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  1. I don't know about you people, but I feel like I've been hit by a truck considering what's happened over the past few months . . .

  2. NNB - Need New Banner. Must work on that . . .

  3. Baking muffins. Because I apparently do that, now . . .

  4. Jeez. Two warnings in one week. What the heck is goin' on! A LOA is lookin good at the moment...

  5. Woo! Wireless Internet

  6. Woo! Wireless Internet

  7. Got in the middle of a knife fight between two students, my niece Melody Jay was born, and now I'm getting married.

  8. Lunch! Om nom nom!

  9. Why did I get up? I'm sick, it's cold . . . that's okay. I'll just get the reeeeeally long internet cord and take it too my room. Ahhhh; less cold.

  10. Just watched the new LYNX adbreak in Australia . . . . . . I feel kind of sorry for parents who were up with their children when it aired. . .


  12. Talk to ya in a couple of weeks mate! :D

  13. Right, people! I'm gone for a couple of weeks! If you guys tear up the forums without me, there's gonna be hell to pay . . .

  14. It depends on if the characters profile has not been updated, and/or when it was created, and/or if the user read everything correctly. I saw an officer who graduated the Academy at the age of 20, when something else states that the youngest you can graduate is 22. It also depends on the species - different species, different education styles; my character dropped out of High School during her Grade Nine (at the age of 15) to focus on Gymnastics, yet was still able to enter the Academy - Terran education would have made this impossible, or at least in Australia.
  15. Another thought is to go to the Guild of Uncommon Species. I know that there's someone that plays a Pythron over there.
  16. Just love being loved.

    1. Clase Drene

      Clase Drene

      For the love of all things we love. :)

  17. Chuck is back on Australian Television. Oh, and so's Mythbusters.

  18. So glad you're back!

  19. Beating brother at Spy VS Spy. Old games involving spies that look like mice or rats and safes and door traps are my specialty. Just like racing games where you get to ram into other cars.

  20. 21st Century Sherlock Holmes! Ship should do a version of "The Hounds of Baskerville".

  21. I *love* what you write! I look forward to the next part!

  22. Pleasing my little brother never gets old.

  23. Chuck Season 4. I'm extremely happy!

  24. Chuck Season 4. I'm extremely happy!

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