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  1. Reached one of Velana's goals: Chief Medical Officer!

  2. Finding the balance is all about coming up with reasonable (and, yes, logical) ways that the extraordinary could happen. There are child prodigies in the world and it does make sense that Starfleet would want them. I have no problem with that. I just want to be sold on it, you know? I want to know that there's been thought put into it. And I guess I want to see flaws, too. Child prodigies who spend their formative years memorizing equations and learning five different languages usually aren't star athletes with amazing people skills. It's like when you design a character for a table-top RPG. You can give your character Intelligence and Perception +10, but that's not going to leave you many points for Strength or Charisma.
  3. There is a lot of debate in the fandom as to how exactly the Academy works. For medical officers, the waters are even murkier. Is Starfleet Medical part of Starfleet Academy, are they two separate schools, etc. Ask four people who sim MO's and you will get four different answers. For me, I decided to have Velana attend the Academy with a medical major and then do four years of internship and residency afterwards, before she went on her cadet tour and got her commission. It took her eight years from the time she entered the Academy before she was assigned to the Indy. It seemed to make sense for her, although others might not agree. The fact is, yes, if you are playing a character with an advanced degree or a specialty, you should take time into account during character creation. Rarely in this world will a 20 year old have two PhD's in completely different areas. Still, there is always the desire to create extraordinary people who are wise beyond their years. It's a balancing act; trying to make them special without making them...well...Wesley Crusher. And that is no disrespect to the Crush. I have loved him since I was ten. But that doesn't mean he wasn't a Mary Sue. And let's be honest, no one really likes a Mary Sue.
  4. Welcome back to the fleet:)
  5. I'm from Florida, too, but I live in California now. Always good to meet anther Floridian!
  6. I know that fiction format is acceptable for the monthly challenges and the character cafe. There might be other instances that I'm not aware of, but as far as every day, game simming goes, it's script format;) Hope that helps!
  7. Incredibly honored not only to have been promoted to LtJG, but to be made Assistant Chief Medical Officer!!

  8. Made it through training!! I've been assigned to the Independence-A and I'm so excited!!

  9. You can tell that job-hunting isn't going well when you have time to chart your character's family tree back 190 years.

    1. Velana


      Admittedly, that's easier when your character is Vulcan.

    2. Alleran Tan
  10. Getting the hang of simming in as large of a group as we have is proving to be a challenge, but if I make it through and I'm assigned to a large ship or the starbase itself, I'll need these skills:)

  11. Just completed and submitted my first training sim. It's illogical to be nervous; I can only hope that I didn't make too many mistakes.

  12. Thanks for the welcome, ma'am!:) I'm ready to start writing!

  13. Welcome to the Forums! :) And welcome to Training!

  14. Excited to start training!!

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