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  1. We now have a "Like" button!!

  2. We now have a "Like" button!!

  3. Welcome to the fleet! Hope training was fun for ya!

  4. What. Did. You. Make. Him. DO??

    I think I'll take you up on that: For all I know, Sky might need a lesson on Dream Walking

  5. Why am I awake at Five Thirty in the morning . . .

  6. Why did I get up? I'm sick, it's cold . . . that's okay. I'll just get the reeeeeally long internet cord and take it too my room. Ahhhh; less cold.

  7. Wicked Witch of the West . . . coming to get you, and your little dog too, for halloween!!


  9. Wikipage updated . . . for the third time this week . . . I really need to start work again, because this bordem is getting ridiculous

  10. Woo! Wireless Internet

  11. Woo! Wireless Internet

  12. Yeah, Challenger A. But don't worry now; everything's been set out for me. And I haven't been able to post my side of the transmission yet: I have to wait for a good time.

  13. Yeah, I thought you looked a little lonely! lol.

    Jeez. Everyone's disappearing! Captain's goin' to the Embassy, Ensign Delwyn's going to the Discovery-B . . . we're we going, you wonder! Hope we get the same ship; making Sky argue with Parker'll be fun under Ed!

  14. You better hope not, or Sky'll get Kitty to kill YOU!!!!

  15. You could be swinging on a star . . .

  16. You know when you've been typing "StarFleet" wrong when Scotty unintentionally corrects you in an information file for the Star Trek game . . .:/

  17. You mean Bailey's skull! Casey isn't anywhere near the Ronin right now! Plus, Casey's training Cadets!

  18. All Americans, please check in.

    1. Hannibal Parker

      Hannibal Parker

      I'm here, alive and well....

  19. Can only "like" posts once. I believe we need to expand this number to however many times a human being can click the "like" button.

  20. Donate to your nearest Good Friday appeal.

  21. Hoping all Melbournites in the fleet are safe after what happened today. Thoughts with those injured and passed.


  23. If you didn't like Star Trek: Picard very much, it's okay. Santiago Cabrera comes into the third episode to rescue the entire show. 

    You're welcome.

    1. Hannibal Parker

      Hannibal Parker

      I was liking Michelle Hurd myself....

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