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  1. Welcome, it's great to have you with us. We have a few peeps from Texas. I'm sure you will love the Academy, it is so much fun.
  2. ((Holodeck One -Starbase 23)) :: Skirting past the bar, and the green tinged Beornan, Chase let Charlotte lead the way from Starbase 23’s Comet Club, through the corridors, and to the holodecks. Inputting the program code, Chase took Charlotte’s arm in a more friendly fashion, leading her through the door and onto the Parisian street. :: :: The holodeck doors shut behind them, the arc disappearing into the program. The sun sank low, trending to set in the near future out atop the glistening water. The warm air was sweet with an unburdensome humidity, and filled with the scents of the evenin
  3. ((10-Forward, USS Avandar)) ::Robins took a seat by the window, a data PADD in hand, and gazed out upon the starry blackness. She ought to be getting on with the reports for the non-telepathic crew members, but this evening she just wanted to relax. Normally she'd have gone to her quarters, but there were too many ghosts of the past there. She still needed to be among people, even if she wasn't talking to them. Company was better than her own, disturbed thoughts.:: ::She sighed, and eventually picked up the PADD. First up, she'd start with Captain Vetri and work her way down the ranks.:: :: Ch
  4. Welcome to the fleet! It's great to have you with us and I hope you like it here. :)

  5. ((Jefferies Tube - Somewhere Between Decks 502 and 503)) ::It was odd, Janick found. Almost every time he'd been assigned a boring, monotonous task such as this previously in his career, he'd considered it a punishment for some wrong-doing he couldn't remember perpetrating. It seemed to him that he'd paid what dues were owed to Starfleet many times over, and in this - the thirty-eighth year of his existence - he deserved better. After the chaos and pandemonium of the last few days, however, it was the menial tasks he craved. Especially the ones stuck down Jefferies tubes, away from supposedly
  6. Thanks. I had an insane amount of fun writing it. Penny was spot on with everything. It was just great!
  7. Wow, thats really interesting. It would definately be quite cool to updates this along the lines suggested and have it on the wiki.
  8. Welcome great to have you here. I'm sure you'll have a real blast during the academy. I have a friend who lives in Austin, Texas called Jason who is just returning to the sim after a leave of absence. From what he's told me about the city, it sounds like a really vibrant, awesome place. I sure would like to visit some day.
  9. Welcome to the fleet and to the Avandar. :)

  10. I guess the answer to that depends upon how the judging panel works. If it is the case that the judges just read the sims, choose the one they think is the top sim and then vote on that, then they are doing nothing very different to whats being done now, except that there are fewer opinions in the equation. If however you are reading them sims and having a discussion about it then this is more time consuming. You must first read and decide which sim you think is the best and then justify it. The part that takes the extra time is that you must also take into consideration the others points. The
  11. I think Malcolm has a fair point and considering how many entries there are to some rounds of the top sims i'm in agreement that it would be too much work to do a judges panel for every round. I don't agree with ballot stuffing, I think the best sim from any round should win. I can understand the point about crew unintentionally stuffing the ballots but as I have gone through the rounds I feel that the votes (from all crews) have been spread out between all entries. I think, at least for the vast majority, people are in keeping with the spirit of the competition. I can't think of a single pers
  12. Hello, Welcome to the fleet. How are you enjoying it so far?

    1. Deven Nehir

      Deven Nehir

      I'm rather sorry I haven't seen this post until just now! I'm very much into this, as a whole. I love the writing and the reading, I like the community and the welcome has been a great one, thanks for asking!

    2. Renos


      Don't worry, most people new in the community don't realise this exists, but it doesn't stop me dropping them a welcome anyway. So hows it working out as an intel officer? You like your avatar pic?

  13. Hi D welcome to the fleet. You're English seems pretty good so far but I don't think you will have a problem.
  14. Welcome to the fleet.

  15. Welcome to the fleet, I hope you enjoy it here.

  16. Welcome aboard. I hope you are enjoying the drake, I see you got posted there.

  17. OOC: Thanks to Zonhar for coming up with the pretty title "Awaken, from dreary night newly shaken, and squeeze the hand of faithful few." -Jason Kelly 2011 IC: ((ICU ward, Sickbay)) oO What is that wretched beeping? Oo :: It had been going on for what seemed like hours, refusing to allow him to remain sleeping, when that was all he wanted to do. He reached out in the darkness, aiming for his bedside table to smack his alarm off. His hand met with nothing but air and he was instead assaulted by a searing pain shooting through his chest. Lord, his right side was killing him:: ::Voices echoed aro
  18. Welcome to the fleet. I hope you enjoy your adventures here

    1. TurkHawkings


      Thank you. I am really looking forward to it all.

    2. Renos


      What duty posts are you most interested in.

  19. Hello welcome to the fleet. I see you are relatively new here, how are you enjoying it?

  20. Hey, how are you liking the ship so far? Don't forget to update your profile. :)

  21. Super Secret Squirrel

  22. Thanks pal, appreciate it

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