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  1. Individual Feedback for Featured Nominees/Featured Bio (Michael Valentino) are up in the Featured Bio Contest thread! Go have a read!! :D

  2. Happy B'Day, Whale!!

  3. Ever since Facebook, everything has needed "like" buttons . . .

  4. is rather popular today . . .

  5. Too hot for this season. If I suddenly go silent for a couple of days, nobody panic...

  6. "An error occured - You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day" . . . what, I can't *like* anything for the rest of they day!?!? What are you trying to do, *KILL* me???? >:(

  7. "Oh, have you seen my ghost, staring at the ground . . ."

  8. Re-watching all of the Marvel and DC movies that I own . . .

  9. Now has Firefox . . . :/

  10. Is back a day early..

  11. Is in hospital. Apologies, as there may be delays from me of all sorts.

  12. Is OUT of hospital. Now lets get this stuff done...

  13. Am tired, and can't sleep. So what do I do? Look for flaws on Sky's wiki page... :/


  15. How does one cut themselves on *sticky-tape*? I'm glad you asked! I don't know, but I managed to do such thing! >:/

  16. Complications in a Brekkian/Betazoid and Vulcan hybrid pregnancy? I may need to consult my Vulcan book . . . :/

  17. Guess who's back. >:D

  18. You know when you've been typing "StarFleet" wrong when Scotty unintentionally corrects you in an information file for the Star Trek game . . .:/

  19. On LOA. Do not disturb.

  20. Just a reminder to all wiki-savy people to keep updating their ship's face listing - there are a few ships on the pages that are *really* out of date . . .

  21. Updating, updating, updating, updating.

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