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  3. The weekend goes too fast . . .

  4. Rain rain, go away, come again another day.

  5. Daylight Savings, how I've missed you . . .

  6. Must . . . . . cure . . . . . boredom!!!

  7. Dear Caramel Slice, trying to make your caramel is hard work. I respectfully ask that you stop burning. Regards.

  8. Wikipage updated . . . for the third time this week . . . I really need to start work again, because this bordem is getting ridiculous

  9. Excited! FBC Round 5 Nominations NOW UP!! Now I have a legitimate reason to cruise the wiki...

  10. "There's no light over London today" . . .

  11. Glad I'm not in Queensland right now . . .

  12. !!!!! MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN . . . DIED!!???!!! WHAT!!!

  13. I don't know about you people, but I feel like I've been hit by a truck considering what's happened over the past few months . . .

  14. (( Space battle )) :: With the two marines, Valentino and Hunt, flying in sync, the Klingons couldn't keep up with their movement. With Angelo using his guile and experience and Mike Hunt using his exceptional piloting and sharpshooting skills, it already led to the destruction of a B'Rel cruiser and a K'Peck corvette. Commander Vess chimed in. :: Vess: ::Smiling.:: =/\= If yeh two keep flyin' like that, we'll be all out o' targets before long.=/\= Valentino: =/\= Just get that Klingon ship off our tails and we'll do the rest. =/\= Vess: =/\= We're on it. Vess out.=/\= ::To everyone on the Bri
  15. NNB - Need New Banner. Must work on that . . .

  16. Baking muffins. Because I apparently do that, now . . .

  17. Jeez. Two warnings in one week. What the heck is goin' on! A LOA is lookin good at the moment...

  18. Woo! Wireless Internet

  19. Woo! Wireless Internet

  20. Got in the middle of a knife fight between two students, my niece Melody Jay was born, and now I'm getting married.

  21. Lunch! Om nom nom!

  22. Why did I get up? I'm sick, it's cold . . . that's okay. I'll just get the reeeeeally long internet cord and take it too my room. Ahhhh; less cold.

  23. Just watched the new LYNX adbreak in Australia . . . . . . I feel kind of sorry for parents who were up with their children when it aired. . .


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