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  1. Welcome! We've had quite a few players come to us who don't know a lot about Trek but that's okay, you learn as you go. Everyone here is very friendly and understanding so I'm sure you'll have a great time.
  2. ((OOC: I’m making a new word, “lom” to be the diminutive casual equivalent of “boy/girl” for a lomale. This takes place later on, the day after the card game.)) ((Deep Space 6, Promenade)) ::The public call center on Deep Space 6 was nearly empty. Iniko could walk right in and make a call, no waiting in line. Jhe could also have simply made the call from jheas room on the Darwin. But that would have given too much away. Jhe turned away, thinking to put it off again. Jhe had already walked away twice before, unable to face this meeting. But jhe was running out of shore leave, and jhe suspecte
  3. Welcome! Hope you enjoy training. How'd you hear about us? One of your current players told me about the game and I thought it sounded like fun. Sounds awesome! Who was it who introduced you?
  4. ((Interrogation Room, Unknown Warship - Orbit Around Zakdorn)) ::Finally getting the resolution to his burning questions, Tor'kath was relieved to know that the endeavor had been successfully completed. The pilot Mar Valek had managed to secure the objective, and having finally broken the Starfleet captain Renos, he was certain that the warship's true intent at Zakdorn was still secure. He was ready to return Renos to nir own ship and disappear into the ethers, but his henchman had accidentally administered a mortal blow to the captive. Tor'kath had already risked the anonymity of his ship
  5. Hi Joey! It's great to meet you. I'm James and I come from Scotland! I earn my money as a butcher/fishmonger (I'm trained for both and do both depending on what shifts are available at my workplace). We're all very friendly and our training class is a really excellent way to learn the ropes so I'm sure you'll settle in here just fine.
  6. Paramount needs to up its game so bad. Star Trek already has such a strong fan base and this would likely go up if they produced quality shows that captured the imaginations of people unfamiliar with it.
  7. ((Jefferies Tube, Deck 8)) ::Shallowly breathing the recycled air inside her masked helmet, Mar took stock of her situation. She was in a Jefferies tube. Her biosigns were masked. She had no idea how to get out of this situation. She had no idea how she'd gotten into in the first place.:: ::Uaed was charming when she met him. He'd seduced his way into her life, despite her better judgment and all her careful plans. He'd become more important to her than she'd meant to allow. When he told her about the organization he worked for, she'd failed to listen to her instincts to get out. When he ask
  8. ((Unknown Warship - Orbit Around Zakdorn)) Tor'kath: What do you mean, the torpedoes missed again?! ::This ship was outfitted with the best military technology that money could buy, and yet the small Federation starship was dodging their ordinance with relative ease.:: Zixo: ::exasperated:: That ship is flailing through space in a way that the targeting computers can't compensate for! ::Tor'kath begrudgingly agreed, but it didn't stop him from throwing a disparaging glare at the Tactical station. The moves of the Darwin seemed so random and unpredictable that he was secretly impressed. He
  9. That was... unexpected and just a touch creepy. XD Haha!
  10. I haven't seen it at all yet but thanks for flagging this up. If I have any free time over the weekend I'll try to take a look.
  11. ((Quartermaster's Office, Deck 3 - USS Darwin-A)) ::Sovak gratefully took Karami’s advice to visit the arboretum when he could. He loved plants. He loved what they represented to him. His mind began to drift into the realms of memory at the thought, but he held to the conversation at hand. There was another topic of interest upon which Karami might help increase his knowledge.:: Sovak: Please, if you have time, will you tell me about this ship's Multispecies Initiative? I find the concept most intriguing. Karami: Oh! That's why I'm here! The Multispecies Initiative is quite prevalent on t
  12. Ah yes, checking the emails every 10 minutes. I remember it well. I doesn't really get old when you're surrounded by so many good writers. I'm glad you're excited and hope you have fun. I'm enjoying the Witcher 3 too when I get the chance to play!
  13. Welcome to UFOP: Starbase 118! :)

  14. Once the class begins - which can be later in the day depending on where you live, due to time zone differences, you'll be assigned a role. This is usually based on what you put in your application, most times you'll be given either your first of second choice of duty post to play, but if there are a lot of cadets in a class all wanting the same role you may be asked to sim something that wasn't your first or second choice just for the class. (This isn't common though) Hope this helps and that you enjoy your class!
  15. Hi Graeme, Welcome! It's great to have you here! I'm James, a fellow Scot (Live near Edinburgh). I hope you enjoy your training!
  16. Welcome Pieter, sounds like you have some pretty cool hobbies there. It's great to have you here! I'm sure you'll have fun and you're right, we have LOAs so that people can take breaks from the game where needed, so if you ever need time away be it a weekend or a week make sure your CO knows in advance.
  17. Welcome! Again, like everyone else says, it's hard to be patient when you're eagerly awaiting something and due to timezone differences the class sometimes starts later in the day or early morning of the next but as soon as it starts you're into the fun immediately. It's great fun and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  18. Welcome Jay, Mia, it's great to have you both here and I really hope you enjoy it.
  19. (( Auditorium - Display Deck - Utopia Planetia Shipyards )) :: The auditorium was a large, oval space built to house quite a number of people. Crimson carpet of the finest quality had been installed that matched the color of the cushions on the chairs that were neatly placed in sections through out. The raised oak dais housed the wood lectern that showed the emblazoned symbol of the United Federation of Planets. Nugra looked about and admired the scenery that lay before him. The most attractive was the massive wrap around window that allowed the crowd to have an up close look at the starship b
  20. I know how you feel. I joined almost 4 years ago now and hadn't done any creative writing since my school days, which was about decade on. *Ages self* ;P So I was super nervous, particularly as I hadn't done any roleplaying before. The class was a little crazy (in a good way) and at first I wasn't sure if I could keep up, but I soon got the hang of it and the rest is history! So I'm sure you will be just fine, plus you'll have hubby around to help keep you right, right? XD So welcome and have lots and lots of fun!
  21. Very sad news. She will be missed by many. May she rest in peace.
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