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  1. Jorey been reading Hannibals' classified files or something?
  2. ((USS Magnus Hirschfield, [...]pit - En Route to the Typhon Expanse)) Allison: Captain...Chang acknowledges our message, says "good hunting", Captain.... Pavlova: Oh yay, tell Sammy Spook I said high. Jorey: Well, hopefully it won't come to that. Our plan is just to head into the expanse and test the TSD at impulse and warp speeds. How long until we reach the expanse? :: Kamela checked her instruments one more time:: Allison: Three hours, twenty three minutes until we reach the outer boundary... Jorey: Well then, ::Brayden said standing up from his chair.:: we definitely have some time. Commander Oddas, Major Pavlova. Please, join me in the lounge. ::While Oddas, Pavlova, and Jorey went to the back of the runabout, that left Kamela alone at the helm, with T'Lea and the Laudean scientist Nia. Making a slight course correction, Kamela now had the runabout on the most direct course to the Typhon Expanse. She was barely paying attention to the conversation going on behind her between T'Lea and Nia...there was something about the Laudeans' voice...Kamela wasn't sure what it was, but...there was something there, but she just wasn't sure about it. Once the two had finished their conversation, unwanted company settled down in the seat next to her...T'Lea. It wasn't in her plans to talk to the woman, especially now. The cloud that has been hanging over them since the night T'Lea and Hannibal got drunk together was about to clear:: T’Lea: Is it business or personal? :: Coyly, Kamela responded:: Allison: Exactly...what are you referring to? T’Lea: Your hatred for me? Just curious where you are coming from? ::There it was, out in the open. Knowing she could quickly stab the woman in the throat, she thought better of it. She was a Starfleet officer, and besides, being away from Hannibal and Ryland was something she did not wish to do. Turning to face T'Lea, fire flashing in her eyes, she spoke:: Allison: I have nothing against your skills as a Starfleet officer..and you better believe it's personal... T'Lea: This is in reference to mine and Hannibal’s indiscretion with alcohol? :: At best, she respected T'Lea's straight forward approach. It was also one of the reasons she disliked her. She had not realized that she had clenched her fists until she felt her fingernails digging into her palms:: Allison: Yes, it's about that night. It's not about what happened, it's about what could have happened.... T'Lea: You don’t honestly believe that- Allison: Hannibal is many things, T'Lea. Violent, barbaric according to some, brash, occasionally arrogant. Much like yourself. It's a reputation well earned. He wouldn't hesitate to protect you, your family, this crew from anything or anyone who might threaten it. He's also honorable, loyal, kind, a great father, and thoughtful. Also well earned. T'Lea: You just affirmed your trust in him. There should be no issue. Allison: The problem is...the two of you together are like dynamite and matches. Kindred spirits. I know way too much about you to think otherwise. I've lured him away from much prettier women than you, but you have that something extra. You two feed off each other in certain circumstances, like drinking in the holodeck and wrecking the place. I trust him to not step over the line, although by his nature he can and has gotten pretty close, but he knows when to say when. The question is...do you? ::Kamela had no doubt of Hannibals' fidelity..the man was an Alpha in all sense of the word, but she possessed the one thing no one else could ever get..his heart, a fact she had proven over the years she had known the massive Marine. Kamela was good at reading people, and she was quite certain of the answer she would be getting...and knowing T'Lea, it would possibly open up another avenue of mayhem:: T'Lea: You think me a threat? That I am some amton'wi-kha nvaihr that wrecks marriages? You’re out of your frelling mind. I have no designs for your husband. I do not covet him, and I am not secretly plotting against you. :: she got up:: My marriage may be in question, but believe me yours is safe and sound. Enjoy it. :: There it was. Behind the bravado, Kamela saw pain, pain she was not expecting to find. T'Lea could indeed be hurt, and the woman had just revealed her weakness to her. There was more here than meets the eye, and although if T'Lea was a suspect, she would have dug deeper. It still didn't change the overall picture...Hannibal and T'Lea were indeed dangerous together, but not in the way of the two being intimate. She was satisfied with her answer, but she was not about to let her know that. Refusing to give her the high ground, Kamela also stood up as T'Lea fired her parting shot:: T’Lea: If it makes you feel better I’ll avoid any further interactions with your husband. Allison: That will be impossible, T'Lea.:: Her voice low so only T'Lea could hear her:: Three things...one...the day will come when the two of you will have to work together at the behest of SFI. Two...I know who you were...and who you are now...and three...I know who your mother is.::smiling:: Glad we could clear all this up, it's been a long time coming::inclining her head towards the back of the runabout:: You may go now... :: Kamela watched as T'Lea made her way back to the aft lounge. One thing was certain...there was no danger of T'Lea seducing Hannibal, or even attempting to. She had learned something important about her, that her marriage with Della was having problems, and she now knew that Kamela had access to her whole sordid history before she joined Starfleet. There was nothing she would ever do with the information...T'Lea was a good Starfleet officer, with no issue of divided loyalties. She felt for her, in the way only a woman would...certainly, the distance had to be a factor, but there was something else there, but in Kamela's mind, it was up to them to work it out. The two women had one thing in common...they were both mothers and there was no doubt in her mind that T'Lea loved her children as much as she loved Ryland. Kamela may appear to be an ice queen, but T'Lea would not feel her wrath...at least, not now. She her another axe to grind with Della concerning her allowing the Romulan assassin who almost killed Hannibal several years ago to go free. That was another day, another fight, she thought as she settled down back at the controls:: TAG/TBC PNPC Lt. Commander Kamela Allison-Parker Operative- Starfleet Intelligence/Helm Officer USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy As simmed by: Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker Marine CO USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy C238703HP0
  3. Ya'll gonna make me build an uprated Miranda Class.....how do we get started?


  4. (( Bridge - USS (redacted), 2.9 hours from Duronis )) :: Chang sat in the center seat, her face normally placid and calm, but now twisted with rage. Her ship, racing in at Warp Nine, she hoped to get there in time before the Ashoka was torn to bits:: :: She had made her case to both Starfleet Command and Starfleet Intelligence that the mission was too dangerous for one ship, even a Defiant Class, to handle alone. Chang had even worked out where they would rendezvous to give the Ashoka maximum protection. To no avail. She was told in no uncertain terms not to interfere in any way. More than once she had disobeyed orders, but this time, ignoring her gut and what her analysts were telling her, she stayed on station out near The Zone, looking through the debris and asteroid field for more clues.:: :: A beep from the Tactical station caught her attention. Her Tactical Officer, a young Trill woman, spoke:: Tactical Officer: I have five Orion ships on sensors. Two have engaged the Ashoka. Three are of a class we have not seen before, the two engaging are Orion raiders. :: That was not good for the Ashoka. The two raiders closest to her the Ashoka could handle by herself, but it was the three bearing down on her which Chang knew would be the most trouble. Chang knew about the Devastator Class from her sifting through the information from Deka's computer the Shadow Team from the Embassy had captured. Heavily armored, two million tons each, equipped with phasers and photon torpedoes and each ship had the capacity to launch fifty fighters. Extremely formidable, the most powerful warships ever built by the Orions...but Chang knew they had help. Federation help. Chang relayed all that to Starfleet, and to SFI, but it was felt they would not engage a Defiant Class ship so close to Duronis. How wrong they were, and a good starship commander was about to pay the price for brass stupidity:: :: Chang could only watch as the Ashoka was attacked by the first two ships, which she rapidly destroyed, and she was now being besieged by the three new Orion ships:: Tactical Officer: Director...I have four ships on my sensors...three Orion...one Defiant Class. ::That meant they had not destroyed her yet...and the Orions did not have what they were looking for either:: Chang: How long till we arrive? Helm: Twelve minutes, forty one seconds... Chang: Battle stations, arm all weapons... :: Chang had a ringside seat to the battle taking place..it was one of the benefits of having the longest range sensors in the fleet, and it enraged her further to see the Ashoka being systematically carved up. Her Tactical Officer gave her the grim news she could see on screen:: OOC:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoit0OdKt-I&list=PLH9C08qrQ7S7XKQ9tuYR90d5NhE8cGpqv&index=10 Tactical Officer: The Ashoka's shields are down. The Orions are boarding her Ma'am... :: Before she had even asked, her Helm Officer chimed in:: Helm Officer: Forty five seconds, Director... Chang: Are the Orions' shields still up? Tactical Officer: Yes... Chang: Slow to full impulse. Be ready to open fire at all ships once we close to fifty thousand kilometers... Helm/Tactical Officers: Aye... :: The three Orion ships were bracketing the Ashoka, one off her port bow, one off her starboard bow, one dead ahead:: Chang: Damage to the Orion ships? Tactical Officer: The one nearest us is most damaged, Director.. Chang: We focus on her first... Tactical Officer: All weapons ready and locked on target... Chang: Distance? Tactical Officer: Eighty thousand......seventy....sixty...fifty... :: Those were her magic words:: Chang: FIRE ALL WEAPONS!!!!! :: Chang had never unleashed her entire battery of quantum torpedoes, phaser burst cannons and heavy phasers all at once before, the drain of power so great the lights dimmed to near darkness with the output of power. The results were spactacular. All three ships were hit as Changs' helmsman ducked underneath them and the Ashoka before coming around for another pass. Surprisingly, the Orion ships had not yet moved. Seizing the situation, Chang spoke:: Chang: FIRE AT WILL!!!! :: Nothing in the fleet could out turn a Miranda Class at full impulse, and a very angry starship spit another volley of quantum torpedoes and withering phaser fire before turning again, the panicked Orion ships firing blindly into the void, seeking a target. One was visibly leaking plasma, another was bleeding oxygen...one other was afire, the flickering flame seen through her portholes:: Chang: Damage report on those ships! Tactical Officer: The closest one has heavy damage to her engine spaces, weapons offline, shields holding at sixty percent. The second one has shields at sixty two percent, heavy damage amidships and to life support... Chang: And the third? Tactical Officer: Damage to her impulse engines, aft and midship phaser arrays and torpedo launchers.. :: On the screen, they could see the three Orion starships turning away from the Ashoka:: Tactical Officer: They're running, Director.... Chang: The Ashoka? Tactical Officer: Damaged but stable. They are holding the boarding parties in check....also, I'm picking up the USS Thunder, Director... :: That was good. The Thunder could take station near the Ashoka and help them eradicate the Orion boarding team. It made her next decision easy:: Chang: Helm...lay in a pursuit course. We'll pick off the most crippled one and make them run all the way back to Orion... Helm: Gladly, Director...course laid in... Chang: Good...go get 'em..... ::As Chang watched her ship jump into warp to chase the Orions, she hoped that Zhao had been able to see the almost invisible Miranda Class on her viewscreens..she knew she would not see her on sensors, but hopefully, Zhao knew she was not alone and rescue was indeed on its way:: OOC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toKvyEw8-D8 :: The stars streaked by the viewscreen, Chang in hot pursuit. The three Orion ships were three bright dots in the center of her viewscreen. Inside, her rage burned as hot as the plasma which continued to leak from one of the Orion ships. She did not know how far she would chase them..perhaps, long enough for them to think they were out of danger, and Chang would be right there to put them down like the dogs they were:: Tactical Officer: Director...one of the vessels is slowing down...the one with the plasma leak. We're gaining on them.. :: Finally, some good news:: Chang: Stay on them, Mister Carroll.... :: The helmsman nodded:: Carroll: I'm on him, Director.... ::Suddenly, a flash of light dead ahead of them caught Changs' attention:: Tactical Officer: Director! They're dropped out of warp! ::Indeed they had. The stop was so quick it was all Carroll could do to keep from overrunning their target. Chang hung onto her chair as the (redacted) came to a stop directly astern of the beleagured Orion ship:: Tactical Officer: She's firing torpedoes!!! :: Before Chang could order the helmsman to evade, he was already doing so, bringing the ship hard over and escaping all but one of the torpedoes, the hit shaking the ship:: Chang: Damage report! Tactical Officer: Direct hit on port nacelle. Slight damage. ::They could see the ship firing again, blindly. One shot came close, rocking the ship:: Chang: Fire phasers! ::The pulse phasers ripped open a hole in the Orion ship amidships, obliterating the starboard weapons array, the hole erupting in a gusher of flame and armor as the Orion ship heeled to port under the hit. Chang swung her ship around, now lined up to pour another salvo into her:: Tactical Officer: She's dead in the water,Director. Engines offline. Shields down. She still has thrusters..and she is turning towards us... ::Chang knew the Orions could not see them, but they were going to try to fire one last salvo before they were done..or self destruct where they thought they were:: Chang: Mister Carroll...match her turn..Tactical..stand by with quantum torpedoes.... Carroll: Aye, Director..... Tactical Officer: Torpedoes locked on target... ::The Orion ship was burning almost bow to stern, but she was not done fighting yet. Chang knew it was a delay tactic, knowing that it allowed who ever commanded the fleet to escape. Looking into the viewscreen, Chang spoke:: Chang: Fire..... :: Twin torpedoes lanced out from the (redacted), one impacting just aft of the bridge, the other into her engine room. The ship mushroomed into a yellow white ball of flame and plasma...the Orion ship was gone, converted into superheated gases and shredded metal:: Chang: The other two ships? Tactical Officer: Still running at Warp Eight, Director..... Chang: Allright...set course back to the Ashoka,maximum warp.. Carroll: Aye, Director.... :: Chang settled back into her command chair, watching the warp distorted star field flow around her ship. She hoped she had done enough to save the Ashoka, and the Vulcan official who was on board her. Her fury still burned at the Orions, and the situation Starfleet Intelligence had put her in. There would be a reckoning one day with those who had put her in this position, and if she lived through what was coming, it would be sweet justice to deal with them in her own, personal way:: TBC Samantha Chang Director- Starfleet Intelligence USS (redacted) As simmed by: Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker Marine CO Acting Chief Of Security USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy C238703HP0
  5. Why did you apply to join our community?

    I came a few years ago because I loved Star Trek and used to write years ago...but once I found this group, I joined an incredible cast of people who love Star Trek, writing, and the interaction between characters. This is by far the best group on the net.
  6. (( Outside Mishai Resort Restaurant, Til'ahn )) :: The evening sun was pressing into the horizon as Heath stood outside the entrance to the resort, nervously waiting for Toni. He leaned against a low stone wall, slipping his hands into his pockets, his hand reaching up to the back of his neck to hold it. It was the most formal he had dressed in a long time. Being on the fringes of space, at the beck and call of Starfleet didn’t leave much time for society dinners and dress uniform celebrations. His white shirt was bought from the city earlier, his slate grey suit matching the flecks of grey that had started to speckle the short hair above his ears.:: :: His stomach tied itself in knots. He hadn’t worn a tie for fear of choking himself to death. He told himself he was fine, that it had been far too long for Toni to feel anything for him, and if she didn’t come then… Well, he hadn’t thought of that yet. Every ounce of him hoped she did. Even if it was just to jump him with an armed guard.:: :: With the typical flourish of the transporter, Toni’s form shimmered into being.:: Turner: ::materializing a few feet away from him:: oO Good, he showed up.Oo ::quietly:: Hi. :: He stood up. His defence was paper thin. She looked perfect. For a moment he couldn’t speak. Then, he simply smiled.:: West: Hi. Turner: You look. . . oO Should I tell him he looks distinguished and handsome? Oo ...nice. Very nice as a matter of fact. Since when did you give up cargo pants? :: The grin hadn’t dropped from his features yet.:: West: Oh, somewhere around the last moon of Jupiter. They were cramping my style. :: He took her in. Black dress, showing her legs off beautifully, her hair up, looking as professional and formal as possible. Memories of her getting up, getting dressed, tugging on her uniform danced across his mind and he tucked them away.:: West: You look incredible. Turner: Oh, it's nothing special. I just didn't have much time to look for something else. ::pulling at her earring nervously:: I.. I guess we should go in, or do you have a later reservation? :: Ever the modest Human. He nodded and opened his hand out to the large glass double doors, and they walked together. Out of habit, even after however many years it had been, he pressed his hand into the small of her back as they stood.:: ::Feeling the warmth of his hand on her back as he escorted her inside, sent a chill all over her body. It was like the first time he touched her. Somehow time had preserved all those little feelings he brought out in her. She smiled, hating to see the waiter coming to seat them.:: West: Anywhere you’d like to sit? I think they have balcony seating. Turner: See if he has a table out on the veranda. The view of the beach is beautiful this time of night, and it's peaceful out there. West: Beautiful we have already; peaceful I can appreciate. :: Having a quick word with the waiter, he showed them to a two seated table on the veranda of the restaurant. Toni was right, it was beautiful. The sun was kissing the horizon line and the sea lapped at the beach as the tide came in. They weren’t alone out there, but they were separated enough to talk without being heard.:: :: Heath pulled out her chair, a gentlemanly glint in his eye.:: :: She felt him push the chair gently to the back of her knees, seating her comfortably near the table.:: Turner: ::smiling:: Thank you. :: He sat down in his own, the waiter bringing them wine and the menus for the different kinds of food they served, catering to a variety of races at any given time. Heath knew what he wanted, without looking, and set it down on the table, looking over the flickering candle under the glass dome in the centre.:: West: You seem really settled here. ::She really hadn't thought about it, but he was right.:: Turner: Yes, I suppose I am after nearly four years on the planet. West: It’s a lovely place. I can’t see why anyone would want to leave. ::his hint of a smile returned:: How do the children like it? Turner: Well really, this is the only home that Garth has known. As you know, he was born shortly before I was sent here. And Vee had only known life on the Challenger, so being grounded on Til'ahn was an easy adjustment for them as their first honest to goodness home. :: His fingers found the base of the wine glass, lifting it in his hand and taking some down. It was good. He debated whether it was Bajoran, made from the fruit of their flowering summer trees. Bajoran. The word stuck in his mind.:: West: How are you? Turner: I like being assigned to the Embassy. It's a great place to work, and .... ::He cut her off mid-sentence.:: West: Not the Embassy, Toni. ::his head tilted slightly:: Are you alright? ::After a small quiet gasp of frustration, she saw his point, but was it his way of trying to sound like he was really interested, or just making conversation?.:: Turner: I...I'm fine. Reasonably happy,...well, not as happy .. ::looking away from him her voice dropped to a whisper:: as I could be if we could get together. ::Feeling she had said too much, she added as she faced him again:: on what to tell the children about you being back without hurting them. :: That he did know. They were far too used to him not being around, to knowing he was gone, not that he knew what Toni had told them. He imagined it was what SFI had told her. He was dead, most of the time.:: Waiter: And have you decided what you would like to eat? :: Heath took a meaningful look at Toni, his former wife, and searched his memory for what she enjoyed. :: West: It's a nice night for white wine. ::he smiled, at Toni, then looked up to the waiter:: Chicken, cooked well infused with jumba sauce. Light on the spice. Please. ::Toni was fine with him ordering for her. He had always known what she wanted better than she did.:: oO Too bad that only applied to food. Oo Turner: Sounds good...So do you still cook? West: It's been a long time since I have. I could probably still find my way around a pan. I can't believe you remember it. Turner: ::smiles:: Vee often asks me to make "Booberry Pancakes" but you know what a bad cook I am. Maybe one morning soon you and she can make some. She would love that, and I'm sure Garth would too. West: I'd love to. :: He leant forward slightly, covering her hand with his on the table. The movement was a familiar one, and Heath thought on the fact that she was the only woman he'd touched in that way for years. She was the last he would.:: West: I have this memory I've hung onto. One morning, years ago, when you got out of bed and I watched you. I remember thinking you were the most beautiful woman I'd ever set eyes on. :: he smiled, quite sadly:: I still think about it every time I wake up. ::She had a sudden compulsion to ask what she really wanted to know... Did he think they had a chance of getting back together? But at the last moment she got cold feet.:: Turner: We were happy back then. What happened to us? :: He sat back in his chair and took hold of the wine glass again, taking a long drink then placed it back down on the wooden table. :: West: I joined the Marines again. I thought I could handle it but the truth ia I can't. ::he looked up to her eyes and smiled:: I can't, Toni. It's all about to change. Turner: What kind of change? West: Starfleet. I don't want it anymore. Turner: But why? West: Because all I've ever wanted us you. ::he looked up at her:: You, me and the kids. Away from all of this. And I can't have that being dragged from each end of the quadrant. ::This was what she wanted to hear from him, but her head was telling her he was toying with her emotions again, and her heart was telling her he was telling the truth. This time she decided to take a chance with her heart.:: Turner: ::contentment showing on her face:: Oh, Heath, that's what I've always wanted too. You, me, and the children. ::She wanted to ask if he thought they had a chance to actually having what they wanted, but the waiter came with their food, and the moment was broken.:: ::Their food, in scorching plates, arrived steaming and was set down in front of them. The waiter refilled their glasses from the bottle, emptied it and took it away with him, returning seconds later with a fresh one.:: Turner: ::smiling:: After we eat, we should go to the Parker's for the celebration. We could walk along the beach to get there if you want to. ::A new arrival on the base, blessed to Hannibal and his wife. Now that would be a child Heath wanted to see. He thought of a present to get the expectant parents and decided it would be better to send it afterward. He smiled up at Toni.:: West: We’ve picked a nice night for it. (( Beach, Mishai Resort )) :: Dinner had been sweet, with conversation turning to work and the kids, back to the working of the Embassy and jumped from topic to topic that they had both missed conversing about until they were back in the open air and away from the restaurant. Now, the sun had dipped below the horizon and night had settled in, highlighting the sky with glittering stars of distant worlds. Hearing the sea lap lazily at the beach was comforting and almost poetic.:: West: So, Tallis… I really am sorry about what happened. If there was anyone I could have trusted to look after our kids in my place it was him. Turner: Yes, I'm sorry too. He was a good man, and tried his best to do right by them, but when all was said and done, he could have never replaced you. ::Lifting her foot, she reached down taking off first one shoe, then the other, preferring to walk barefooted in the sand.:: Turner: ::holding her shoes in one hand, she leaned her head on his shoulder.:: Did I tell you that we will be moving into our new house in a couple of days? Would you like to help us get moved in? We've been staying with T'Lea and Della since they came to the Embassy, and although I enjoy their company, I just think they need the privacy of their own house. ::He interlaced her fingers with his and smiled gently. He remembered T’Lea and Della. Dade had made him promise he would keep an eye on them, from his lofty tower on the Starbase.:: West: They need their own space… and so do we. Turner: Yes, we do. It will be like beginning over again for our family. :: He hoped so. He’d spent too long without them. The mornings Vee had woken him up, the evenings watching Toni watching him, a gentle rhythm that would be hard to slide back into.:: West: Nice and slow. ::Reaching the back of the Embassy grounds, they took a short cut through the garden. Toni remembered how they use to steal kisses among the trees, and wondered if he remembered as well.:: ::The garden had grown exponentially in the time he’d been away. It was cultivated, nurtured, not the sprawling mess it had been when they’d first arrived all those years ago. He remembered the little things, the times spent walking through it together. Although, he didn’t recall the painted rocks…:: West: Where’s Parker living now? Turner: It's right up ahead, in Marine Barracks, but I suppose he will be moving to the First Officer's house soon with a baby coming. :: He breathed out a laugh. Babies were everywhere.:: :: From outside the barracks they could hear the voices of the large group that had gathered.:: Turner: This must be the place. ::laughs:: ::It didn't take long for them to reach the door, pulling the lever to announce their arrival.:: TBC JP by... PNPC Major Heath West Marine Officer, Honour Guard USS Nautilus, Temporary and Fleet Captain Toni Turner Commanding Officer Embassy Duronis II USS Thunder NCC - 70605-A                
  7. (( Captain’s Office, Starfleet Embassy )) :: Dressed in the green uniform of the Marines, Heath surveyed the Captain’s Office, his hands tucked neatly behind his back. It had been a long time since he had been in there, or been granted access. Unlike Toni, she had used a code familiar to both of them and getting entry had been simple. He looked around the room for anything that might indicate a personal touch, but the Captain had been keeping it rather sparse. Pictures of their children were notably missing.:: :: Fresh flowers, from the gardens of the Embassy, were flowing from a vase on her desk. They filled the room with a delightful smell that invaded the senses. Yet, behind that, the room carried her scent, her smile - everything that a young Kerelian bartender had come to admire, love and cherish.:: :: However, the Embassy was a mausoleum to him. He would tear it down brick by brick if he could.:: ::Before going home to the children, Toni decided to stop by her office to pick up her messages. As she approached the door, she had a strange feeling that she was not alone, but looking around the outer office, she dismissed it, and opened the door.:: :: His ear twitched, listening for the sliding of the door and turned his head toward it. His hand slipped into his pocket as the door opened, revealing the Fleet Captain in the red collared uniform on the other side of it. His heart skipped a beat. A reminder of the love that permeated his every fibre for this woman..:: West: Captain. ::At first glance, the memories of their last mission played tricks on her. Surely she had died, and he had come to escort her to the other side. Tears threatened, thinking of the children and having to leave them, but when she rubbed her eyes to keep them from falling to her cheek, she realized it was only a romantic notion that someone she loved would come for her. It was him, the man she had never stopped loving, and he was alive, looking as fit and handsome as she remembered.:: Turner: Major, I... I thought you were dead. Why didn't you let me know? :: The corner of his lips curved into a gentle smile.:: West: I thought this might be… ::he toyed for the word:: ...easier. ::Tossing her padd on the desk, it was all she could do to keep from running to him, hugging him, kissing him, and never letting him go.:: Turner: Easier? Easier for who? West: Easier for Vee. For Garth. ::Steadying her urges, she leaned back against her desk and braced her hands on each side of her.:: Turner: I suppose you're right, it would have been a shock to them. You should see them, Vee has become quite the little lady, and Garth... well, he's just like you. :: He looked back to the vase of flowers, the difference of colour in the room predominantly the colours of Starfleet. He remembered finding her asleep on the Resolution. His beautiful, passionate and ferocious in the right doses partner. Memories filtered through. Dancing in their Quarters, falling asleep wrapped up in her. Those had been special days. Before the onslaught of everything else had taken over.:: West: I’ve seen them. You can see a lot when someone isn’t looking for you in a sea of faces. Turner: ::dropping her head as she nodded:: Yes, that's true, but I'm not so sure Vee doesn't still look for you. Like her mother, she tends to believe in the impossible... ::raising her eyes to his:: that love overcomes everything. :: They shared a look for a brief moment, then Heath dropped his gaze back to the desk. Love tried. Sometimes it didn’t win. Sometimes it did. Often it had to patch up wounds that were greater than chasms.:: :: Visions of him in the kitchen teaching Vee how to cook her favourite "Booberry Pancakes," entered her mind, along with making up stories to put her to sleep... and she had been privileged of witnessing the perfect father for the child they had adopted as their own.:: Turner: ::smiling:: You were a wonderful father to her. :: He hadn’t been. He’d been a ghost, or a shadow.:: West: You’re a better one. Turner: Garth needs a father. I can't teach him all he needs to know. He is eager to please and misses a man he can look up to in his life. :: He looked at Toni, a slight frown of disbelief creasing his Kerelian forehead. Garth didn’t need a father like him. He needed a strong, stable man that wouldn’t be bowing to the needs of a Starfleet he didn’t trust.:: :: Then, there was something else. A shadow of a love, of an emotion, floating in the background behind her eyes. She looked at him as though she could see right through him; past the façade of a Starfleet puppet and into his soul, much deeper than anyone had ever uncovered.:: ::She wanted to tell him she still loved him, needed him, worshipped the ground he walked on, but she wasn't sure that is what he wanted to hear.:: Turner: I wouldn't be adverse to you being a part of their life. ::moving closer:: But I'll tell you right now, if you die on them again, I'll hunt you down and kill you myself. :: He laughed. She’d defused the moment. The blonde man picked up his PADD from balancing on the edge of her desk and handed it to her. However, he didn’t doubt her threat. She probably would, disembowel him from aft to stern. He caught her blue eyes with his, then smiled, a boyish grin, completely thrown by her and awkward, in a strange way.:: West: I’d like that. Turner: ::ignoring his jest:: So how long will you be here at the Embassy? West: Temporarily. I don’t want to cause you any disruptions. ::She returned to her perch on the desk certain that he had no love for her, and had only come to warn her that he would be around for awhile. There was no use to get her hopes up so she changed the subject.:: Turner: Have you seen Dade? He thinks you are dead too. :: He hadn’t let Dade know. Their last meeting had been less than friendly.:: West: Only you. I wanted to make sure you weren’t going to murder me first. Turner: Why would I? The only reason I would is if you hurt my children, and I don't think you would knowingly do that... not Vee, nor Garth, or... ::she caught herself as she didn't know if he knew about the baby.:: :: His eyes shot up to hers.:: West: Or…? Turner: Yes, another child... Breeana, and fathered by Tallis Rhul and born after he died. :: He’d heard. It had taken all he had not to come rushing back to the Embassy and pick up the pieces, but how could he do so when Rhul had picked them up after him. He searched her face, finding the hurt had sank deeply.:: West: I’m sorry. He was a good man. He didn’t deserve that. Turner: That's okay, the marriage was ill fated from the beginning, just like us. He knew my heart lay elsewhere, but he was a willing father to Vee and Garth. :: For a moment, he dropped his gaze from hers and ran his hand through his darkening hair. His heart was still with hers, wherever she had put it, or locked it away somewhere.:: Turner: I can only hope to find someone who will love all three, doing for his as he was willing to do for yours. ::She was hitting below the belt and she knew it, but something within her wanted to hurt him as he had hurt her. Truth be told, she wanted to rip his heart out, like he had done to hers... But as hard as that was to bear, knowing now how much he hated her, she still loved him.:: ::Now she was boxing with bricks instead of gloves. He felt that swing hit, and it would bruise, but it wasn’t uncalled for. They had swung between lovers and fighters for so long; it was hard to tell what the other was thinking any more. The Kerelian returned his brown-eyed gaze to hers and a thought struck him that hadn’t in years.:: West: I forgot how blue your eyes are. Turner: oO What was that? He's toying with me.Oo ::glancing straight at him:: I'm surprised you remember anything about me. :: Time suspended for a second or two, a moment caught between worlds that had been on the brink of passing one another in the night.:: West: Meet me for dinner later. Turner: ::curtly:: No! West: Come on, there’s got to be something you used to like about me still here. ::he smiled:: Just you and me. I can remind you of why you don’t miss me. ::She gazed at him for a long moment, taking in that boyish grin that taunted her, the flicker in his eyes that teased her, and that baritone voice that lulled her into submission. The moment was no different. She gave into him:: Turner: ::swallowing hard as if expecting him to spurn her again:: Alright, where and what time? :: His last visit to the Embassy had been under different circumstances and he hadn't had chance to discover the place properly, but he had heard mention of a resort on the coast from his sources. He fought to suppress the smile, fighting a losing battle.:: West: This evening, that resort on the beach... Mishai, is it? ::he exhaled a laugh gently:: I could always cook you something if you promise to wear that dress again. ::Remembering their first date, the yellow eyelet dress he had liked so much, and the first time he had cooked Lamb for her, but that meant being alone in his quarters with him, and she didn't think she could take the pain of rejection under those circumstances.:: Turner: Mishai will do fine. Say around 1800 hours? The children will be asleep by then. Speaking of them, I have to go to spend some time with them. I've been away on a Mission and I've missed them. West: I'm looking forward to it. :: He smiled, leaving his PADD on her desk, amidst the rest of them mounting up. The night would progress from there, but fearing she was planning his poisoning, he went back to professional mode.:: West: My temporary arrangements from Starfleet. I hope I won't get in the way too much. Turner: You won't. TBC Fleet Captain Toni Turner Commanding Officer Embassy Duronis II - USS Thunder NCC - 70605-A Deputy Commandant UFOP SB118 Academy - Executive Council Member &
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  9. round 12 JP: Turner/Waltas/Parker - A Shot at the Title II

    It was a question of honor.....
  10. round 8 PNPC T'Ana- Teaching Moments (NT)

    (( Marine Holodeck - USS Thunder-A )) :: T'Ana sat on the floor cross legged watching the ship's company of marines practice their combat skills in the holodeck training program, sweat dripping off her face and her careful posed expression of neutral disinterest visible to her six guards. They stood in the corners and center of a rectangular part of the holodeck cordoning her off from the rest of the crew here. :: :: Being a prisoner as long as she had been, certain things had to be taken care of. They were not allowed to keep her in solitary confinement forever and so she was given one hour every two days to exercise on the holodeck. It was always with a the main component of marines so there was no chance of an escape. T'Ana would never attempt such a brash act, but already had figured her best options, if she so chose, was transport between her cell and the holodeck. Whoever was planning her security arrangement had experience dealing with high profile people. The person, whoever it was, made sure she was always escorted with six at a distance, no transporter was ever used in case of an interception, and her ability to move undetected was impossible thanks to so many eyes. :: T'Ana: oO I do love a puzzle, nameless. Oo :: Focusing ahead, she saw a young marine in hand to hand combat with another, more seasoned. It was the knife fight drill and the poor kid kept getting put down each time. :: T'Ana: :: muttering :: You're extending your arm to far. :: Her voice must have been louder than she planned or his hearing was much better than she anticipated. :: Conner: ::anry:: What was that? :: The marines in the general area stopped what they were doing, but T'Ana did not rise to the bait. She remained seated. :: T'Ana: You're over extending your attacks. You've been dueling him for over fifteen minutes now and haven't found his weakness. Adams: Weakness? What weakness? :: The seasoned veteran did not like being used as an example. Angry and proud. Just the way she liked them. A small crossed her face. :: T'Ana: You favor your left leg to move out of range of a thrust so you can come underneath your opponent in a throw. :: Adams scoffed, but his eyes told her that he knew what she was capable. The message she sent with the naked marines a few months ago still rang in their minds. Standing slowly so her guards did not get jumpy, she turned to them. :: T'Ana: May I? Johns: What? T'Ana: :: sarcastic:: I'm in a holodeck with imaginary weapons and safeties on. I doubt I can get away. :: They were a little unsure, but Adams stepped up and tossed her one of the rubber knives. She flipped it so the blade lay against her forearm and not pointed out. :: T'Ana: In a knife fight, Private Conner, your advantage is the usage of your blade. You want to keep a low profile to your enemy and get in close. You need to watch their body language to know how they are going to strike. :: Adams stepped up and T'Ana remained motionless. Adams was smart, he did not move against her so she began to circle with the blade still laying against her arm. With a quick movement, the Romulan assassin stepped in to range and Adams lashed out with the blade, she bent her torso backwards to avoid the blade and then before he could step back from her thrust, she placed the top of her foot against the back of the knee enough to make him stumble. The movement was subtle and relied on his momentum and as he began to fell, her fake blade cracked him across the throat gently. :: T'Ana: You're dead. :: The marines had begun to gather as she returned to her defenseless posture. She looked at them. :: T'Ana: I am guessing from your training that you all are improving your hand to hand combat skills for security details. Your commander believes more assassins are coming and so wants you to be prepared. Your folly is that you are thinking like marines, not like an assassin. Conner: What do you mean? :: Connor was the curious one. That was good. His youth did not taint his opinion of her yet. He saw a learning opportunity, but remained guarded of her. :: T'Ana: Marines are honorable. Marines fight for their loved ones, they fight for their pack, they fight for their people. :: There was a murmur of agreement. They were very pack minded and she knew that Major Parker's morale building had not gone to waste. :: Adams: And how is that not good? T'Ana: Because...assassins think of one thing. Complete the assignment. There is no honor. There is only the target. You think assassins will come at you from the front or the back. We will come sideways. Poison, long range sniper shots, close quarters combat from where you least expect it. When you patrol with your VIP, do you even bother to wonder if the security has been infiltrated? What about that diminutive maid who has been working at the residence for three years? Assassins will do what they have to to kill their target. They know weakness and they *will* exploit it. :: There were growls and her words were unsettling. That was what she wanted. Hannibal was a very good soldier and his black op files were filled with perfect missions, but each were run by a team and they completed as a team. Assassins were alone and that's how they thought. T'Ana: You all have weaknesses. Know them and the enemy will have a harder time exploiting them. Adams: What weaknesses? Your little trick was good, but that's in fighting. :: It was a challenge and she needed to prove her words more than anything. :: T'Ana: You're weakness is women. I've seen how you stare at me and the rest of your female comrades. An assassin will see that and use it to their advantage. Connor, you're trusting and will believe any sob story handed to you, Morgan, you're anger blinds you to the obvious, Gregson, your loyalty to the Federation keeps you from seeing any enemy wearing your uniform. If you are to fight an assassin DO NOT trust anything or anyone until your target is safe or the attacker is dead. :: With that, she turned and headed for the door with her guards behind her. They needed to be ready. There would be another and she had to make sure that no one was killed. If she couldn't complete the mission, no one was going to be allowed. :: ~tbc~ PNPC T'Ana Romulan Assassin As Simmed By... Lt Cmdr Nugra First Officer USS Thunder-A Embassy, Duronis II
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