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  1. ((DS26, Recreation Deck 2, Holodeck 14)) ::Though they had both been there responding to the crisis on Kriosian III Brell had been mostly leading teams from Atlantis and Morin had spent nearly the whole time assisting in sickbay. The younger Bolian’s time was also taken by his academy coursework. This chance to learn on the job out among the distant stars had not gotten him out of having to sit through lectures. Right now that all seemed a million light years away as both were focused on one thing; winning.:: ::Morin dodged the metallic disk still flashing red, it boun
  2. Welcome Lindsay! I'm delighted to meet you! My name is James and I'm from Scotland. I'm a fan of photography myself. I hope you love it here but let us know if you have any questions or need any help with anything.
  3. I can't really vote on that because the answer doesn't cleanly fit into any category. I have definitely selected species because I like their stereotypes and want to play them that way, like Icavoc. Other times I like to break the rules and make them rebels! (Within reason) Like with making Renos a deviant. It really all depends. When I look for a species I often have a particular concept in mind - so when I chose the J'naii I already knew I wanted a gender non-binary character.
  4. ((Capitol Palace, A’Kir Isle of Governance, Planet Kiros)) ::We didn’t do it.:: ::The words were on the lips of every A’Kir citizen as news of the terrible seismic tragedy on the Kirosian continent swept through A’Kir territory.:: ::King Mwinuroja charged down the labyrinthine corridors of the Capitol Palace with furious determination, while his advisors flanked him, mouthing off with their various opinions and dissemblements. The King of the A’Kir, the most important elected official on this side of the planet, stood nearly seven and a half feet tall, his hide
  5. ((USS Blackwell, Chief Science Officers Office)) ::Sometimes times the brightest days can have their own special darkness. A shadow that cast itself on life and one that resists all attempts to dispel it..:: ::Merrick sat in his office, the lights dimmed to the point where the fixtures were but glowing embers, hardly enough to be seen against the blackness of the room. However between them and the screen in front of him there was more than enough illumination for Merrick to see his screen.:: ::D E A R:: ::Four letters hung there staring at Merric
  6. ((USS Blackwell, Deck One, Captain’s Ready Room)) ::The only thing more dazzling than the perfectly white teeth grinning back to Akinor was his hair. As white as the snowcaps of the stunning Eromeva mountain range, it was combed to perfection. He adjusted his collar and cuffs as he groomed himself so he would be ready to face his new crew. After all first impressions were important and you only got once chance to do it right. This would set the tone for how things would be under his command and he wanted to make a good impression upon his crew as much as he was sure they wanted to
  7. (( Deep Space 26, Central Hub Level 3, Starfleet Intelligence Sector Chief’s Office )) ::When fully illuminated, the office looked completely normal, like any other Starfleet installation anywhere else in the galaxy. At the moment, however, with the lights low and flickering, and the station’s natural green glow cast about, the place looked eerie, sinister, as if something were afoot around every corner. Like one might think an intelligence office should look, if all he had for reference were holosuite programs about espionage and interstellar intrigue.:: ::In this offi
  8. Welcome back to @O'Conner and @alliepan and welcome to @Shrega it's great to have you all here.
  9. ((OOC: The location of this one was intentionally withheld to keep the mystery for the crew)) Dalor: oO My father served in the great Telaxian war. He was a soldier, one of the few survivors of the battle of Stinnett IV. He was not like me. Me? No, I am not a brave man, not like he was, not by any stretch of the imagination. When he passed several years ago rather than joining the military I came to the mines to find work. There wasn't much else for someone like me. But in the dark times like these, when things were really bad, I can still remember something my father used to tell me.
  10. ((Personal Quarters, USS Darwin-A))::Iniko paced restlessly back and forth across the limited free space in jheas quarters. That free space would hopefully shrink even further soon, if jhe could convince Captain Renos to allow jhea to bring Ukwu aboard. For the moment, though, that bit of floor was still empty, and jhe was working on wearing a hole through it.::::The last meeting with Sawat Chalor had gone amazingly well. Iniko still had trouble believing it had really happened. But now Iniko was expecting Sawat to call again at any moment, this time for their first real fielding lesson, and j
  11. ((Flashback - Three Days Before Quikz's 26th Birthday)) ((Santo Domingo Church, Granada, Andalusia Provence, Spain, Earth)) ::Santo Domingo Church rose high above the Santeen family and their loved ones, but even its vaulted ceilings, gilded fixtures, and touches reminiscent of the beauty and expansion of the Renaissance period, could not contain the entirety of their immense grief. Indeed, their pain was a sackcloth garment which seemed to cling about their necks and constrict the very hope in their lungs with a vice-like precision that was every bit as cruel as it was unrelent
  12. ((USS Darwin, Deck 7, Santeen's Shared Crew Quarters)) ::As Quikz stood just outside the door that his PADD indicated was where his shared quarters was, he couldn't help but wonder just what his new roommate would be like. All his PADD had indicated was basic information such as deck and room number, and the single name of his roommate: Ensign Christopher Lambert who was listed as being a Science Officer aboard the Darwin. Though with his new security clearances he could probably find out even a bit more preliminary information about him, he decided on this occasion he wished to be
  13. ((Holodeck 1, USS Darwin-A)):: Valdivia had initially meant to come back to Camelot, check how the population was doing against the dragon. He knew the creature was programmed not to attack the city itself, so they were mostly safe, but the simulation could have interesting points for every character involved. The city would go on. But would Lancelot or Gawain? Would any of the knights decide to take on the dragon? He wanted to know, but he would also feel bad going in without at least telling Varaan, whether he decided to join or not. Also, although that would be easily solvable, there was th
  14. Great to see so many great and talented writers recognized throughout the fleet. Some I've had the good fortune to sim with before and others I've yet to meet. I'm certain its all well deserved so congratulations to each and every one of you. After having the pleasure to sim with Turner and Waltas a couple of times recently, including having the aboard the Darwin as guests for a short time I got an insight into Waltas that makes me think he really is perfect for the award. It's also awesome to see T'Lae getting the pathfinder award - she was my mentor when I first started the game,
  15. Welcome to day four of our 20th annual awards ceremony So far this week we’ve announced the winners of the Length of Service Awards, Special Awards, and Duty Post Awards. And now we’re very excited to present the Staff Awards, which are only for those members who have achieved the rank of commander or higher. These awards recognize the hard work of our staff, who do the behind-the-scenes work required to keep the engine of our community running, and smoothly at that! They help foster the fun simming environment we all enjoy. This year we have one new award to add to our list: The T’P
  16. Congratulations everyone! It's so great to see so many wonderful and talented people sticking around for the long term. I too am looking forward to the next milestone - I am half way there. I joined the fleet not too long after Eerie and was posted to the same ship as him - the USS Aurora under Captain Vetri. We served there until the USS Avandar was originally launched and had many many wonderful adventures together with Eerie and Blackwood. Though we are now on different ships we forged a friendship that is cherished even to this day and that's really the power of this community. I've met s
  17. The Xalor Clan Xifilis award is in my book a really important one and I was delighted last year to see one of my crew (Brell) as well as my real life partner (Ben Edwards) recognised with it. There are all kinds of things in life that make players move on from the birth of children, moving house, new jobs, taking up full time study etc which are all ordinary, big, life-changing events. So when people are facing a disadvantage of some kind but choose to stick with us and continue to sim when it might be easier just to step back - I have massive respect and appreciation for those people. So to W
  18. Today, eight special awards are being presented to recognise players for specific aspects of simming or OOC work, such as going that extra mile for the Training Team, investing time and effort in forum participation that draws other people in or continuing to be a dedicated and reliable simmer despite having to overcome and sort of disadvantage while simming. Just like with the duty post awards, only one of each award is given each year, with one notable exception: The Xalor Clan Xifilis award is given to any player who has overcome any sort of disadvantage while simming. We don’t compar
  19. To the community of UFOP: StarBase 118, Welcome to the fleetwide awards ceremony for 2016, or (as our characters know it) 2393! As the veterans among you will know, the award ceremony recognizes some of the most talented people in the history of the organization. With the annual awards having been moved from the end of the year to coincide with the fleet's 'birthday', we're celebrating 22 years of simming with style! Among this year's notables with respect to duty post awards includes the first time an Ensign has received The Order of the Valiant Heart (the counselor of the year), an
  20. Congratulations to all of the winners. I'd like to share a bit more about a couple of our simmers I am especially proud of Kurt Logan for winning the Natasha Yar Pin. He was our Genesis Award winner during the last ceremony and has worked especially hard in the year he's been with the Darwin to develop his writing and simming skills and I think this award really shows how far he has come. From having the Captain's recovery room on Deep Space 6 bugged without nir knowledge to using flour bombs to create a diversion to allow his team to slip away from a position where they were pinned down he
  21. Renos has been through a lot this year so ne is feeling a bit more conservative than normal... but still looking pretty great.
  22. ((Deck 11, Security offices, USS Darwin – A, On route to Outpost Unity)) ::The mission was over.. well the ‘recover the Captain’ one was anyway, it was something that was always a little awkward for the Assistant Security Chief, trained as he had been to view everything he did as almost a mission in its self. His Boot Camp Sargent always maintained that there was only ever one mission, and that was ‘Yourself’. If you worked that mission to your full ability then wherever you were or whatever you were tasked to do made little difference, as ‘Your’ mission meant the rest would fall i
  23. ((Bridge, Deck 1 - USS Darwin-A)) ::Maxwell Traenor sat in the center chair of the bridge, thumbing across a PADD with idle attention. His mind wandered at times to his past, where he would have one of these data devices seemingly attached to his hand. A long career as a journeyman stellar cartographer had meant that he was used to perusing reams of scanned data and would carry one (or several) of these wherever he was - work, meals, the Promenade of whatever starbase he was stationed on, even to bed. As an older cadet at the Academy, he had carried one constantly, what with studying
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