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  1. Ruq'orb

    Responding to Tags

    I would post your response to the sim.
  2. Ruq'orb

    Promotions for August

    congrats to all
  3. Ruq'orb

    New trainees

    Hello and welcome to Starbase 118.
  4. Congratz on passing the academy.

  5. Ruq'orb

    Cadet Training Now

    i am on the forums.
  6. Ruq'orb

    Why did you apply to join our community?

    I decided to join this community for a few main reasons, one it seems very active and friendly, i have always fancy doing role playing thing based around Star Trek, 2 close friends are in the community and i just real real love Star Trek.
  7. Thank you for your welcome.

  8. Sunshine and Smiles!



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