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  1. I've simmed relationships with both character types. Usually they're all pretty rewarding in terms of development, and while it's definitely more fulfilling to bounce ideas off another player, ultimately doing both is bringing me joy. If I'm simming my Primary with my PNPC (which I'm doing at the moment for Blake and Sabor within flashbacks), I have to operate with a set idea of what's to come. So if it ends badly or if they all live happily ever after, it's always going to be part of the plan until I change my mind (as such with Kinan and Irasaph, though their relationship is so behind the scenes that it's doubtful anyone will notice). I usually have a whole thing decked out from the get-go.

    If I'm with another player, I like discussing my character and the ins and outs and all the thoughts and motives and little cool tidbits, especially if it's about PC relationships. I've noticed that romantic relationships between PC characters (or PC to PNPC characters) tend to take a lot of planning and discussion.

    It's either orther, really.

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  2. Way of the Warrior holds a special place in my heart (first DS9 episode(s) I ever got on VHS until I finally got everything on DVD). It's not what I consider an episode you could skip, and seeing DS9 hold its own against a freaking Klingon fleet waiting for backup to arrive was just the icing on the cake. Easily one of my top ten Star Trek episodes.

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  3. Quote

    The ship lurched, hissed and shimmied its way to warp 5. Academy presentations of old ship logs from this era had always seemed so overly dramatic, like the people had been coached to flail and fling themselves for dramatic purposes.

    When King leans on the forth wall.

    EDIT: Darn it, Ryan - this entire flipping post was one chuckle after another! Here's more.


    Ryan took a moment and seriously considered the scenarios ability to get them the time they needed. If nothing else, he was sure such a diversion would win him a commendation for original thinking from Commander Core.


    Viewscreens back in the 23rd century suffered from the same problem everything else suffered on the Venture, it was old. Had someone told him Jolara had gotten angry and flung a helping of spaghetti sauce against the screen, he would have shrugged his shoulders, believed them and told her that he had hoped she had brought enough for everyone. His stomach gurgled.


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  4. Quote
    Core: Before you go, how are you with a hyperspanner?
    ::In mid-turn, Ryan paused and considered pretending he hadn't heard anything. It would no doubt have been easy to blame it on the white noise machines that were placed throughout the station to reduce the noise. But ignoring his exec? Even that was too brazen for him.::

    King: A hipa-wha?
    ::Hyperspanner? The word evoked some type of tool used in a physical exam performed in Sickbay. Certainly not a tool Ryan had any idea or intention of handling any time soon. He wrinkled his nose as he looked back over at Core.::

    Oh boy. XD

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  5. I feel like I've seen something about the Discovery in canon already and that it was pre-TNG - which also fits with some of the rumors that were coming out a couple months ago. Registry suggests this too.

    Its been suggested to me that they might not be going past Voyager because of conflicting with Star Trek Online - which I sincerely hope is not the case. STO is great and all, but . . . really? Does it really have to classify as canon?

  6. With Star Trek Online finally hitting our consoles, now's a good as time as any to discuss what other Star Trek games you might have loved or hated when playing with that controller on your home console, recommending or downright slamming as you go.

    I'm "lucky" enough to own Star Trek: Conquest for the PS2. Nice little strategy game, actually, though has little to no story aspect.

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