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  1. I do not think that your solution is as masterful or as successful as you claim Captain Walker. And here is why. It doesn't matter if you send a shuttle or a starship into the neutral zone, you are still trespassing and that is all the provocation the Klingons (or other random enemy) needs to justify attacking. So with that in mind the moment the enemy commander realises what you are up to, you can say bye bye to your entire load of shuttles having successfully rescued no hostages. And then lets face it, the only reason the enemy might choose not to then attack your starship is because he/she can't be bothered. Although you have just crossed the neutral zone line so I wouldn't be putting much faith in hoping that the Klingons will hold back. There is no honor is destroying a bunch of shuttles so I think they would come after you anyway. You did mention the idea of using transporters to beam through your shuttles shields to get back to your starship but I do not think that this would be practical in a combat situation even knowing the precise shield calibrations in use. Beaming through shields is a precision task even when not in combat so whats the odds it can successfully be done a dozen times when under fire from dozens of Klingon warships. Without cheating this test has no successful solution and that is the point. If there was a way to think yourself out of it then I am sure Kirk would have found it. Personally I tend to think it more of a stress test then a tactics scenario with a side touch of morals and ethics. Communication buoys and all that is great but I think the best course of action would be to run in as discreet and as fast as possible, beam the survivors aboard and warp out phasers firing as needed. I will admit that my chances of surviving is still nil but there is something to be said about the simplistic approach.
  2. I think it would be extremely uncomfortable either way. I mean latinum strips aren't exactly small.
  3. Greetings, I am sure that your going to have a blast in the Academy. Welcome to the Fleet.
  4. It isn't that hard to see that a lot of people see the potential for them to make a lot of money from having the bridge. Its what, one of two still existing? Personally I don't think that it would be bad for a museum or theme park to get their hands on it. They would be able to educate the visitors to it about space and Trek and that is what it should be used for. The only draw back is for it to fall into disrepair and eventually turned into scrap but the fact is that that is an outcome that could happen no matter who owns it.
  5. I think that before too long it will be a question of how much will a company offer to buy it outright.
  6. Yeah I am going to also say that Q is no villain in any of the episodes he was in. With that said Q has got to be one of the best characters ever seen and the acting by John DeLancie was always epic. I will say however that if I was to actually meet a Q in real life I would be doing anything but laughing and patting him on the back. Q might not have been a threat but "the Q" (I mean the species here) could easily outstrip the Borg if they really wanted to be the bad guys. Not counting the Borg, I think that Dukat is probably among the best villains seen. Personally I think its because of the scope of his actions and desires. He wanted more then to just get revenge on one man.
  7. That is an instant classic. I too definitely laughed more then I should and I am definitely not going to touch on why the Enterprise gets all the "good" missions. lol.
  8. That is certainly very cool. I am glad that the bridge didn't get thrown in the scrap pile.
  9. But what do you believe in? Cadet Arden Cain had long since forgotten that the training mission that he, four other cadets and a Lieutenant Commander, was on had gone horribly wrong. Or at least that was how Arden saw the mission, he could never really tell though when it came to the motives of the Academy instructors. What should have been a routine re-supply mission suddenly and violently become refresher course in survival. As it happened, a Romulan Warbird attacked the cadet’s shuttle on their way back to base. How they survived the initial attack Arden could only guess. What he did know however was that soon thereafter the group landed their battered shuttle on a devastated space station, which made Arden wonder how it was still in one piece, to affect repairs and hide till they could be rescued or escape safely. The station itself was abandoned and so provided a safe haven with tolerable atmosphere. It clearly wasn’t the best hole to hide in but it would do Arden thought. Considering the state that the space station was in Arden wasn’t just sitting around waiting to be rescued instead he was working on repairing the shuttle. Even Arden’s supervisor, Lieutenant Commander Eve Harrington, recognized that it was their best chance at survival but it was also a way to keep Arden preoccupied. After two days and dodging many attempts by the Romulans to be located, the cadets were all on edge and even the Commander’s usually icy exterior was melting under the strain. Being the only engineer in the group Arden couldn’t help but feel the expectations of the other cadets as the third day began and crept by slowly. Joined by a male Vulcan science cadet named T’Bol and a female Bajoran operations cadet who went by the name of Rista, Arden laid on his back with his head inside one of the shuttles control consoles. It was his hope that he would be able to physically reroute past damaged parts of the ship to get the shuttle operational. He preferred that idea to having to rewrite the shuttle’s computer coding. He was under no illusions that the bypasses that he was trying might not work even though he was already an expert in the art of jury rigging. The truth of the matter was that Arden was as desperate as the rest of the cadets and their commanding officer. Arden just chose to call on whatever stubbornness he inherited from his Father to help him through this mess as he always did. Conversation had been light between the three Cadets up until that point. While Arden went about his slow repairs he gave instructions to Rista who wasn’t entirely useless with the shuttles systems, just not well versed at acting outside of standard operating procedures that Star Fleet schooled their future officers in. As she kept running into dead ends Rista occasionally murmured comments that Arden had concluded were prayers and requests for guidance from “the Prophets”. Arden didn’t find that odd at all, as T’Bol would say “it was only logical” for the woman to act as she did. The difference was that where Rista turned to her gods for guidance in the face of failure Arden was glad to hear what worked and what didn’t. It gave him direction for further attempts even if his spirits were dangerously low. After what seemed like forever Arden finally inserted an isolinear chip and the console seemed to power up but after only a handful of seconds the whole thing went dead once more. Retreating from under the console Arden sat on the floor of the shuttle leaning against the console in question, a look of defeat on his face. He was too tired to hide his defeated expression just as he was unashamed to admit that he had tried pretty much everything he knew to no avail. After a moment T’Bol was the first to speak which surprised Arden as T’Bol hadn’t said much of anything. The Vulcan rarely did. “You’re not a religious man are you Cadet Cain?” T’Bol spoke stating the question as if he already had the answer. T’Bol was like that, never asking questions that he didn’t already have the answers to. Arden didn’t know if that had something to do with logic or was just a personality trait. For some reason Arden was afraid to ask. “No, I’m not. Although that isn’t to say that I don’t discourage others from believing in gods and the like.” Arden replied not knowing where his Vulcan comrade was going with this line of questioning. “Of course, I would expect nothing less from someone training to be a Star Fleet officer. There must be something you believe in though?” T’Bol returned dryly. Arden honestly thought about T’Bol’s question because the Vulcan did have a point as much as Arden hated to admit it. He always believed that matters of faith whether it be in logic, honor or some god was left for more private environments as it exposed a part of Arden that he didn’t like people to see. That is to say that he preferred to keep such conversations away from certain Vulcan class mates who were far to nosy, far to insensitive when their curiosity was peaked. For Arden completing the job was all that mattered and it didn’t require discussion about belief systems, whether he knew what his beliefs were or not. Now it seemed though that he would have little choice but to engage in the topic. “One would think that what T’Bol asks is not a hard question. You must have something that helps you through dark times.” Rista mused idly. “I mean when I am troubled I turn to the Prophets just as T’Bol would seek logic. I suppose scientifically minded people have trouble doing that though.” “I won’t deny that I have trouble believing in the idea of an all powerful deity.” Arden told them flatly. “Before joining Star Fleet Academy I traveled extensively, I saw many religions and belief systems but I could never relate to any of them.” In Arden’s mind that brought him back to his first comment. While he could never relate to any one of the multitude of belief systems he had been exposed to Arden was accepting of people’s right to believe in what they choose to. As long as they didn’t start preaching to him, he would similarly let them be. That approach had served him well thus far surely it would continue to serve him when he eventually graduated from the Academy, if he managed to survive that long. “Yes, but what do you believe in Cadet Cain? You never answered the question.” T’Bol persisted. “What inspires you to survive in times such as this?” Arden paused taking a couple breaths to give him time to think on his response. Finally Arden did reply in a calmer manner then he was a few minutes again as if he suddenly found inspiration out of thin air. “If I have to answer the question then I would say, I am what inspires me. I learned a long time again that I couldn’t rely on some unseen force to help me.” Arden told them. Looking at both their faces Arden could tell they were waiting for more so he continued. “The only force driving me through a crisis is me. Take now for instance, whether I give up or try something different is ultimately up to me as I am the only one that will be able to change my perspective on this dismal situation. You two might look to a higher power but me, I look into myself to find the answers I need. Who else can I depend on?” Arden could tell that both Rista and T’Bol objected to his views almost immediately. Arden imagined that T’Bol would say that his approach was prone to error and that depending on only oneself was illogical. Meanwhile Arden thought that Rista would simply be offended by his bluntness and blasphemous attitude towards what could not be proven, even though that wasn’t strictly true. Neither of those potential opinions concerned Arden. T’Bol and Rista would think what they liked and if Arden did manage to make it off the space station by some chance maybe Arden might look into his beliefs again at some point. For the time being though, Arden decidedly inwardly that he had had enough moping, that he had a few other tricks that he could try. That was all that mattered. Commander Arden Cain First Officer USS Mercury
  10. Yes but it is the second in this series. Anyway who would go and see it if it were labeled Star Trek 12!!!
  11. I would think that the old Spock would be sensible enough to follow the temporal prime directive in those situations. Having said that I don't know if JJ Abrams would do the same.
  12. Barely holding it together Lieutenant Mellita Herodion stood at her customary station, Tactical, looking like she had just gone twelve rounds with a Klingon warrior. In truth her injuries had been caused in a two minute long scuffle with a male Orion during a boarding attempt of the USS Hornet. The boarding attempt was only the last significant attempt by the Orion Syndicate to reclaim a couple hundred beings that were meant to be sold as slaves but that didn't seem to matter to Melitta anymore as it once had. Melitta didn't care because having gotten precious little sleep in the past seventy-two hours and having the Hornet attacked time and again since the rescue, the problem the Hornet's crew faced had become so much bigger. Bigger then Melitta's scrapes and bruises and definitely more concerning then a group of political refugees as the Hornet, an Akira class vessel, had been damaged to an extent that warp two was the best that the old ship could manage with rapidly diminishing weapons capabilities. The funny thing was that even while Melitta worked at her console inputting commands with practiced speed and efficiency doing her best to ignore her tiredness, Melitta couldn't think of anywhere else she would prefer to be. She wouldn't have traded her place on the Hornet for that of a Sovereign class vessel or even to be on shore leave on her home world of Til'ahn more commonly known as Duronis two. Melitta looked up to see Captain Elise Kardon come out of her ready room with a grim look on her face and not for the first time since the ordeal had started. There was no need for Kardon to ask the status of the different departments because everyone around knew the answers would have been the same as the last time they had been asked. What had changed though was updates from Star Fleet Command that Captain Kardon was undoubtedly carrying. "Getting straight to it," Kardon said. "The nearest Star Fleet vessel won't reach us for another twenty-four hours. Our orders are to continue on course until then. Oh and nice work in regards to adapting that fighter's communications array Morris." "You did mention that this isn't about slaves anymore Captain," Commander Sam Felke complained. "Hell the Syndicate is hounding us to make a point. We should.." The first officer didn't get to finish his sentence as the Captain cut him off mentioning her utter disbelief that any of her officers would suggest disobeying orders from the Admiralty let alone hers. Melitta also found the idea unthinkable both morally and ethically not to mention that abandoning a mission was a sure fire way to kill one's career. Having said that she also knew that not everyone on the Hornet chose to be on an outdated ships that got into trouble a lot. Melitta only half listened as Felke and Kardon exchanged another round of tense remarks. The more Melitta thought about the more she realized that the First Officer had been acting increasingly unusual in the past day or so. At first Melitta thought nothing of it, it was just the pressure and fatigue getting to everyone but looking up from her console once more to see the human male pull his phaser from his belt and aiming it at the Captain made Melitta quickly rethink her analysis. Melitta hadn't been involved in a mutiny before that moment but it seemed very similar to when the boarding party beamed onto the Hornet. As Captain Kardon had been standing in front of the view screen she successfully dived for the cover of one of the bridge turbolifts but that wasn't Melitta's first priority. Backing up toward the engineering alcove directly behind her she came face to face with a nervous ensign pointing his phaser at her. Before it could be fired at Melitta she grabbed the ensigns head and slammed it into the console before quickly ducking into the alcove for cover. Perhaps the difference between defending against boarding parties and mutinies was that in split seconds friends and colleagues could become the enemy. Having served with some of the people around her for years Melitta hesitated in returning fire. Feeling rapid vibrations from multiple directions signaled to Melitta that phasers were being fired or about to be so she ducked just in time to avoid one such phaser blast. Typically Melitta didn't patently make use of her fielding abilities but it had saved her life as well as remind her that allegiances had been decided when she knocked out the engineering ensign. Out of the seven officers on the bridge Melitta was the only one to support Captain Kardon. She didn't know want had been said to convince the rest of the senior bridge crew to turn on Kardon and it didn't truly matter. Being the last person standing was what counted, motives could be discovered later. Staying as low as possible Melitta fired her phaser repetitively hitting the operations and science officers with marine-like accuracy. At the same time Kardon had stunned Morris who was at the helm. That left only Kardon, Felke and Melitta conscious. Ducking to avoid another series of phaser blasts aimed at her, Melitta only rose cautiously when she heard a thump sound. In the door way of the crew break room lay Commander Felke's body, Captain Kardon standing a couple meters away. Walking back to her console slowly Melitta let out a groan as she saw several warning indicator. One of which said that another Orion vessel was only five minutes away. "Are you ok lieutenant?" Kardon asked simply but with a grateful look on her face. Melitta moved a few stray locks of hair behind her ear before replying. "No injuries Captain but we do have another Syndicate vessel incoming. ETA four minutes, arming weapons and raising shields." Melitta stated before quickly speaking again in a slightly more lively manner. "Should I call for replacement crew Captain?" ------------- Lt. Commander Arden Cain First Officer USS Mercury NCC-99812
  13. Ok this may be a slightly stupid question but who do these regulations apply to? Is it only between two star fleet officers serving together or an officer and a civilian?
  14. But isn't that exactly what your signing on to when you agree to marry anyone in a military service even in this day and age. I'm not saying being faithful would be easy in that situation but marriage isn't about convenience. Just another side note on this point, in the case of deep space missions wouldn't it be possible to have your spouse posted on the same ship as yourself. Just as you would take your family aboard with you depending on the ship and captain's preference.
  15. I was looking for a online game that I would be able to playing given certain annoying restrictions placed upon my internet (One of the downsides of university accommodation). Other sites I found were not as active and I love Star Trek so after days of pondering what my character would eventually be, I signed up. For some reason I thought I had to have all those details worked out in advance but that is neither here nor there. Suffice to say I definitely love it here.
  16. Perhaps the marriage contract serves a dual purpose. I agree that the length of the contract seems a bit bizarre but does it also formalise the union in a "legal" capacity similar to what happens in the real world. Surely something similar would occur in the 24th century.
  17. They are two very different design philosophies. Without shields the Galactica is designed to take big hits and keep shooting. The Galactica isn't pretty but is tough. UFOP ships are perhaps designed with some aesthetics in mind. Considering that energy weapons are the primary threat we consider the shields sufficient protection. Oh and don't forget the Akira class, thats one tough ship.
  18. Yeah I also have to agree. Three mini series within one season ain't the best way to return Star Trek to tv. I'm also not sure about using the Enterprise -E (or later). At least with another ship or space station there isn't a need to up the ante.
  19. That is tough. I believe it comes down to strategy used and how the conflict starts. Star Fleet vessels are ill equipped to deal with ballistic weaponry so shields would be useless. Likewise a phaser strike and a couple of photon torpedoes could cause major damage to the Galactica. I would bet on the Soverign class though. Through a combination of mobility and range they should last it out against any fighter sent they way. Throw in some creative transporter usage (lets say a large bomb beamed right inside the galactica) and they have a win.
  20. Maybe even add a section outlining appropriate behaviour while on duty. On the lines of decision making cannot be swayed by attachment to ones spouse etc etc. Although it would appear to be common sense, its logical to include it.
  21. Yes you make a couple of good points Saveron. These regulations do seem very human-centric. I would imagine that at the time this was written humans made the bulk of Star Fleet officers etc. If we were to update it, I would think that medical concerns (more specifically regarding genetic deficiencies) would be less of a concern based on current medical technology.
  22. I love the idea of this one. While it is even more darker then what DS9 was it definitely has potential. The idea of potentially re-founding the Federation is quite exciting especially after it is introduced as this tyrannical empire.
  23. Take your time, looking forward to hearing from you!!

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