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  1. Right, people! I'm gone for a couple of weeks! If you guys tear up the forums without me, there's gonna be hell to pay . . .

  2. Right. Awesome.

  3. Seein' Coldplay tomorrow!! EXCITING!!

  4. So glad you're back!

  5. SONG QOUTE OF THE MONTH: "I've been around the world in the pouring rain, feeling out of place, I'm feeling strange. Take me to a place where they know my name, where everyone one knows my name."

  6. SONG QUOTE OF THE MONTH: "If you love me say a prayer for Jane. She's the spirit of the young girl's heart. Light a candle in the pouring rain, if you feel the pain. Say a prayer for Jane."

  7. Speaking about Colt, I have found two images. Both have Parker's renowned black coat, but one has Chuck's shoulder in the frame and the other has both Sarah and Chuck sitting at a table (seconds before my avatar image . . . ) I was able to get one of them onto the forums, but the other one was not so lucky. Ronin's character picture one.




  11. Talk to ya in a couple of weeks mate! :D

  12. Blake

    Thank you for being such a FANTASTIC First Officer aboard both the Ronin and the Challenger-A. We really appreciate it, and if it wasn't for Lawn, Deven would still be whimpering on the sidelines of a fight - I mean his character, and not Nathan.

    THANK YOU!!!

  13. That ridiculously proud moment you feel when you finally learn and master the skill of the drop-down box...

  14. That's fine by me. Feel free to use it if you have any more technical difficulties.

  15. The bubble-gum-pink blonde is in! >:D

  16. The weekend goes too fast . . .

  17. They also say we ride on Kangaroos . . . whats up with THAT!? They'd scratch our eyes out!

  18. Too hot for this season. If I suddenly go silent for a couple of days, nobody panic...

  19. Uh oh . . . Congratulations (Lieutenant) Commander! You've caught up to Jesse!

  20. Updating, updating, updating, updating.

  21. Using two laptops to update the wiki.

  22. USS Challenger-A. Don't worry, my First Officer has four other new ensigns on the ship, and it's a miricle that he's still standing he's had that much to do!

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