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  1. 31 minutes ago, BenStryker said:

    If we're still talking about these ships and since I'm new here, I'm curious. Are we in distant future going to have another playable ship like a defiant class or maybe something similar to a Soyez or a Miranda class? Small ships are boss....just saying.



    Mirandas are playable as far as I know....Defiant Class not sure....

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  2. I've got a real love for the Miranda Class. Lots of guns, multi mission capable and capable of just about anything. I like them so much when I do make Captain, I'm picking a Miranda Class as my ship...an updated one...with armor, regenerative shields and a bigger hangar bay. According to STO, Miranda production was restarted in 2406, so you never know...heh..heh..heh...maybe it started a little early...

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  3. Interesting treatment of terrorism by Star Trek. The good part is the writers of ST tried to show enough of both sides ...but, as it has been said, one mans' freedom fighter is another mans' terrorist. At the end of the day, it's all about how survives to write the narrative. Neutrality is a nice thing, but it's hard to remain that way once you see the unbiased truth from both sides, especially in regards to the Bajoran/Cardassians and the Maqui. Very interesting program, and would love to see what Part Two has to say.

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  4. Everyone has made some good points, but I have to say the Marines are fraught with the most risk. Here is why:

    1. Marines are fewer in number, and not all are stationed on starships or embassies. As a percentage, they would suffer the greatest number of casualties.

    2. Marines come when all else has failed, which mean they come into a combat situation instantly. That requires a different set of skills and tactics that would be found with Security. Marines are taught to advance towards an enemy, hold territory, and break ships and beings.

    3. Marines are not always warriors. They can fulfill many roles, such as Engineering, construction, winning hearts and minds. These roles can also place them at great risk.

    4. In war, you need a force who can take the fight to the enemy, deliver as much punishment as possible, and achieve the objectives set out by Starfleet and the Federation, and the Marines are best suited for such operations, both long and short term conflicts. When you need to hold a planet, an embassy, or a starship, it's the Marines who get the call.

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  5. Hannibal joined the Starfleet Marines just before the outbreak of the Dominion War...he couldn't wait for getting into the Academy. His parents, both starship captains, understood his decision. Long before he joined, his father had been teaching him many things about combat, so he was more than ready to assist in defending the Federation against the J'em Haddar. It took him awhile after the war to get around to being an officer, first in Starfleet, then back in the Marines. He is driven to protect his crew, his embassy,, his friends from harm, and he's really good at it...

  6. Quentin does have his own style, but it should be interesting as to what he is going to come up with. At the end of the day, if Star Trek had not been done for the first time in 1965 and was starting out for the first time, most likely it would be sexier, grittier, more gruesome. It's all about the eyes on the product, with Rodenberrys' vision second.

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  7. Every incarnation of the Star Trek story since DS9 has been an "reimaginging", not staying true to what has already been established. Klingons eating humans? Really? Ships seemingly more advanced than the not yet on screen but mentioned Constitution Class? The series is darker, which to me is not the problem. DS9 was darker, but it stayed true to what preceded it, and added to it. Discovery does not add, just as the new movies did not add to the existing established canon. They could have done so much better.

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