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  1. I have reached 100 forum posts and celebrating it with Pizza seems like a good idea . . .

  2. I got Chuck season 3 for Christmas! Can't wait for season 4 and 5!

  3. Chuck Season 4. I'm extremely happy!

  4. Chuck Season 4. I'm extremely happy!

  5. Pleasing my little brother never gets old.

  6. I *love* what you write! I look forward to the next part!

  7. 21st Century Sherlock Holmes! Ship should do a version of "The Hounds of Baskerville".

  8. Beating brother at Spy VS Spy. Old games involving spies that look like mice or rats and safes and door traps are my specialty. Just like racing games where you get to ram into other cars.

  9. So glad you're back!

  10. Chuck is back on Australian Television. Oh, and so's Mythbusters.

  11. Right, people! I'm gone for a couple of weeks! If you guys tear up the forums without me, there's gonna be hell to pay . . .

  12. Talk to ya in a couple of weeks mate! :D


  14. Just watched the new LYNX adbreak in Australia . . . . . . I feel kind of sorry for parents who were up with their children when it aired. . .

  15. Why did I get up? I'm sick, it's cold . . . that's okay. I'll just get the reeeeeally long internet cord and take it too my room. Ahhhh; less cold.

  16. Lunch! Om nom nom!

  17. Got in the middle of a knife fight between two students, my niece Melody Jay was born, and now I'm getting married.

  18. Woo! Wireless Internet

  19. Woo! Wireless Internet

  20. Jeez. Two warnings in one week. What the heck is goin' on! A LOA is lookin good at the moment...

  21. Baking muffins. Because I apparently do that, now . . .

  22. NNB - Need New Banner. Must work on that . . .

  23. I don't know about you people, but I feel like I've been hit by a truck considering what's happened over the past few months . . .

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