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  1. Frasier has left the building . . .

  2. I got Chuck season 3 for Christmas! Can't wait for season 4 and 5!

  3. I have reached 100 forum posts and celebrating it with Pizza seems like a good idea . . .

  4. Dismissed from work five and a half hours early due to students not being at school; you know what that means? WIKI TIME!!

    1. Sky Blake

      Sky Blake

      This is why they call fights between women, "Cat fights". Classic example!

  5. We now have a "Like" button!!

  6. We now have a "Like" button!!

  7. You mean Bailey's skull! Casey isn't anywhere near the Ronin right now! Plus, Casey's training Cadets!

  8. Ironic:

    Parker: Mr. Freeze

    Blake: Poison Ivy

    Reed: Bane

    See the connection?

  9. is now a glow in the dark pole when the room is black. BLS "Welcome Back Music Students" party got a little outragous.

  10. I hate it when we stop the car and a good song starts to play on the radio . . .

  11. An interesting day with the CSC music class today. They managed to convince the W/M department to fuse two Cort electric guitars together. COLORS: Electric Blue and Cherry Red. Tis to be finished on Friday; too bad I don't work at CSC on Fridays . . .

  12. Great first day at work today. Played some Nickelback and "Zombie", with some Simple Plan thrown in for the boys. Apparently I was missed by Drew's class . . .

  13. Fantastic first day back at work.

  14. Why am I awake at Five Thirty in the morning . . .

  15. Got home from the latest Medieval event, involving Kammy and Willow, birds trained for Falconry. Kammy SUCKS at bringing things back to you, while Willow is much better trained. THEN I saw the X Factor . . . I'm not going to start on Smells Like Teen Spirit by the guy who needs to get rid of the white hair . . .

  16. grr. Too bad Parker has a stack of reading to do . . .

  17. SONG QOUTE OF THE MONTH: "I've been around the world in the pouring rain, feeling out of place, I'm feeling strange. Take me to a place where they know my name, where everyone one knows my name."

  18. hahaha. Bars here allow kids in, but no alcohol until they're 18. It's like they get their second set of P plates at 18 (Allowing them to drive on there own with two passengers only). It's the nightclubs that don't let you in, but if your family member owns it, they let you in, but only serve you softdrink. :( lol

  19. Ha. We can still get drunk, we can still shag, but then there's the problem of getting home when you wife or husband has taken the kids home to go to sleep and apparently you "didn't want to go with them".

  20. Hence the reason why fingers accidently come off. Sadly, they are now illegal . . . now we can't have New Years Eve partys . . .

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