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  1. Lunch! Om nom nom!

  2. Maybe the Challenger should convert the holodeck or Mess Hall into a shelter. 'Cause there ain't that many people who have quarters now!!

  3. Must . . . . . cure . . . . . boredom!!!

  4. Need to busy myself at 3am in the morning.

  5. Next week, week after, so looking forward to the fun we're gonna have

  6. NNB - Need New Banner. Must work on that . . .

  7. No point for avatar - you missed check in by a few days . . . :(

  8. No work today!! *And* tomorrow, apparently!!

  9. Not at all. Sky would freak out though - remember she's only had one or two sexual encounters that didn't go quite to plan.

    If you want Parker to check on them, wait for a good time - like when they're completely asleep. And if all hell brakes loose like last time, I'll fix it. No problems. lol.

  10. Not to mention that I had more than enough characters in the post, so it drowned me out!

  11. Now has Firefox . . . :/

  12. Oh yeah? Here we just wear jeans and a short sleeve shirt - rain, hail or sunshine, riding down the road with our steel cap boots . . .

  13. Oh, I wouldn't say that. Give us, well, give some of 'em, a Ute and an awesome, bumpy and holey dirt road, and we can make a good time . . .

  14. On LOA. Do not disturb.

  15. One more post to 500 . . . Almost there!!!

  16. One should update their Face List for their crew if they're not busy. Because, you know, it's really quite easy. And stuff.

  17. Pleasing my little brother never gets old.

  18. Potted Potter . . . was awesome.

  19. QUESTION: How is your reputation -1??

  20. QUOTE OF THE MONTH: Love isn't about finding the perfect person. It's about seeing an imperfect person perfectly. ((I have GOT to get Lix to say that in a post!!))

  21. Rain rain, go away, come again another day.

  22. Re-watching all of the Marvel and DC movies that I own . . .

  23. Reference to the Email: A Drunk Parker wearing a Tux started the bar fight . . . hehehehe. Sky has to wear something not overly revealing, and can conceal knifes, just in case someone gets the wrong idea!

  24. Remember to nominate your favourite bio to the Featured Bio Contest! It's as easy as dropping a link!

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