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  1. ((Bridge, Uss - Darwin)) Brell: =/\= I only have one other thing to say. This has destroyed your legacy and how we will all look at you in our minds. I can only think to ask one other thing, was there a point ever you thought of turning on your orders and begging the captain to shelter you instead? =/\= Iy: ::the J'naii looked contrite:: =/\= There is no point in lying. No, I was always steadfast in my ideals, in my mission to treat Renos. However, I never wanted nem to suffer through the process. Though ne has, it was against my wishes, and whatever regret I have is t
  2. I remember that moment too. XD haha! As for my characters they all have something from me in them, it's usually something different and often I don't even realise what it is until after playing them a while. I often create character to explore a specific idea of concept, even my first PC Evanna Blackwood had one - I just didn't have the skill at that time to write about it as skillfully as I could now. For example: * Dominic Gray was my experiment with a corporate psychopath. No one ever knew he was a psychopath IC and the only ones that ever found out OOC did because I told th
  3. ((Surface, Planet PR-652)) ::It was oh so dark, and eerily quiet. Maxwell Traenor stood alone among the trees, lost. He had abandoned Kurt Logan to a drone horde, had abandoned Brell and Randal Shayne inside the weapons installation, and despite his efforts to get to the shuttle to rescue them, he was now helplessly lost.:: ::A breeze started up, whispering through the branches and brambles t
  4. ((SSC Deimos Station, orbiting Deimos, Sol system - stardate 239303.11)) ::It was 0758 hours and Lieutenant Commander Jonathan "Bullseye" Rusk walked down the corridor of Starfleet Starfighter Command’s primary orbital facility in the Sol system, Deimos Station. The huge space station orbited the smaller moon of Mars, and housed the majority of the pilots and fighters in the system. It was not only used for defense, but for training of pilots, and R&D and maintenance of fighters.:: ::He had walked this corridor everyday for the last two and a half years, so now the spectacular view o
  5. ((Cybenetics lab 2, Deck 7, USS Darwin-A)):: Valdivia observed the works, PADD in hand, trying at the same time to draw some conclusions from all of it and to avoid jumping into them without enough information. ::Valdivia: Chief science officer log, supplemental. Stardate 239304.10. As reported, our last mission has brought some new insight into the Borg, but also some moral situations that are not easy to address. After the cloud of nanites requested asylum, the away teams, amongst other things, recovered what looked like the machine used to create said nanites. After some study, the nanites
  6. Renos

    Round 7 Praxo, "Aftermath"

    ((Almost a month back, Talaxian Shuttlecraft, crashed on the sphere)) ::It might sound like one of Praxos usual exaggerations, but he actually had never lost a shuttle or any other craft due to an accident. Sure there were more close calls that one could count, and none of the Talaxian’s craft was decommissioned without dints and scratches, and it preyed on his ego that he not even knew what had happened.:: ::He reached out with his right hand to open the details on the most concerning alert on the touchscreen, when a horrible sting of burning pain filled h
  7. Congrats to all those who were promoted! Well earned all round!
  8. I love the new theme and options for backgrounds!
  9. Hi to all the new players! It's great to have you all here. I'm James, I come from Scotland and have been roleplaying over 4 years now. I hope you all love it here and have many happy adventures!
  10. Thank you Rich for all your hard work, you've done a wonderful job with this and the transformation is truly incredible. The entire section looks amazing!
  11. Hi Ben! It's great to have you here! You're certainly in good company with us! I hope you have many happy adventures here as well!
  12. Hi Brenda! Thanks so much for the detailed and interesting introduction! I'm from a tiny, pretty much unheard of town in Scotland myself so I know how that goes. I think we probably all have a Star Trek crush we could talk of. I first got into Trek when Voyager first aired over here in the UK so my first Trek crush was from that series. I think the next one came from Deep Space 9 and there was even an ENT one at one point, although there may have been more spanning my teenage years. *cringe* Anyway, you've found good company here and I'm sure you'll enjoy the game!
  13. ((Lomorton, Outside the Shepards School of Medicine, Turisan II, Turisan, Delta Quadrant)) :: The mission that had been issued was to survive and adapt to the planet whilst waiting for the Calvary to reach the Darwin and get the repairs underway. Survive and adapt sounded worse than it was in Graeme's eyes it was a chance to live a different life collecting research on this new alien race and experience their way of life. They had been split into groups of houses where groups of 4-5 of the crew were banded together to work and look after one another. In Cooks band of ruffians as he had heard
  14. ((Deep Space 6, Deck 73 - The Surak Arboretum, the day after the ball.)) ::This was not the first time Varaan had done this, but it had been a while.:: ::The Vulcan was dressed in civilian clothes, sitting reflectively in the Surak Arboretum on the station. He was sitting on a bench that was facing a topiary of what was supposed to be a large predatory Terran feline at the beginning of a pounce. Most likely it was supposed to represent a lioness or a tiger, but without the benefit of coloured hide on the green bush, it was difficult to tell. Vulcan didn't have any felines that large. It barely
  15. Welcome Nicole! It's great to have you here and I enjoyed reading about your choice of character. They sound like they're going to be very interesting to play!
  16. (( Deep Space 6, Deck 21, Corridor )) :: The procession away from the Function Room after the meeting had been cut short by the recall back to the Darwin was, as Kurt approved, progressing quickly and orderly. Some had 'Enjoyed' themselves more than others, none to any serious degree that would require any medical intervention. :: Logan oO A few mild stimulants as available from any standard replicator should do the trick Oo :: Heading back to the Darwin it was appropriate to let the Security Chief know incase anything needed to be put in place :: Logan oO An early divert to a Transporte
  17. ((Deep Space 6, Deck 21, Function Room A1)) ::As the meal came out the table dominated by Kael’s family chatted quite enthusiastically. Kael found himself blushing, and remaining quiet for the most part which wasn’t all that different from his previous experiences with his parents at functions. His mother choosing to share every embarrassing event and moment of his life, even if he was only 6 months old had not changed. The Captain was very polite with his family and Kael appreciated that. They were anything but low maintenance and silent. Kael’s mother barely stopped talking the entire t
  18. ((Chief Science Officer’s Office, Deck 2 - USS Darwin-A)) ::Having already packed up the lion’s share of his personal effects and assorted tchotchkes, Maxwell Traenor was taking one last sweep of the office before he handed over the reins to John Valdivia. A close colleague and a good friend, Maxwell was more than pleased for John to be inheriting the role of CSO in his absence. Still, it was a bittersweet feeling to be vacating the office. Not because of the locale, per se, but more because of what it represented. The entirety of his adult life had been spent as a scientist. First as a
  19. ((USS Darwin Deck 8 Ensign Cooks quarter)) ::With no one in the room but Graeme he instantly stripped out of his uniform. Looking in the mirror his arms and legs were covered in scratches. Making a mental note to have Dr Tarna check him over as well as the rest of the away team. Graeme's PADD bleeps. Checking out the message he opens it.:: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To: Crew Manifest, Uss Darwin From: Lt. J.G. Lyldra The marital group of Lyldra, Hars Vlin, and Brell, are happy to announce the birth of twins! We
  20. That's great! Welcome to the group! I'm sure you'll have a great time here.
  21. Today has been a total washout. I could not be more fed up. Things seemed to come to a head yesterday. My dad does not seem to understand my personal struggles and rather than try he's basically decided to cut me out of the family. :-| Not a happy day.

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