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    Swenhart: ::catches her breath:: Either they’re in the infrastructure that’s underneath the mines, sir. Or wherever the anomaly leads to. It’s a subspace infestation! ::finally looks around the room:: What or who do you think could possibly be down there?

    Core: Nothing good.

    Delano: Hey, there’s a first time for everything. I mean, why does it always have to be bad. I figure we’re about due for a subspace puppy infestation?

    Given out track record with plants . . .


  2. Quote

    Delano: I was security chief of the Garuda for about three weeks before it was taken over by a hoard of sentient house plants.

    Blake: Sentient . . . house plants?

    :: Evan laughed darkly at her reaction. He recalled having a very similar reaction to the absurdity of the situation right up to the point where the vines of one of those plants snagged him from behind and yanked him down a turboshaft. He’d dislocated his shoulder trying to fight the damn thing off. ::

    Delano: Yeah. That was a fun report to send back to Command.  


    Galven: So, would you like to do the honors? It was from a mission you were on after all.
    Alentonis: Gladly.
    Galven: Wait! ::pushed a couple of demands and the glass cover sealed shut:: There! Ha. Now, go on. 
    Lovar: Good catch. If that radiation got out and my plants and us died, I'd kill you.

    Not sure which is scarier; sentient house plants trying to kill me, or Lorian Lovar.

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  3. Quote

    Blake: Writing up a report for Lieutenant Vistain?

    ::The officer turned with some measured speed, apparently startled by Blake's appearance (in the brand new, double-breasted mustard yellow uniform with her pips on the right hand side of her chest rather than her collar - Starfleet were apparently in the slow process of ditching the all-greys and blacks in favour for some more colour).

    Meanwhile, Rich is all :w00t::w00t::w00t: and


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  4. Tristam in "Captain on the Bridge"


    Core: Aha . . . yeah, I can’t leave my project. My many apologies, but given there’s only two officers now attached to Loa, I’m afraid I’ll have to remain here.

    Five minutes later, Roshanara after sending Tristam to her quarters in "Captain on the Bridge"


    Rahman: Thanks for keeping the seat warm, Commander.

    :: She beckoned towards the stars that lay ahead on the viewscreen. ::

    Rahman: Now take us home.

    And then there's me after those lines:




    For the record, Tristam remains onboard.

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  5. Uhhhh . . . nay. Discovery rides the line along "oh that's a cool addition thanks to MA rating" and "we really did not need to see that" - and Tarantino has a habit of . . . breaking that line all together. I don't need a hard R Star Trek. I don't even need an MA Star Trek Discovery.

    If he wants to do a Star Trek film ala First Contact, then sure. Otherwise . . . yeah, no.

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  6. You know, at first I thought "She's a Sassy One, Isn't She?" was referring to this particular moment by Rahman;

    Roqeth: How dare you impede my-
    ::Roshanara put her hand up to stop the man from talking.::
    Rahman: We're really not going to go through all this again, are we?

    But then I kept reading and found this gem;



    Slater: That tells us very little about who is behind this. ::She paused.:: We have a location, and nothing else. We don’t know if the Outpost is the destination of the felicium, a distribution hub or even just a stop. ::She turned to the Klingons.:: I hate to break it to you but *this* is square one.

    Roqeth: Square one? ::He turned to Slater.:: I’ve been investigating this since before you graduated, Ensign.

    Slater: And yet, you are no closer than me to having any actual hard evidence as to who’s moving that felicium, sir. ::She fired back, making sure that the last word sounded just as insulting as his.::



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  7. Quote

    Delano: Fortunately, our proximity to Outpost 3 means we might be able to get access to some of the replicator materials they’d intended to use in the repair project. That could make things easier, but we can’t count on that just yet.

    Meanwhile on Outpost 3...


    Rahman: Tristam, there is *literally* a toilet seat welded onto that bulkhead to seal an atmospheric containment breach.

    Core: We ran out of sealant- no, wait, that’s not the point!


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  8. My engineering character Tristam (whom I've taken to calling the "anti-propulsionist") is very much pro-transporter in the face of slipstream drive and warp factors - I've begun toying with a transporter concept, not necessarily transwarp beaming as of yet, that he's been working on in his spare time in-sim. To simply get from point A to point B with next to no hassles, I see this is the way to go.

    That said, exploration should still be important, and completed with starships. The transporter shouldn't be the main transportation in areas that haven't been fully charted/colonized by the faction that's employing it (in this case, the Federation).

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  9. I'm not a fan of 'death scenes' - I find that a lot of the time, they're drawn out or in some ways too complicated and I've never found them overall satisfying. But I like the emotional reaction to that kind of loss from others. I think all of the characters I've killed (and one I brought back to life (haha)) have been killed off-screen, with the reactions to that simmed, because that kind of reaction lasts not just for one scene - it can affect one for years to come if necessary and could easily change your character, which is what I've specifically done with Blake, in that she lost her husband (off-screen) and is still affected by that two years on.

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  10. On 05/31/2017 at 11:21 PM, Trellis Vondaryan said:

    could easily have been another Fast and Furious film so far as I'm concerned.

    The visual style didn't appeal to me, I thought the story was rather bland and didn't have a whole lot of emotional investment.

    Were we watching the same film? Like, are you sure you went to go see Beyond?

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  11. We've got more cast to have joined. However, my personal favorite part of the announcement:

    Rehka Sharma as security officer.

    I've kept going on about how my main wish for this series was a female security officer and now I got one. Now me as a happy camper will wait patiently for the show jigglinG ON MY CHAIR BECAUSE FEMALE SECURITY OFFICER GUYS FINALLY!

    ::cough:: Excuse my excitement.

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  12. Quote

    Delano: Mr. Kallo, I don’t suppose you have any way of cutting through all the interference? We have a larger ship out there that could provide support. It’d get you to our sickbay much faster. I can’t imagine all this radiation is good for you.

    :: The smaller man offered what Evan was beginning to realize was his characteristic smile. ::

    Kallo: Oh, I’m sure nothing I could offer would surpass all that wondrous Starfleet tech at your disposal.

    Blake: Response?

    Kallo: Well, for you, Just Commander… there was something. :: He gestured around them once more. :: Obviously, it didn’t work.


    It always brings a smile to my face when someone continues an NPC's habits and trends from another writer. Kudos to you, Mr Delano. This is the beginning for poor "Just Commander Blake".

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  13. I think the last dream (proper dream in a sim) I wrote, my character was having a conflict within himself and wondering what the point of all his work was when ultimately, every time he took a step off the ship, he was in danger. He found himself unable to trust those around him. So when I wrote the scene, it was a reality where he knew his mother well - where in one of my more recent sims with him, he admits to not knowing a thing about her, aside from what others have spoken to him. In this particular scene, however, she says exactly what he wanted to hear even if he acted like it wasn't, therefore trying to motivate himself using  a maternal figure he'd never had in a single person - though he doesn't linger on the thought of his lack of biological mother (Rodulans in his area are typically big fans of "it takes a community to raise a child" kind of philosophy, so he's never lacked a maternal figure), he has always wondered what she would say to him, had she the chance to see him as he is today. So allowing himself a positive version involving her believing in him during this recovery period, what she might say, brought him some confidence in a time where he needed every inch of it.

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