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  1. This Challenge is officially closed! Each entry has also been entered into the Ongoing Worlds contest (unless its author specifically asked that it not be). Results should be out in about a week, so stay tuned!
  2. Done and done! I'm not sure if they'll send you a confirmation, but I have entered your story :-)
  3. I'm afraid I can't consider this entry because it's not in the first person. If you'd like to rewrite it so it is and resubmit it by tonight, I'd be happy to consider it :-)
  4. I wouldn't worry about it, and I'll go ahead ahead and post it to the OGW contest for you!
  5. Yep, and I wouldn't necessarily want to read six dozen twenty-page entries.... But this time, the limit's theirs, and -- hey, just call me the messenger!
  6. For Challenges, the format in general is completely up to you. For this one, the only requirement is that it's first person, so you could do regular simming format or some sort of script format or a novel format, or whatever. Perhaps something new entirely? It's up to you!
  7. Salutations, wonderful writers and regular readers, and welcome to this special Writing Challenge for the month of July! Please peruse this post with proper prudence, as it contains the guidelines, rules, and other important bits regarding entering your submission, which are a little different than usual for this unique Challenge. For this month only, we'll be drawing our inspiration from Ongoing Worlds's First Person Fortnight competition. This Challenge will not have a standard theme; instead, all stories must be written as a first person narrative. To participate in the Challenge, please c
  8. Time is... by Kalianna Nicholotti reviewed by Alleran Tan --------------------------------------------- This story had me from "My name is Commander Stewart, and I am from the future.". I have to admit I really liked this entry, and I think it captured the topic choice perfectly. There was a use of the metaphorical clock, along with the literal one, seemed like a deliberate attempt to show that this story was paying attention; it wasn't just "a story with a clock", it was a story that was *about* a clock. This was very good to see. I had a lot of trouble finding something wrong with this sto
  9. To live a memory best left in the past by Tal Tel-ar reviewed by Arden Cain --------------------------------------------- Once again Commander Tal Tel-ar has written a wonderfully detailed story. The rich details used to create the planet and local tribe produced the desired atmosphere flawlessly. Giving the reader the basic history of the planet and its people is also awesome as it allows one to speculate further toward the end of the story. This is honestly one of the hardest themes that I have had to judge. As always the entries are all great but the theme, a broken clock, isn't the eas
  10. The Broken Clock - Time for a Last Stand by Eyas Wulfantine reviewed by Toni Turner --------------------------------------------- If ever a title fit, Eyas certainly named his manuscript correctly. And with that in mind as I began reading, masterfully crafted words began to set up the scenario, putting me smack dab in the middle of the of Lieutenant Weyland's malnourished, cold, fearful, yet brave squad. At no time did Eyas give an inkling of hope for the squad, but truthfully, I found myself rooting for them to be victorious despite their adversaries, and Eyas delivered on that too. The enti
  11. "A Broken Clock - Nine Lives" by S'Acul Aveunallliv reviewed by Aron Kells --------------------------------------------- The first thing that I appreciate about this story is that it made me work! It presents two apparently unrelated narratives sequentially, tied together only by a reference to Kilratha, and without tripping over any clunky explanations insists that its readers connect the two together. It's also written in a loping, easy style that helps carry the reader through the future captain's hellish [...]pit to the surface of Cait. The choice of Cait and the Caitians should be no surp
  12. Greetings, everyone, and thanks for your patience! I'm pleased to announce that the judges for this round -- Fleet Captain Toni Turner, Lieutenant Commander Arden Cain, Lieutenant Alleran Tan, and Commander Aron Kells -- have conferred and selected a winner and a runner-up from the entries. The winner of the May & June Writing Challenge, with her story, "Time Is...," is Kali Nicholotti! Our runner-up, with his entry into his ongoing saga, "The Broken Clock - Time for a Last Stand," is Eyas Wulfantine! Congratulations to you both! The May & June stories and rules, save this response thr
  13. Greetings, my friends, and thank you to everyone who submitted an entry. The May/June Contest is now officially closed, and judging will occur over the next week. We'll have the announcement of the winner and the runner-up and some feedback for every story soon, so stay tuned!
  14. ((Sickbay, Deck 8, USS Mercury)) ::He had never encountered the Borg before, yet even without doing so they were an anathema to him. To one trained to protect and fortify one’s mind to any outside incursion, the idea that one could be overrun by nanites and one’s consciousness irresistibly subverted to the greater Collective was abhorrent.:: ::Avoiding or ignoring the issue would, however, have been illogical. And so he had studied the Borg, as he studied any fascinating alien species. Not that they were truly a species, rather a disease caused by these nanites, and as a doctor he stud
  15. Hello, lovely writers and dutiful readers, and welcome to the third Writing Challenge of 2012! Please peruse this post with proper prudence, as it contains the guidelines, rules, and other important bits regarding entering your submission. Alleran Tan, winner of the March/April Challenge, joins your esteemed panel of judges for this round, and has also chosen the challenge topic, "A Broken Clock." Certainly time travel has been an important part of the Trek world for many years, from 2009's movie to the finales of TNG and Voyager, but how will your entry interpret the theme? I and the other ju
  16. "Lost Feelings of Sand and Rain" by Danica Valyn reviewed by Velana --------------------------------------------------- Evoking a place with only words is notoriously difficult, but you absolutely nailed a beach in Florida after a summer storm; I felt like I was back home. I also loved the emotion between these two characters which you showed us through their actions as well as their dialogue. Understanding that this was just a moment in time in their long relationship, I still feel like I wanted more meat to the conversation, more conflict. What drove these two people apart in the first place
  17. "The Tempest" by Alleran Tan reviewed by Aron Kells --------------------------------------------------- This made me laugh straight off, and with so many dark and heavy responses to this challenge, that approach was an unexpected but welcome turn. I was more impressed, though, by the idea of the universe's worst Klingon in hell, and this story would have rated highly simply for that idea. But what makes this a poignant story is that it doesn't just rely on that first disjoint of Vaala in Grethor to make its points. It's deeper than that: It's a story about faith. Is what happened to Vaala real
  18. "Hollow Scream" by Damian Fleming reviewed by Aron Kells --------------------------------------------------- This story begins immediately with a clear image of what's going on and runs with it, from the bridge to the runabout, thanks to the shared knowledge of Trek reader and author bring to the table. To the writer I give mad props for combining the normal Trek "magic technology" (aka technobabble) with real science (sound waves won't travel in space, but maybe the nebular gases are substantial enough to serve as a propagating medium). There's a lovely build-up of tension to finding the frei
  19. "More than just a storm" by Tal Tel-ar reviewed by Arden Cain --------------------------------------------------- What would shoreleave be without a little choas? Well the answer would be, it a pretty boring time despite the persons original intent. Even with this common theme being used throughout most fiction, I deeply enjoyed this story because it kept me on the edge of my seat. I couldn't wait to find out what would happen next and at no point did I find the encounter describe stereotypical. This story was very detailed and well planned. With that in mind I would have liked to get a more
  20. "The Gathering Storm" by Eyas Wulfantine reviewed by Eden Redstone --------------------------------------------------- The author is good with description and there are nice touches that bring the moments alive (monolith against the tempest, chasing nemesis at their heels, etc.). Nicely done. However, I think the story loses a lot of its impact by the use of flashbacks. If you had removed the boarding scene and started instead with the Graven and Sala as prisoners then moved to the clifftop, I think it would have had greater emotional impact and just ended with the body washing up on shore, an
  21. "Standfast... The Tempest has Arrived!" by Viktor Lanius reviewed by Toni Turner --------------------------------------------------- This was definitely an original story carved from the writer's creativity. It was a story of fears, and reaching out for someone to calm them - Someone to see the cause of nightmarish dreams, when Ensign Jameson could not. A story of being lost and needing a guide. And that guide was the ship's counselor. To me, Lanius brought the essence of what a counselor can do to help those in need of his service, and that's something we tend to miss in our daily sims. Other
  22. "Tentacle Storms" by Zinna reviewed by Toni Turner --------------------------------------------------- "Tentacle Storms" was a well-written fast paced piece with plenty of action. Lt. JG Zinna did a very nice job with descriptions and dialog. In reading this story of the ultimate sacrifice the crew made, was a side story of and entire a family that was compelling. I kept getting flashes of the last Star Trek movie when Kirk was born. So much so that it was distracting to picture anything except the tentacles of the Romulan ship. What was surprising, was that after keying up for the wife and
  23. "In the Shadow of a New Alliance" by Kalianna Nicholotti reviewed by Karynn Ehlanii Brice --------------------------------------------------- I'd like to start off by saying "well done." This is a very well-written piece of writing and one that I really enjoyed. I loved your characterizations and descriptions of Ili'kai and Kital Creena. You did a great job at bringing both to life and I love the foil they made for each other. Additionally the pace was great and kept me interested and the story was without any glaring spelling/grammar mistakes which made it easy to read. My one criticism i
  24. Greetings, folks! As you may know, with the retirement of Captain Tallis, I've taken over as facilitator for the Writing Challenges, and I'm pleased to say that I was extremely pleased by the turnout for the March & April round! Please also remember to give your thanks to our fantastic panel of judges -- Karynn Ehlanii Brice, Toni Turner, Eden Redstone, Arden Cain, and last round's winner Velana -- who read and ran every entry and provide the feedback you'll see here shortly. Without further ado, the winner of the March & April challenge, with his story "The Tempest," is Alleran Tan! P
  25. ((Dense Jungle, 3 kilometres from the Laurel Celestia, Saksenna Impact +12 minutes, Unnamed Planet)) :: The thick coppery taste of blood filled his mouth again as Oliver dragged himself through the mud on his stomach. As quietly as possible he spit it out and dragged himself further along the game trail and away from the monstrously heavy and laboured breathing behind him. At this point the Laurel Celestia was a dream, and the only real focus he had left was the breathing in the jungle behind him, and his desire to get as far from it as possible. The deep rhythmic breathing that sounded
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