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  1. Is OUT of hospital. Now lets get this stuff done...

  2. is rather popular today . . .

  3. It's bad luck to say good luck on opening night . . .

    1. Anen


      If this is a Producers reference then you are my new favorite person Deliera :)

      If not... well you are still pretty cool...

    2. Blake


      Lol!! Right on target! I managed to see the stage show and I own the movie - both are fantastic!

    3. Anen


      Sad there's no like button... The Producers was the last show my High School did when I was there, had to fight a little bit since it's of course a bit... out there, but the money we made from that show was only eclipsed by Les Mis four years later and it was only because of the money we made from the Producers that they could buy the royalties.

  4. Jeez. Two warnings in one week. What the heck is goin' on! A LOA is lookin good at the moment...

  5. Just a reminder to all wiki-savy people to keep updating their ship's face listing - there are a few ships on the pages that are *really* out of date . . .

  6. Just love being loved.

    1. Clase Drene

      Clase Drene

      For the love of all things we love. :)

  7. Just opened Season 3 of Enterprise . . . Why on Earth would you put in more guitar parts on an already-terrible theme song! DX SKIP IT! SKIIIIP IIIIT!

  8. Just watched the new LYNX adbreak in Australia . . . . . . I feel kind of sorry for parents who were up with their children when it aired. . .

  9. Kicking butts while making uniformed character images without a proper photoshop and taking names.

  10. Last time I checked, he's worked under Ed before! Ha! Deja Vu in a different rank and position!

  11. Lovin' my key face list people!

  12. Lunch! Om nom nom!

  13. Maybe the Challenger should convert the holodeck or Mess Hall into a shelter. 'Cause there ain't that many people who have quarters now!!

  14. Must . . . . . cure . . . . . boredom!!!

  15. Need to busy myself at 3am in the morning.

  16. Next week, week after, so looking forward to the fun we're gonna have

  17. NNB - Need New Banner. Must work on that . . .

  18. No point for avatar - you missed check in by a few days . . . :(

  19. No work today!! *And* tomorrow, apparently!!

  20. Not at all. Sky would freak out though - remember she's only had one or two sexual encounters that didn't go quite to plan.

    If you want Parker to check on them, wait for a good time - like when they're completely asleep. And if all hell brakes loose like last time, I'll fix it. No problems. lol.

  21. Not to mention that I had more than enough characters in the post, so it drowned me out!

  22. Now has Firefox . . . :/

  23. Oh yeah? Here we just wear jeans and a short sleeve shirt - rain, hail or sunshine, riding down the road with our steel cap boots . . .

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