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  1. Not sure which is better - people running down your driveway "picking up air drops" in a virtual zombie apocalypse or people walking down your driveway claiming to be looking for Pokemon near your [...] paddock. :-|

    1. Hannibal Parker

      Hannibal Parker

      Either could get you shot in the right circumstances.....


  2. I guess I won't be seeing it until it's released on DVD. ADSL2 with bad lines in an area your service provider don't wanna come isn't the best host for Netflix. Stupid Australian internet...
  3. Can only "like" posts once. I believe we need to expand this number to however many times a human being can click the "like" button.

  4. Vyrenna-speak for "careful, Captain Kells might get kidnapped again".
  5. Literally the most I'll ever use Treknobabble - mainly because while I'm well-versed in Star Trek and playing an engineer, writing long paragraphs involving Trek science involves many a hour-long journey into the depths of Memory Alpha.
  6. Blake

    On consoles

    Did anybody else get around to playing the Star Trek game set between 2009 and Into Darkness?
  7. This Rodulan cracked out the "normal" eye contacts just for the occasion.
  8. It hurts, too. Because these are two characters that are usually always together. And seeing them split apart like that after years just . . . ugh. For better or worse, that sim really hurt.
  9. With Star Trek Online finally hitting our consoles, now's a good as time as any to discuss what other Star Trek games you might have loved or hated when playing with that controller on your home console, recommending or downright slamming as you go. I'm "lucky" enough to own Star Trek: Conquest for the PS2. Nice little strategy game, actually, though has little to no story aspect.
  10. Should launch an Australian time-friendly fleet chat.

    1. Hannibal Parker

      Hannibal Parker

      TRue, but when would that be?

  11. Just the fact that this continues throughout the sim . . .
  12. Adding "Don't upset Ventu" to my list of how to survive on Starfleet vessels . . .
  13. That awkward moment when you realize your boyfriend has a crush/is best friends with your ex. You say this now, but I joke not when I say that this section originally had "If Roshanara wasn't in the picture, he may have kissed him".
  14. Alex Kurtzman: Producer, announced, Star Trek 4 Star Trek Into Darkness (producer) Star Trek (executive producer) Robert Orci: Executive Procedure, announced, Star Trek 4 Star Trek Into Darkness (producer) Star Trek (executive producer) Star Trek Beyond (written by) (post-production) Star Trek Into Darkness (written by) Star Trek (written by) Don't get your hopes up. =/ I'm aware of their credentials. I mean they're much better television producers then they are for film, hilariously so.
  15. I'm done with this reboot franchise. I'm not gonna see it. I'm gonna leave my faith in the guys that give me Limitless and Scorpion every week to bring me a TV show better than the movies I'm being provided with and worth more of my time. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci haven't failed me for two years worth of TV series, I'm hoping they don't break that streak.
  16. Kicking butts while making uniformed character images without a proper photoshop and taking names.

  17. Take me back to the Sweet times, and fun nights Everything's gonna be alright Post-Voyager Only post-Voyager And even if I have to wait till Next year! I don't care All i know is that I'll see you there Post-Voyager Only post-Voyager Cause that's where I wanna be!
  18. Han Solo as an unfortunate victim of a universe swap.
  19. I don't want Enterprise. Give me something other than an Enterprise, for the love of all things. I'm just so done with the Enterprise linage. There are other ships in Starfleet than the ones named Enterprise.
  20. And now I'm gonna have that song stuck in my head for the rest of the day. XD
  21. Candidate Narala faces questions about crime lord's sudden acquittal By Vian Nova Stardate 239206.10 NIMBUS III - In a stunning decision, Vivian Voreic, a known Orion crime lord, has been acquitted of all charges in the Nimbus system. Tensions were high in Paradise City when crime kingpin Vivian Voreic (last name recently changed from Volkoff) touched down a week ago and was arrested on sight by the city's security force. It marked the first time Voreic was positively identified by the general public after rumors of her organization's activity in the Nimbus system. Detained, charged, and put on trial, the verdict was given today: acquitted of all criminal charges within the Nimbus system. Voreic's history of charges (criminal and otherwise) across the Alpha and Beta quadrant include kidnapping, treason, arms trafficking, drug dealing, and much more, many of these activities she was charged of carrying out in the Nimbus system. She has rumored ties to the Orion Syndicate, Scarlet Brotherhood, and more recently, the Maquis Reborn, as a weapons supplier. Leaked reports rumored to have originated from Starfleet seem to indicate that Voreic has a background in Starfleet Intelligence as an analyst, one of the potential reasons behind her charge of treason in Federation space. Starfleet officials have declined to comment. For Voreic to be acquitted of all charges in the Nimbus system is something that has been unheard of ever since Chief Administrator Narala came into power. Despite powerful evidence against her, Vivian Voreic walked out of Paradise City courts with a smile on her face and as free as a bird, and even made no attempt to avoid reporters or hide her face - an indication that she's quite comfortable on Nimbus III. Many of her answers to questions by press were simple yes and nos - however, when asked about her possible membership in the Orion Syndicate, she gave a full statement. "Today is a good day for myself, and for the people of Nimbus III," says Voreic. "I don't plan to ruin today by asserting dominance over a legal system, so let me make myself clear. I am not the Orion Syndicate, I am not the Scarlet Brotherhood, and I am certainly not the Maquis Reborn. I do not endorse any of their actions. I am simply a good businesswoman, trying to make a living." She declined to make any further comments. Chief Administrator Narala was questioned about her government's decision whilst promoting her campaign in the cloud city of Stratos, Ardana. "Nimbus III's legal system is not me, sitting in a sort of throne in a law court," said Narala. "I do not make every sole decision, and I certainly wasn't consulted on the case of Vivian Voreic. I will appeal to the Chief Prosecutor to reconsider the decision the courts have made - in a correct and lawful manner - but if our system has deemed Voreic is to be acquitted, then that is the result for now." However, political experts observing the situation are unconvinced about Narala's confidence in the situation. "This is a justice system that Narala has based her campaign on." Political adviser Matthew Broteivach says to FNS. "It's how she came to her position on her home world. She has used it as her podium, asked the Federation citizens to trust her to bring this sort of system to the potential role of President of the Federation, and that system has just decided to release a known crime lord back into their home. That decision alone may have just shot their candidate in the foot." This article was written by Deliera, the writer for Tristam Core. Submit your own news stories and headlines to the FNS or consider joining the FNS team! FNS Home • FNS Data Feed• FNS on FB • FNS Team
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