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  1. Ah yes, checking the emails every 10 minutes. I remember it well. I doesn't really get old when you're surrounded by so many good writers. I'm glad you're excited and hope you have fun. I'm enjoying the Witcher 3 too when I get the chance to play!
  2. Welcome to UFOP: Starbase 118! :)

  3. Once the class begins - which can be later in the day depending on where you live, due to time zone differences, you'll be assigned a role. This is usually based on what you put in your application, most times you'll be given either your first of second choice of duty post to play, but if there are a lot of cadets in a class all wanting the same role you may be asked to sim something that wasn't your first or second choice just for the class. (This isn't common though) Hope this helps and that you enjoy your class!
  4. Hi Graeme, Welcome! It's great to have you here! I'm James, a fellow Scot (Live near Edinburgh). I hope you enjoy your training!
  5. Welcome Pieter, sounds like you have some pretty cool hobbies there. It's great to have you here! I'm sure you'll have fun and you're right, we have LOAs so that people can take breaks from the game where needed, so if you ever need time away be it a weekend or a week make sure your CO knows in advance.
  6. Welcome! Again, like everyone else says, it's hard to be patient when you're eagerly awaiting something and due to timezone differences the class sometimes starts later in the day or early morning of the next but as soon as it starts you're into the fun immediately. It's great fun and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  7. Welcome Jay, Mia, it's great to have you both here and I really hope you enjoy it.
  8. I know how you feel. I joined almost 4 years ago now and hadn't done any creative writing since my school days, which was about decade on. *Ages self* ;P So I was super nervous, particularly as I hadn't done any roleplaying before. The class was a little crazy (in a good way) and at first I wasn't sure if I could keep up, but I soon got the hang of it and the rest is history! So I'm sure you will be just fine, plus you'll have hubby around to help keep you right, right? XD So welcome and have lots and lots of fun!
  9. Welcome Iniko and Antero. It's great to have you both here and I hope you enjoy your academy experience. I've been here nearly 4 years and I still remember my class, so I hope yours as is memorable.
  10. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here. :)

  11. Welcome! It's great to have you here. I'm sure you'll enjoy the training when Monday rolls around but until then please enjoy the forums and the wiki. There's also the chat room, if you want to drop in and have a chat with some of our members.
  12. Welcome to UFOP: Starbase 118!

  13. Welcome Quinn! It's great to have you with us and I'm sure you'll find it every bit as rewarding and fun as we do.
  14. Hi Kelly! It's great to have you here and I'm sure you'll enjoy your class when it starts on Monday!
  15. Hey there, nice profile pic. Good to see you about the forums!

  16. I agree with Tracey and Hutch. A lot of people find it tricky to begin with. When I joined I hadn't done any creative writing since school and at first glance it looked complicated, so I wasn't sure if I could do it or not. Fortunately, no one expects you to get it perfect right away and that's what training is for. It's just a matter of time and practice and you'll find every ship understanding and supportive as you continue to get used to things.
  17. Hi Dave! It's great to have you here. I'm James and I come from Scotland. The Enterprise Era group does sound good. I always thought Enterprise was an underrated series and while I didn't like everything they did with it, I felt it was just getting interesting when they canned it. Were you just looking for a change of pace?
  18. Welcome Chris! I am James, I've been with the group over three years now and come from Scotland! I quite like Warhammer 40K myself - what armies do you have? Any favourites?
  19. Just completed couch to 5K! Very proud. I can now run for 30 mins continuously for 30 minutes now. A feat that seemed laughable and impossible for me but 9 weeks ago.

    1. Jalana


      Fantastic accomplishment!! So proud of you :D

  20. Welcome Emerald! It's a pleasure t have you here! IRL I live in Scotland. Event planning sounds like it could be a fun and interesting job. I gave it some thought myself at one point. I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do!
  21. Welcome to the community and congratulations on completing the Academy! It's always great to see such enthusiasm in our members and I am sure the Embassy crew are every bit as eager to get to know you and interact with your character! We're really passionate about what we do here and you're sure to have many happy adventures!
  22. Welcome to UFOP:Starbase 118, it's great to have you here. :)

  23. Welcome to the fleet and to the USS Darwin-A! :)

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