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  1. Way of the Warrior holds a special place in my heart (first DS9 episode(s) I ever got on VHS until I finally got everything on DVD). It's not what I consider an episode you could skip, and seeing DS9 hold its own against a freaking Klingon fleet waiting for backup to arrive was just the icing on the cake. Easily one of my top ten Star Trek episodes.
  2. That's okay, Washington. I'm smiling for you.
  3. When King leans on the forth wall. EDIT: Darn it, Ryan - this entire flipping post was one chuckle after another! Here's more.
  4. I didn't realize how quick the internet could actually be.

    You know these forums used to take two minutes before all images actually loaded up? Takes five seconds now.

    Netflix and Online Multiplayer here I flipping come.

    1. Moonsong


      And another one bites the dust.

  5. There's my weird sense of humor kicking up again.
  6. My timezone allows me to live in the future.

    And no, you didn't win the lottery you entered.

  7. In which Core absolutely qualifies as the mum of the crew and I accept this position with great pride.
  8. There's two of me now. Can only mean double the fun.
  9. I feel like I've seen something about the Discovery in canon already and that it was pre-TNG - which also fits with some of the rumors that were coming out a couple months ago. Registry suggests this too. Its been suggested to me that they might not be going past Voyager because of conflicting with Star Trek Online - which I sincerely hope is not the case. STO is great and all, but . . . really? Does it really have to classify as canon?
  10. Not sure which is better - people running down your driveway "picking up air drops" in a virtual zombie apocalypse or people walking down your driveway claiming to be looking for Pokemon near your [...] paddock. :-|

    1. Hannibal Parker

      Hannibal Parker

      Either could get you shot in the right circumstances.....


  11. I guess I won't be seeing it until it's released on DVD. ADSL2 with bad lines in an area your service provider don't wanna come isn't the best host for Netflix. Stupid Australian internet...
  12. Can only "like" posts once. I believe we need to expand this number to however many times a human being can click the "like" button.

  13. Vyrenna-speak for "careful, Captain Kells might get kidnapped again".
  14. Literally the most I'll ever use Treknobabble - mainly because while I'm well-versed in Star Trek and playing an engineer, writing long paragraphs involving Trek science involves many a hour-long journey into the depths of Memory Alpha.
  15. Did anybody else get around to playing the Star Trek game set between 2009 and Into Darkness?
  16. This Rodulan cracked out the "normal" eye contacts just for the occasion.
  17. It hurts, too. Because these are two characters that are usually always together. And seeing them split apart like that after years just . . . ugh. For better or worse, that sim really hurt.
  18. With Star Trek Online finally hitting our consoles, now's a good as time as any to discuss what other Star Trek games you might have loved or hated when playing with that controller on your home console, recommending or downright slamming as you go. I'm "lucky" enough to own Star Trek: Conquest for the PS2. Nice little strategy game, actually, though has little to no story aspect.
  19. Should launch an Australian time-friendly fleet chat.

    1. Hannibal Parker

      Hannibal Parker

      TRue, but when would that be?

  20. Just the fact that this continues throughout the sim . . .
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