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  1. Insert epic status here

  2. Lovin' my key face list people!

  3. Just opened Season 3 of Enterprise . . . Why on Earth would you put in more guitar parts on an already-terrible theme song! DX SKIP IT! SKIIIIP IIIIT!

  4. One should update their Face List for their crew if they're not busy. Because, you know, it's really quite easy. And stuff.

  5. Sky Blake


    Normally a wiki-savy crew member will create the basics of your character's wiki page after being assigned to a ship, too.

  7. Bye bye, Sky and hello Sabor!

  8. Need to busy myself at 3am in the morning.

  9. Using two laptops to update the wiki.


  11. "The name of my ship is the Lollipop." ~ Cmdr Riker

  12. You could be swinging on a star . . .

  13. That ridiculously proud moment you feel when you finally learn and master the skill of the drop-down box...

  14. Face list updated. ALL CREWS: Please, *please* remember to update your face listing. Update it like you update your rosters.

  15. I will not rest until the fleet's Face List is updated. >:/

  16. I think we may end up having to make a forum specificaly for the Face List. It's getting way, way too out of date.

  17. Do it for the satisfaction of seeing the look on Quark's face when he's beaten at a game of tongo by a lowly hew-mon.

  18. Updating, updating, updating, updating.

  19. Just a reminder to all wiki-savy people to keep updating their ship's face listing - there are a few ships on the pages that are *really* out of date . . .

  20. On LOA. Do not disturb.

  21. You know when you've been typing "StarFleet" wrong when Scotty unintentionally corrects you in an information file for the Star Trek game . . .:/

  22. Guess who's back. >:D

  23. Complications in a Brekkian/Betazoid and Vulcan hybrid pregnancy? I may need to consult my Vulcan book . . . :/

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