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  1. Yeah, Challenger A. But don't worry now; everything's been set out for me. And I haven't been able to post my side of the transmission yet: I have to wait for a good time.

  2. Yeah, I thought you looked a little lonely! lol.

    Jeez. Everyone's disappearing! Captain's goin' to the Embassy, Ensign Delwyn's going to the Discovery-B . . . we're we going, you wonder! Hope we get the same ship; making Sky argue with Parker'll be fun under Ed!

  3. You better hope not, or Sky'll get Kitty to kill YOU!!!!

  4. You could be swinging on a star . . .

  5. You know when you've been typing "StarFleet" wrong when Scotty unintentionally corrects you in an information file for the Star Trek game . . .:/

  6. You mean Bailey's skull! Casey isn't anywhere near the Ronin right now! Plus, Casey's training Cadets!

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