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  1. Well just finished writing my first training simm double check it tommorow then submit it. Feel odd never had anyone look over anything I have writen before, going to be a new experience on one hand can't wait to see what there thought of it on the other hand I don't want to know
  2. Thanks everyone really must say up front I have tried other sites Star Trek included and never found people so friendly, helpful and just nice thanks
  3. Sorry It was suppose to say wouldn't mind chatting with someoneold computer and can't type
  4. Hi All, Got to admit tiny bit nerves now just read some of the post about the training and how many failed I don't do well in test I think my training starts in the next two days wouldn't chating with someone who is about to do the same
  5. A few things brought me here the love Star Trek. This might be a bit ego driven sorry but I watch SF movies they start off with so much potential but then fails to get there sorry might not be making much sense. Plus want to meet people who like talking about Star Trek.
  6. G'day Thanks for the welcome

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