I fell in love immediately LOL I don't play as much as I did when I first got it, but I still really enjoy going in and flying around. It is also a VERY good source for screenshots for Sims - character and ship photos in particular :3
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