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  1. Adding "Don't upset Ventu" to my list of how to survive on Starfleet vessels . . .
  2. That awkward moment when you realize your boyfriend has a crush/is best friends with your ex. You say this now, but I joke not when I say that this section originally had "If Roshanara wasn't in the picture, he may have kissed him".
  3. Alex Kurtzman: Producer, announced, Star Trek 4 Star Trek Into Darkness (producer) Star Trek (executive producer) Robert Orci: Executive Procedure, announced, Star Trek 4 Star Trek Into Darkness (producer) Star Trek (executive producer) Star Trek Beyond (written by) (post-production) Star Trek Into Darkness (written by) Star Trek (written by) Don't get your hopes up. =/ I'm aware of their credentials. I mean they're much better television producers then they are for film, hilariously so.
  4. I'm done with this reboot franchise. I'm not gonna see it. I'm gonna leave my faith in the guys that give me Limitless and Scorpion every week to bring me a TV show better than the movies I'm being provided with and worth more of my time. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci haven't failed me for two years worth of TV series, I'm hoping they don't break that streak.
  5. Kicking butts while making uniformed character images without a proper photoshop and taking names.

  6. Take me back to the Sweet times, and fun nights Everything's gonna be alright Post-Voyager Only post-Voyager And even if I have to wait till Next year! I don't care All i know is that I'll see you there Post-Voyager Only post-Voyager Cause that's where I wanna be!
  7. Han Solo as an unfortunate victim of a universe swap.
  8. I don't want Enterprise. Give me something other than an Enterprise, for the love of all things. I'm just so done with the Enterprise linage. There are other ships in Starfleet than the ones named Enterprise.
  9. And now I'm gonna have that song stuck in my head for the rest of the day. XD
  10. Candidate Narala faces questions about crime lord's sudden acquittal By Vian Nova Stardate 239206.10 NIMBUS III - In a stunning decision, Vivian Voreic, a known Orion crime lord, has been acquitted of all charges in the Nimbus system. Tensions were high in Paradise City when crime kingpin Vivian Voreic (last name recently changed from Volkoff) touched down a week ago and was arrested on sight by the city's security force. It marked the first time Voreic was positively identified by the general public after rumors of her organization's activity in the Nimbus system. Detained, charged, and pu
  11. You know you love the beagle.
  12. Everybody's gotta have a happy holiday.

  13. Hi, Arden! Wiki accounts are usually provided to cadets once they've graduated from training. When you train, you'll be required to create a character bio, and that will be transferred to a wiki page either by your CO or resident wiki officer, of which you can edit as you please.
  14. The Transport Union have a right to be concerned about their safety. Its unfortunate that they haven't been provided with proper security and that they've had to resort to a strike for this issue to be noticed. As for Bacco's handling the situation . . . what more and what less could she honestly do. One can't simply snap their fingers and immediately assign security forces to these ships, and it's not really Starfleet's job to play the role of security guards.
  15. Peace talks between Brekka and Ornara end with a fistfight between planetary ambassadorsBy Vian NovaStardate 239201.19 ORNARA — Peace talks between the two civilizations of Ornara and Brekka came to a spectacular end today when an Ornaran ambassador threw a fist at a Brekkian delegate. The sudden aggression by Ambassador Wenrequi Cartop was reportedly caused by "an offensive remark regarding the Ornaran people" from the Brekkian delegate Renei Oberm. The Brekkian delegate denies this remark was ever made. Having finally removed the addictive drug felicium, of which was initially supplied t
  16. Narala of Nimbus III joins race for the presidencyBy Vian NovaStardate 239201.18 NIMBUS III — On the heels of Ambassador Lily Ventu's presidential campaign announcement, Nimbus III Chief Administrator Narala joined the race for the presidency. Many citizens of the Galactic Peace planet Nimbus III had gathered in Paradise City for what quite possibly was the ambitious chief administrator's most staggering announcement yet. "My fellow citizens of Nimbus, these are troubling times in our galaxy. Strong leadership is needed to handle both the challenges ahead and those that will always require
  17. I think for now the Cardassians and the Federation are playing nice towards each other as much as they can. Starfleet's gone so far to allow them to share a joint command of DSX (also called DS10, depending on who you talk to) in the Menthar Corridor. The Garuda has simmed a lot of contact between Starfleet and the Cardassian Union, though tensions are still sort of high, especially since the terrorist attack on the station (the original co-captain of DSX was killed during this event). I haven't seen anything on the Romulans. There may have been one or two Romulan characters I've come across,
  18. Best parts of these movies, I have to admit, is McCoy. He doesn't get a lot of screen time, maybe, (and I was disappointed to see that Bones was also minimized in the Into Darkness novelization as well) but he always brings a smile to my face whenever he's in a scene.
  19. A British tar is a soaring soul, as free as a mountain bird. His energetic fist should be ready to resist, a dictatorial word... Sing, Worf, sing! One of my favourite moments, and that song was stuck in my head for days . . .
  20. Remember to nominate your favourite bio to the Featured Bio Contest! It's as easy as dropping a link!

  21. As I was reading it, I was chatting to Rich about Ketanya's image... Deliera: VOSS TOTALLY STOLE SOME OF TRISTAM'S SHARKWTF VOSS STOLE SOME OF TRISTAM'S SHARK Rich: You knowthis isn't really the kind of feedback I was hoping for... Deliera: VOSS STILL STOLE TRISTAM'S SHARKAND IT LOOKS GREATTOTALLY CAN'T TELL IT'S JEN GARNERBUT VOSS STILL STOLE SHARK AND TARTARE
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