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  1. I gotta go with the Sovereign Class. They can take a licking and keep on ticking while pounding on the bad guys.
  2. Hannibal is a soldier to his core, so political office is not something he would seek. He feels he will have a greater effect out in the black than cooped up in some plush office....blech....
  3. That is hard to believe...but you can't beat Defiant Class nose art....where would you put it on a Nova Class?
  4. Mirandas are playable as far as I know....Defiant Class not sure....
  5. I've got a real love for the Miranda Class. Lots of guns, multi mission capable and capable of just about anything. I like them so much when I do make Captain, I'm picking a Miranda Class as my ship...an updated one...with armor, regenerative shields and a bigger hangar bay. According to STO, Miranda production was restarted in 2406, so you never know...heh..heh..heh...maybe it started a little early...
  6. Although I did not submit one this time, I look forward to reading them. Hopefully next time, I will have the time to write one.
  7. Interesting treatment of terrorism by Star Trek. The good part is the writers of ST tried to show enough of both sides ...but, as it has been said, one mans' freedom fighter is another mans' terrorist. At the end of the day, it's all about how survives to write the narrative. Neutrality is a nice thing, but it's hard to remain that way once you see the unbiased truth from both sides, especially in regards to the Bajoran/Cardassians and the Maqui. Very interesting program, and would love to see what Part Two has to say.
  8. Hannibal would listen to just about anything, depending on his mood. Plus as a piano player he has been exposed to many different styles of music.
  9. Use every tactical trick known to Starfleet to get rid of the Borg once and for all. They keep coming, we keep shooting....
  10. I'd have to go with "Bones." If you read my wiki page, you will know why...
  11. Every year, this community gets better and better. Congrats to all the winners!
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