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  1. ((Security Complex, Deck 11, USS Blackwell)) Thoran: Three...two…one ::He swung round, charging into the room. Like most of the security complex, the room was filled with a dim blue hue. In the centre of the room was a moderately sized table, surrounded by seven orange coloured chairs, which Jarred knew from experience were not the most comfortable. Entering the room he found Chief Raewa and Crewman Dairro facing off against Crewman Vesen, a male Vulcan, currently positioned next to the window at the opposite end of the briefing room. As they turned to face Jarred, Vesen t
  2. G’Renn: Well Mr. Wilmer, it seems that removing that metal fragment may have been meaningless. But something tells me the captain has a plan. ::Though Nate would never acknowledge their imminent doom verbally, part of him wondered if perhaps her fears in this matter were not unfounded. One minute thirty seconds was not enough time to get back to Charlie, to tell her that he loved her. He would not be able to send a message to Kael to tell her to grow up to be an honorable young woman—though he had no doubt she would.:: ::Nate had only enough time before their explosive porkchop filled do
  3. Dar: =/\= We can send engineers to help. We do know a thing or two about warp cores=/\= Zaekia: =/\= That would be appreciated but don’t put yourselves at unnecessary risk. =/\= ::Caring for the welfare of others to the last. Now that was a Starfleet captain.:: Computer: Warp core breach in one minute thirty seconds. ::Threatening to detonate in an absurdly short amount of time. Now that was a Starfleet vessel.::
  4. Welcome! It's great to have you with us. This community is without a doubt the best I've ever been a part of, even beyond simming and Star Trek. Training will be gin later today and I'm certain you'll enjoy it greatly.
  5. ((This is aMSPNPC post by @Kurt Logan and I think it is absolutely fantastic. One of his best sims! Very well done )) ((Par'tha Expanse, Beta Quadrant, Burellion, Consortium Head Quaters)) ::It was far to sweet and far to bubbly for her tastes but Carna kept sipping the drink the hosts had called 'Champagne' when ever one of them walked past. Fortunately she didn't have to do it for much longer as various waiting staff were already moving round the room with trays of replacement drinks:: ::As the waiter moved past Carna caught his eye causing a knowing half smile to form on
  6. Thank you @Wilmer for this amazing post. I greatly enjoyed getting to learn more about Charlotte. ((Wilmer’s Quarters, Deck 7, USS Blackwell)) ::It had been a fairly short walk from the transporter to their assigned quarters, at least it had felt as such. Charlotte had been so eager to get home to their new ship, that each step had taken less and less toll on her, and of course, journeys were never so bad when someone else was carrying your luggage.:: ::The quarters, were much to her satisfaction, quite adequate. Like usual, Starfleet had drab highlights of
  7. Welcome Jessi. I never managed to get into Second Life. I heard it's pretty good though. It's great to have you here and I hope you love it as much as I do.
  8. For me it's actually a mixture and I could have picked several options. I have used my own birthday for some characters. I've used the birthday's of other members of my family too, at times. Sometimes, when I am considering what personality a character has I will look up the zodiac and assign them a starsign as seems appropriate for them. Based on that I may assign additional personality traits, including weaknesses and a fitting birthdate. It's a fun way of fleshing out a character a little more and often gives a little extra inspiration.
  9. In closing this year’s awards ceremony we’d like to thank the people who made this possible and make one final, special presentation. Our thanks and appreciation goes out to: Awards facilitator Rear Admiral Renos, who is facilitating the awards ceremony for the second year running. The Awards Committee, comprised or Rear Admirals Renos and Toni Turner, Captain John Nugra, Commanders Blair and Whittaker, who voted on the Duty Post and Special Awards. The Auxiliary Awards committee, comprised of Alucard Vess, Saveron, Brayden Jorey, and Kelrod, who volunteered to help pull mat
  10. I'm glad to see Oddas getting the Boothby Award since I nominated him for it for all the outstanding work and commitment. I know the cadets value and appreciate him every bit as much as I do. It goes without saying that achieving the Picard Award and the Great Bird Award is absolutely mind blowing, so thank you very much indeed! As long as the community is ahppy, I'm happy, that's what it's all about. Every single one of these winners are worthy and I have great respect in particular for those who conquer adversity to make things work and cntinue to write with us. Congrtaulations one
  11. Well done to those receiving the long service ribbons and especilly those who have received the 10 year ribbons and stoof the test of time. I'm so grateful to have you all here.
  12. Oh my goodness. Where does one even begin? So much talent! So many worthy winners! Congratulations to you all. Though I've not had the pleasure of working with everyone, I would like to say a few words about some of the many, fabulous people I have had the great fortune to work beside! I'm delighted to see Randal Shayne recognised with both a TOSMA and a Russ Bar. He's been with ATF a significant time and I've had the great pleasure to watch him transform IC and OOC, gaining confidence, refining his writing, simming and leadership skills and consistently entertaining us with top class wri
  13. I can't congratulate the winners enough! It truly is lovely to see everyone rewarded for their hard work, dedication and passion. I first met Rich (Roshanara Rahman) when we worked together on the featured bio team. Back then there were only three of us in the team, it was a monthly competition and we provided tips and reviews of the nominated bios. We had such fun doing that and I knew back then that he was destined for big things. Though we've not yet had the chance to sim together, we've worked together on various things over the last few years, he's been a great source of support and
  14. Hey everyone! Thanks Jordan for that excellent introduction. It's always nice to consider the history of our ceremony and what to expect in the next few days, both for the benefit of new players and a reminder for the rest of us. I absolutely love this time of year - it's all about you and recognising the many awesome ways you make this community such a fun place to be. I love the role of awards facilitator and being able to bring all of this together so it's an honor and privilege to get to do this for the second year in a row. This year, the response to our call for nominations was
  15. ((Deck 13, FNS Suite, DS26)) ::Kendra sat in her office a the day after the murder investigation had been resolved. Reflexively she would stretch to rub a still aching shoulder muscle. Whatever it was that her mysterious "source" Farsarr had used on her hurt like nothing Kendra had ever felt before. And why shouldn't it, it wasn't like she had ever gotten shot before which just made her want to ensure that it never happened again. Though not an expert, Kendra knew that she was probably over due for an appointment with one of the local doctors just to make sure no lasting injuries had been d
  16. ((Brell’s Quarters, Deck 4, USS Blackwell)) ::He sat at the desk in the living area of his quarters. With shore leave about to begin he would be spending most of the Blackwell’s trip to it’s main port of call in his office going over transfers and other personnel matters. There was one thing he could take of now and he leaned back in the chair as he spoke aloud.:: Brell: Computer begin log entry. ::The acknowledgement beeps from the computer came immediately.:: First officer’s log stardate 239106.13, today was say goodbye to Debin VII and the Caraadian Navy Ship, Bur
  17. ((Deep Space 26, Level 13, Nova Room Bar)) ::As Ensign Laehlani Antorii sat at the far end of the star lit Nova Room barside and brought the intricate crystal tumbler to her delicate lips, she inwardly hoped that taking a deep sip of her Antosian Spiced Cocktail would somehow be enough to ease her troubled mind. Then again, being a trained Counselor also meant she could easily diagnose when someone, even herself, was self soothing - albeit innocently enough - with an alcoholic beverage. Needless to say once again her mind had a way of running off even the simplest of respites that
  18. Hey everyone. Show off your character dressed in their finest frocks/formal wear as we all get ready for the annual awards ceremony. here is Renos with Zaekia -
  19. Lookin' gooood! Awesome pictures. Looking forward to seeing more Embassy folks decked out in their finest
  20. If you look at the visual text editor and the row of buttons at the top, there is one between the paperclip and the <> that looks roughly like " and when you hover over it, it sys quote. You can press that to get a blank box that looks like this: Click on the white bit and type your quote. An example of a finished quote might look like: Hope this helps
  21. I often start my new character at Ensign as I like to see them evolve from the start of their career, but it depends on the reason I'm creating them so it can vary a lot. I might be using them as a stand-in department head while training junior PCs to be able to take over, in time, and need them to have a higher rank, or they might even be an enlisted character to flesh out the wider crew or a civilian.
  22. [FLASHBACK] ((Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Campus - Colleen Bancroft’s Quarters - 239105.10 11:10 Hours)) ::Colleen was just finishing up a paper for her Hostile Species Diplomacy course when a ping came in on her PADD. She wrote the last couple paragraphs, saved the paper to her terminal, and then grabbed said PADD. A private message sat in it from one of her instructors, Mike Logan, who she had trained under since she’d gotten to San Francisco. He owned a dojo in ‘Frisco proper, where he taught Aikido, Judo, and Jiu-jitsu, as well as an Anbo-Jytsu class. Mike also
  23. ((Caraadian Battlecruiser, Deck 8, Engineering Section)) Nalai: ::sullen and angry:: Two days! It couldn’t hold itself together for two measly days. ::Sub-Lieutenant Para Nalai hit a bulkhead with his fist and regretted it instantly. He was not at all a fan of personifying ships, but right now, he was almost sure that this ship was willingly ruining him.:: ::He looked onto his display unit, the connection bars to the main computer in the top-right corner were flashing erraticly. One moment, he had perfect data uplink, one later there was no connection.::
  24. ((Deck 7, Shayne and Pond’s Quarters, USS Atlantis)) ::Something was bothering the love of his life.:: ::Shayne’s back complained insistently as he hefted yet another box from the towering stack that still remained in his and Pond’s shared quarters aboard the Atlantis . It never seemed to diminish. They’d been at it for hours, but there was always another collection of things to move, place, or shove forcefully out of the way. Such tedium would normally be demoralizing, but then he would remember the reason for this extra labor, and he would lose his rancor immediately. After all, I
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